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Major League Baseball (MLB) is the North American professional league of baseball, and is the highest level league in the world.

More specifically, Major League Baseball ("MLB") refers to the activity of the two American top leagues, the National League and the American League, indicating the organizational union that has existed since 1903. Each team in the MLB plays 162 in all. matches per season and the two leagues have slightly different rules. When two formations of the two leagues meet, the rules of the home team are used.

The Major League season generally runs from April through September. Players and teams prepare for the championship during spring training, usually in Florida and Arizona, between February and March.

The teams are 30 divided into two leagues: 16 in the oldest National League (“NL”) and 14 in the American League (“AL”). Each has its own internal division, where teams are generally grouped geographically into “East,” “Central,” and “West,” respectively.

The regular season of each team consists of 162 matches, a duration established in 1961. The match schedule provides that each team plays multiple matches against teams from the same division. In 1997, Major League Baseball introduced for the first time the interleague play, that is the clashes during the regular season of the teams of the two different leagues (National League and American League), which was criticized by the purists of the game, but which excited the fans. .

All-star game

At the beginning of July, the season reaches its middle and is interrupted for three days, in which the Major League Baseball All-Star Game is played. It is played between NL, led by the winning coach of the last National League World Series, and AL, managed in a mirror image.

Post seasons

At the end of the season, the three division champions (east, central, west) of each league, along with the non-champion team with the best score (the “Wild Card”) qualify for the playoffs. The post-season consists of three rounds:

  • American League Division Series and National League Division Series, each best-of-five series;
  • American League Championship Series and National League Championship Series, each best-of-seven series with ALDS and NLDS qualifiers;
  • World Series, best of seven game series between the champions of the two leagues.

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