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  • Is it better the do-it-yourself trip or the organized one?
  • Route 66 itinerary by motorbike
  • How much?

Saddle up and set off on an adventure along Route 66, America's most famous Highway, is any rider's dream.

Hearing the roar of the engine beneath you and seeing wonderful landscapes pass before your eyes, with large open spaces and buildings that seem to have jumped out of a time machine is an indescribable emotion.

But how do you organize a motorcycle trip on Route 66? Let's find out together!

Is it better the do-it-yourself trip or the organized one?

The first thing to do when you decide to go on a motorcycle trip on Route 66 is to choose how you want to deal with it: it is better do it yourself or rely on an agency and buy a ready-made package?

Let's see together the pros and cons of both choices.

Do-it-yourself trip

We start from do-it-yourself. First, I must break your illusions, if you ever had them, of flying your two-wheeled vehicle to America: the costs of such an operation are prohibitive; therefore, even if you decide to organize the trip yourself, you will have to rent a motorbike. This, along with taxes, fuel and unlimited mileage surcharge, will be the item that will take away most of your budget.

Do-it-yourself tips:
  • take at least two weeks to complete the trip
  • choose the right bike for you
  • plan your route carefully
  • never lose sight of the road
  • buy the map on
  • remember to book a multi-leg flight

You will also have to choose the path carefully, also deciding the intermediate stages. My advice is to rely on a map that indicates where Route 66 is.

The best is definitely there Here it is! The Route 66 Map Series by Jerry McClanahan, to be combined with the book, also by the same author, EZ 66 Guide for Travelers.

To travel all the Mother Road, from Chicago to Los Angeles, it takes at least 15 days, so when planning your trip, you must also decide in which cities you will stop and sleep, and book hotels.

Organized tour

It seems strange to talk about organized motorcycle tours on Route 66, yet there are several, offered by as many specialized agencies.

The beauty of an organized tour lies in the fact that, apart from the costs for the flight, those for everything else are included in the package offered by the agency. In addition, these packages are often heavily discounted.

With an organized tour, you can choose whether to have the guide or not, you are provided with a motorbike of your choice and the route map, and hotel reservations are also made in advance by the agency.

The only drawback is that with the organized trip you have to follow the path already established by others (but, considering that Route 66 is not so easy to find, this is not really a bad thing). The advantage, however, is that the organized tour includes everything, even what you may not have thought of, and allows you to enjoy the trip in complete tranquility.

Route 66 itinerary by motorbike

We come now to the itinerary. If you choose to travel by motorcycle along Route 66, you obviously have to travel the historic route, from Chicago to Los Angeles, passing through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and California.

Among the most important stops you will find the two cities of Springfield, Illinois and Missouri, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Winslow, Flagstaff, and many other small towns, some ghost towns and many testimonies of the old Route 66, such as the Gemini Giant and the Cadillac Ranch. Furthermore, passing through Arizona, you can take a detour to go and see the Grand Canyon.

To find out more, I refer you to our article dedicated to Route 66, with the itinerary State by State.

How much?

Let's see in detail how much a motorcycle trip on Route 66 costs.


When making a cost estimate for a 15-day do-it-yourself motorbike trip on the Mother Road, we need to consider several items, including vehicle rental and overnight accommodation. Let's see them in detail:

  • volo – and €600;
  • motorcycle rental with unlimited mileage, “drop off” supplement in a different city and taxes, from € 2100 to more than 3000 (depending on the type of vehicle you choose) - € 2250;
  • pernottamento 14 nights, with an average of € 50 per night - € 700;
  • Easter, about € 45 per day - € 600;
  • fuel, tolls, entrances to natural parks and museums – €450;
  • purchase maps - € 50
  • various taxes and expenses - € 400

TOTAL DO-IT-YOURSELF TRIP (per 1 person) €5.000

Organized tour

When you buy a package that includes an organized tour, you will find all the items described above (and even a little bit more) included in the price, apart from meals and, of course, the flight. Very often, the same agencies that rent motorcycles also offer organized, guided and self-guided tours. Let's find out what the difference is between the latter, what they include, and how much they cost.

Guided organized tour

Let's see which items it includes and the cost of a 15-day guided tour on Route 66:

  • Latest model motorcycle rental
  • Overnight in "motorcycle - friendly" hotel
  • unlimited mileage
  • Grand Canyon tour (also by helicopter), admission to national parks, museums and attractions
  • fuel
  • jacket
  • helmet
  • party / welcome dinner / farewell
  • expert guide
  • support vehicle
  • Hardbound Road Book
  • Tax
  • Wifi hotspot
  • if you buy an organized tour for several people, the rate per person becomes cheaper


Some agencies also offer Half way - one week tours, which cost around 3/4000 euros, depending on whether you choose the full guided organized tour or the self - guided tour.

Il Self – guided tour, on the other hand, it is a self-guided tour, in which the agency provides you, however, with all the services not related to the guide. If you choose this mode you could save up to 2 or 3 thousand euros compared to the guided organized tour.

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