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Krakow? a city? unexpectedly beautiful, elegant and veiled with melancholy. A place that invites you to enjoy a slow and relaxing atmosphere but without running the risk of getting bored. concentrates an? infinity? of treasures that are the envy of the locality? much more? famous.
Among other things, it represents a really low cost destination and? also perfect for families with children.

1 day

We arrive in the morning at Krakow airport. Getting to the city center? ? It was really simple, following the signs inside the airport you are led to the station and in just 18 minutes you arrive in the city.
Our lovely room? in the heart of Stare Miasto, the historic center of Krakow, a strategic position that will allow us? to move with extreme ease? from one point of the city to another? without using public transport.
We decide to dedicate this first day to the historic center. What? we head towards Rynek Glowny. ? the medieval square pi? large d? Europe, surrounded by historic buildings and pastel-colored houses, dotted with shops, restaurants and caf? characteristic, with white carriages pulled by proud horses that give it a romantic and magical atmosphere.
Rynek Glowny? full of points of interest. We decide to start with the building pi? spectacular: the Basilica of Santa Maria with its two towers of different heights (entrance fee is charged). After having filled our eyes with wonder observing the stupendous starry vault of the basilica we stop for a well-deserved lunch break based on pierogi at Pierogarnia Krakowiacy, a place not to be missed (a generous plate of pierogi is about 3?).
To then resume the exploration of the historic center by dedicating ourselves to the Textile Market, full of typical souvenir shops. Next to it the solemn Town Hall Tower does not go unnoticed.
In the meantime, yes? made now for a snack and why? not try a delicious praczki with rose jam while strolling in the Planty?
The Planty park? the city park that develops all around the historic center. Crossing it we arrived at the Barbican and Porta Florianska which represent the remains of the defensive walls of the city.
From qu? crossing Ulica Florianska we returned to our apartment to rest for the next day.

2 day

This ? the day dedicated to the visit of the Wawel Hill.
After a hearty and inexpensive breakfast at Karmello, the king of chocolate, we arrive on foot in about 10 minutes to the Wawel hill. The scenario that opens up before our eyes? beautiful, brings back the glories of the past. We go to the ticket office and we manage to get tickets for the guided tour in English of the Royal Private Apartments no earlier than 12. We take the opportunity to visit the majestic cathedral, the entrance? free but to visit the Royal Crypts, the Museum and the huge Sigismund Bell? there is a supplement. The cost ? derisory then why? not see them? We are not disappointed at all. At this point we still have some time to get lost in the sumptuous and regal State Chambers (for a fee) that can be visited independently.
It is 12 pm, our guide is waiting for us at the entrance of the apartments, the visit lasts about an hour and we are truly amazed.
After the visit we leave the Wawel hill crossing the dragon cave for a few zlotys, we arrive along the banks of the Vistula river in the presence of the famous Smok dragon, symbol of the city? Polish, who really spits fire every 5 minutes!
In ten minutes on foot, along the river, we arrive at Plac Nowy in the Kazimierz Jewish district. Plac Nowy? a small square full of kiosks and vans offering Polish street food, we opt for a Zapiekanka (3?) from Endzior ...? definitely my favorite Polish food! After having full energy we decide to get lost in the streets of Kazimierz without any program, so we discover some churches and a series of synagogues. Without even realizing it, evening falls, in 20 minutes we walk back to Stare Miasto to enjoy the atmosphere of the square.
We end the day with an excellent dinner at Slawkowska 1 recommended!

3 day

We start the day slowly with a tasty breakfast at Bistro Bene.
Today ? the vault of the National Museum of Krakow. Ok, let's admit we went there exclusively to be enchanted by the masterpiece? Lady with an ermine? by Leonardo Da Vinci. We reach the museum in 15 minutes on foot from Rynek Glowny.
On Sunday the entrance? free but I recommend arriving early enough to avoid exhausting lines.
Quick lunch from Domowe Przysmaki and then head to the station where the train to Wieliczka awaits us.
To reach the Wieliczka Salt Mines there are two options by bus or by train, we opted for the second. In 32 minutes you arrive at Kopalnia station alone, 5 minutes on foot and yes? at the entrance to the mines.
We booked a guided tour in your language through the official website a few months before. The mines are really crazy, you go down into the bowels of the earth up to 135 meters deep? and anything around us from floors to chandeliers to statues? made of SALT!
The visit lasts about 3 hours after which? let's go back home.
A typical cheap dinner at Polskie Smaki's and go to bed. A hard day awaits us tomorrow!

4 day

Wake up early, we must reach the village of Oświęcim for the guided tour of Auschwitz-Birkeanu.
We booked the visit in Italian several months ago from the official Auschwitz website.
The visit starts at 11.45 but it takes about two hours to get there. We opt for the bus as it stops directly in the parking lot of the concentration camp or about 200 meters depending on the company you choose. We exclude the train why? the station ? about 2,5 km from Auschwitz.
After the long journey we arrive at our destination. Within the field you can not? introduce anything but small handbags, everything else can? be left outside in a small luggage room for 2 zloty.
Our guide awaits us at the entrance and at 11.45 o'clock our tour begins. We start with a visit to Auschwitz, there? that my eyes have seen and that my heart has heard I think is something I will not forget? never more? in my life. After about 3 hours we are granted a short break and then move on the shuttle to Birkenau. The visit of Birkenau, although it is immense, lasts about an hour after which our guide greets us. We spend a few more minutes in total autonomy in Birkenau to carve out our moment of reflection and try to metabolize what we have seen.
Back to Stare Miasto? now evening and we are destroyed. After a quick dinner at M22 beef & chips? time to end the day.

5 day

This ? on the final day of our trip to Krakow, we decide to take it very calmly, enjoying once again a chocolaty breakfast at Karmello's.
Today (Tuesday?) The entrance to Rynek Underground? free, why? not take advantage of it? With our great luck we manage to grab the last two tickets and we get lost for a few hours in this large interactive underground museum.
For our last lunch in Krakow we decided to book a table at Morskie oko,? a crazy restaurant, really too nice! An appetizer, two main courses, a dessert and drinks 25? for two (the most expensive lunch in Krakow).
With a full stomach and eyes full of new wonders, we cross the magical Rynek Glowny for a last farewell to this city? wonderful and off to the airport ... unfortunately? time to go home!

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