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Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in the United States, a day dedicated to paying homage to the contribution that each individual worker makes with his profession to the economic, social and human progress of the community.

Today, it is a party commanded throughout the country, sometimes a little underestimated in its ethical scope, but certainly a symbol of the value that is recognized at work, which ennobles man. The institution of this day of celebration dates back to 1894 and was the result of a period of bitter struggles between workers and industrialists. After all, the working conditions of the nineteenth century were really unsustainable: 12 hours a day, seven days a week, in rooms with poor air circulation, little or no safety measures and health precautions, for wages not even enough to get to the end. of the month; in the mines, as well as in the factories, children of 5 or 6 were mercilessly exploited in unhealthy and dangerous jobs, with starvation wages.

Under these conditions, it was not possible to continue and thus the first unions were born that were clamoring and with numerous demonstrations for more adequate wages and better working conditions. There followed violent strikes and clashes that not infrequently saw the blood of workers and law enforcement agencies shed. The most serious episode occurred in 1886 and went down in history as Haymarket Riot.

Already in 1882, one had witnessed what it will later become a symbol of Labor Day: on September 5, 10.000 workers paraded from City Hall to Union Square in New York City claiming better working conditions, but which - in practice - remained a dead letter. For a formal recognition of the party it will be necessary to wait another 12 years and as many moments of tension between the parties: in 1894, only after a strike started by the employees of the Pullman Palace Car Company in Chicago which culminated in a paralysis of the entire railway line and ended With the massacre of a dozen workers by law enforcement in Chicago, Congress had to grant formal recognition of the labor day, which was set for the first Monday in September.

A workers protest, in the streets of New York.

Nowadays, it is mostly considered a goodbye to summer day and many big cities offer numerous moments of recreation, fun and relaxation. TO New York the historic parade is held with bands, balloons and thousands of people parading on the second Saturday of the month which, this year, will fall on the 14th. During the Labor Day weekend there will be opportunities for funAnyway: the adrenaline of a US Open game, as well as the chaotic Brooklyn West Indian Carnival or the sounds of the Electric Zoo will be more than valid reasons to spend Labor Day in NY.

A Boston, the scheduled events will be perfect to please young and old, party-goers and thoughtful souls: Friday 30th, the noisy beer festival is scheduled (Mass Brewers Fest) with tastings for all types, including local specialties, while Saturday 31 is the day of families who will be able to rediscover the sea dog that is in each of them with an exciting re-enactment of the naval battle of 1812 in aboard the USS Constitution. Monday 2nd space for meditation in the relaxing atmospheres of Frank Hatch Free Day and its gardens (which will occasionally also be open on Mondays) and in the evening classical music concert on the notes of Handel: the right events to soak up the hangover and adrenaline of the past few days.

Not even a San Francisco there will be time to get bored: on the early afternoon of the weekend the notes of the Redwood Tango Ensemble and the dance steps of more or less skilled dancers will animate Union Square; for the more sporty minds, on Monday 2 the Oakland As Baseball challenge the Texas Rangers. Of course, passing through San Francisco you will not be able to at least take a look at the elegant sails that will stand out over the ocean waters throughout the weekend at the Red Bull Youth America's Cup. If you have children in tow, flights will certainly delight them. acrobatics and equestrian performances by the circus artists of The Ringling Brother's Barnum & Bailey Circus.

If, on the other hand, you will pass by the parts of Washington, on August 31 and September 1 you cannot fail to appreciate Celtic music and dances; as well as the skill of the athletes who will compete at the Virginia Scottish Games & Festival 2013, with a tribute - in fact - to Scotland. If, on the other hand, you have a passion for theater, check out the Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage Festival (from 31 August to 2 September) an exciting festival of reinterpretations and theater readings by over 25 companies. These days, the National African Dance and Drum Conference is held in Washington, with the delight of dancers and music typical of the black continent that will not fail to attract a crowd of participants. On the evening of the eve of Labor Day, space for the melodic notes of the National Symphony Orchestra, while on September 2 Kensington sees the parade stage with collateral events dedicated also to the little ones.

Finally, a Los Angeles the air will be pleasantly cheerful and carefree - from 1 to 3 September - on the occasion of Los Angeles State Historic Park downtown with performances by a hundred comedians and artists; country atmosphere throughout the month at the Los Angeles County Fair with horses, cattle shows and live music. While Tuesday 3 will be the turn of a pleasant cruise where you can feel treated like real nabobs on the occasion of the 10th annual Labor Day party aboard the luxurious FantaSea One Mega-Yacht.

Labor day will not be celebrated in a formal way, but there will absolutely be opportunities for fun and relaxation for the whole family, a pleasant way to say goodbye to the summer holidays.

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