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This sweet american, as its name implies, it is considered the devil's food! Could it be because the chocolate, present both in the soft sponge cake and in the dense and shiny icing, induces one to commit an unforgivable sin of gluttony?

The Devil's food cake has spread in the United States since the early 1900s, very caloric and of great scenographic effect, thanks to the presence of three layers of cocoa cake.

The first recipe appeared in an American cookbook in 1902 by Sarah Tyson Rorer. Legend has it that an Astoria customer, alleged inventor of the dessert, asked the cook for the recipe, accompanying the request with a $ 100 ticket.

The devil's cake can be cooked in many different ways.

It is known as: the Waldorf Astoria Cake, $ 100 Dollar Cake, and Red Devil's Cake.

Its recipe is very similar to the Red Velvet Cake, the so-called Red Velvet Cake which owes its name to the red color and to the soft and soft texture so as to look like velvet! Both are so similar that they are almost confusing!

The difference is that the Red Velvet compared to the Devil's cake, has a bright red color, while the Devil's Cake dye is no longer used.

Because Devil's food cake?

The cake is defined in this way because it initially had a red colored dough in addition of flour, sugar, eggs, butter, a light chocolate flavor and the dye. In honor of the latter, the red dye number 40 had become the official one of the devil’s cake, at the time still covered by a white chocolate frosting.

In the 70s, the use of food coloring since they were considered harmful and nowadays it is a "sinful" recipe, prepared with several layers of soft cocoa cake and stuffed and covered with a delicious dark chocolate glaze!

A goodness to be tasted!

Devil's Food Cake Recipe

Let's see the original recipe of this delicious cocoa cake.


- 425 g of flour 00

- 425 g of sugar

- 340 g of butter

- 4 eggs

- 65 g of bitter cocoa

- 5 g of bicarbonate

- 2 g of fine salt

- 1 vanilla bean

- 175 ml of water

- 750 g of fresh cream

- 750 g of dark chocolate

Preparation for 10 people

First cut the soft butter into chunks and put it in the bowl and mix with the electric whisk, work it until it is frothy then add the sugar and the seeds of the vanilla bean.

As a second step, add the eggs, dissolve the cocoa in hot water and, once cooled, pour it over the mixture. Then add the sifted flour with the baking soda and salt. Then grease and flour 3 cake pans with a diameter of 22 cm and put in each a third of the mixture, level the surface and bake at 180 ° C for 35 minutes.

As a third step, heat the cream in a saucepan and add the dark chocolate until it melts.

Then let the ganache cool, stirring every 15 minutes and then put it in the refrigerator and leave it until it is thick but spreadable.

Preparation of the mirror glaze

To assemble the cake, place the first disc of chocolate cake on a serving dish. Combine the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat: cream, bitter persimmon, sugar and water. Let it boil for five minutes, then let it cool down to 40 degrees, then pour the icing on the three layers of the cake.

Cover the whole outside of the cake with chocolate ganache spatulae and place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before serving.

Let the icing dry and when you finally cut a slice of this "diabolical" cake, you will understand why heaven can wait!

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