Lake Braies the pearl of the Dolomites

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C ?? a magical place, a valley that holds a lake with green and turquoise waters, enclosed by high and pale dolomites. This place ? the Braies Lake. A natural lake formed by a landslide, which every year hosts many visitors looking for a harmonious, clean and ideal place to relax or take a hike. This lake? defined the pearl of the Dolomites, and you can not? than to agree with this definition. Not far from the lake? It is possible to stay in hotels or apartments, to spend a weekend immersed in nature. On the shore stands the small church dedicated to the Madonna, a small church rich in history and charm. Many of you will probably remember this place? the famous television series? A step from heaven ?, whose scenes were shot in this very place. Precisely for this reason, this valley? very well known, attracting to itself? many visitors all year round.

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Have we arrived in the place already? early in the morning, when the influx of tourists? lower and you can? enjoy the best of the views that only this place can offer. As soon as we arrive we are immediately struck by the intense color of its water, an emerald green with a thousand shades. On the way you immediately meet a stilt house, where? possible to rent a rowboat. The cost ? about 10? for an hour, and? definitely an experience that we suggest you do. Rowing on Lake Braies? a real pleasure. We continue our walk on the shores of the lake, where narrow stretches, bridges and climbs alternate. Along the way we stopped more? times to admire the breathtaking landscape. Continuing on, you reach a large area surrounded by a small grove, the ideal place to stop and take a pick nick.
This place really deserves to be visited in any season: in the summer, with the sun, the colors reflected in the lake are spectacular, in the winter, with the snow, the shades are spectacular. of white and gray will overwhelm you with emotion.


Lake Braies belongs to the Unesco humanitarian heritage and deserves particular protection. Be respectful of the environment, therefore? don't throw garbage on the ground but keep this place clean and pristine.
The path ? accessible to all, even for non-experts. Moreover ? You can also walk with strollers, paying more attention where the sections are more? close.
The excursion? suitable for the whole family, even for children
Access to dogs? allowed but with a leash, but be careful to keep the environment clean.
There are several paid parking lots near the main hotel, about 5? per day.
Journey times are approximately 1 hour and a half

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