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September also in the States means storing suitcases and bags in the closet: the holidays inevitably come to an end and it's time to go back to the office or to school desks. In the USA goodbye to summer has a pleasant flavor, far from melancholy and nostalgia: events and festivals dot the weekend preceding the first Monday in September, the day on which it falls Labor Day which, from a party dedicated to workers, has turned into the ideal opportunity to enjoy the last remnants of a winding summer.

And so, from the East to the West Coast, there are countless events that can make this weekend unforgettable.

A New York two parades dominate, the one for Brazil Day (31 August) and the New York Caribbean Carnival (1 September), which with their Caribbean rhythms make the atmosphere even warmer; no less exciting, however, will be participating in another type of event, the Electric Zoo, which at Randall's Island Park brings together thousands and thousands of electronic music fans, from 29 to 31 August.

On the other hand, the atmosphere of the streets of North End a is quite different Boston which, on the occasion of the St. Anthony Feast, hosts the Italian traditions, as well as those of Lawrence (just under an hour from Boston), where - from 29 to 31 August - the 91st edition of the Three Saints Feast is held, a festival in honor of three saints (Ss. Alfio, Filadelfo and Cirino), dear to the first Sicilian emigrants from the Trecastagni area.

Alongside the Italian flag and the delights of our cuisine, entertainment and games, there are religious celebrations, such as the torchlight procession (followed by the fireworks display) on Saturday evening, the solemn Mass on Sunday morning, followed in the afternoon by the three o'clock parade. Statues.

On the other hand, the Bread & Rose Festival is linked to the history of the city and its multiculturalism, which, now in its 30th edition, offers its celebration with concerts and theatrical performances, art and dances, but also activities for the little ones. The event is held on Labor Day (September 1st), from late morning to late afternoon.

If we are in Georgia, we cannot absolutely miss the convention of sci-fi, comics, games, music and films that responds to the name of Dragon Con, an eagerly awaited appointment for fans that animates the Labor Day weekend at Atlanta. Film screenings and workshops dot the event from 29 August to 1 September, but the top of the event will certainly be the annual parade that will be held from 10 on Saturday 30: it will be worth it, believe me, to see soldiers from Ancient Greece parade alongside several Supermen, tanks in front of Charlot.

Atlanta will be the ideal destination for fans of rumble and engines: at the Atlanta Motor Speedway (about 40 minutes from the city center), there will be several races scheduled, including the Oral-B USA 500 (miles) on August 31 in the evening. ; for the more naturalistic souls, just over an hour from Atlanta, there will be a weekend immersed in nature and with many activities: the Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain are a complete park that offers everything and more to be outdoors (from adventure parks to golf).

Here, for Labor Day, the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival is held (29-31 August), where the absolute protagonists are the hot air balloons: Friday 29, at sunset, they fly up taking the breath away of those present for their majesty. In the following days, if we wish, we can take a balloon ride or have fun with the many activities (from car shows to music, from triathlon to dog exercises).

Very rich also the weekend a Chicago where music will dominate everything. From the mix of genres (from electronic to hip hop, through indie rock) of the North Coast Music Festival (from 29 to 1) in Union Park to the celebration of jazz in the 36th edition of the Chicago Jazz Festival: at the Chicago Cultural Center and Millennium Park, from 28 to 31 August, we will listen to the great protagonists of the world scene (including Miguel Zenón and Kurt Rosenwinkel).

For the more daring spirits Labor Day is synonymous with Burning Man, the traditional festival held in the heart of the Nevada desert; far less extreme, but no less fascinating in the eyes of those who feel adventurers is the Tortuga Pirate Festival which, from the 29th to the 1st, animates Lebanon, less than an hour from Salem, the capital of Oregon.

The name has already brought to our mind galleons and treasures, blindfolded eyes and boarding; beyond that, expect to see the pirate olympic games, definitely not to be missed.

Of a completely different kind, but no less picturesque, is the mood of Ellensburg, two hours from Seattle, which (from 28 to 1) hosts the rodeo: bulls, horses and cowboys will be the absolute protagonists who will give life to exciting events, as well as the choreographic parade on Saturday 30th.

Everything and more, therefore, awaits us in the USA for the Labor Day weekend: let's leave and say goodbye to summer will never have been so pleasant and fascinating.

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