Kiribati islands: where they are, when to go and what to see

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There are places in the world that are unknown to most people, but which offer riches from a natural point of view. These territories also include the Kiribati islands, place of exceptional wonders. These islands in recent times are being besieged by tourists of all kinds who are preparing to relax and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Indeed, those traveling to the Kiribati islands can be sure of visiting enchanting destinations and places that remain crystallized in their hearts.
So here's where they are, when to go and what to see.


  1. Travel informed: useful information
  2. Where are
  3. When to go? Info on climate and best time
  4. Which island to go to?
  5. 5 things to see: beaches and places of interest
  6. How much does a holiday in Kiribati cost? Prices, offers and advice
  7. User questions and comments

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants: 110.136
  • Capital: South Tarawa
  • Languages: English, Gilbertese
  • Local currency: Australian Dollar (€ 1,00 = AUD 1,60)
  • Weather: tropical, medium-high temperatures
  • vaccinations: Yellow fever
  • Entry requirements: Passport, return ticket.
  • Travel / health insurance: recommended.

    Where are

    The Kiribati Islands they are located east of Australia and New Zealand. Geographically these islands are part of the oceanic continent. From a political point of view instead, the set of islands represent an independent presidential republic.

    How to reach us

    • From Milan or Rome: there are no direct flights from Italy to the Kiribati islands. To get to these territories, the best route to take is through Australia. It is therefore necessary to take a flight from Rome or Milan to Brisbane, making a stopover in Hong Kong, perhaps with the Cathay Pacific company. Once in Brisbane it is then necessary to take a flight operated by Fiji Airways or Solomon Air to reach Bonriki airport in South Tarawa. The duration of flights, including stopovers, can exceed 20 hours.
      Flights from Rome to Tarawa starting from € 2.659,00 - Flights from Milan to Tarawa starting from € 2.768,00
    • From the main European capitals: it is recommended to leave from London. From Heathrow airport you must then take a flight with the Emirates company and make a stopover in Dubai. From there it is possible to take a flight with a stopover in Australia, precisely Sydney, which then ends at Bonriki airport.

    When to go? Info on climate and best time

    • Weather: the type of climate present in the Kiribati islands is tropical. Temperatures are generally very high and average 29 degrees. In a calendar year, on the other hand, rainfall reaches a value of 226 days / 1.940 mm. The sea has a high temperature, with an average of 28 degrees which allows you to take long baths.
    • Best time: from May to November. Temperatures are high and during this time there is less rainfall than usual
    • Period to avoid: from December to April. This period is all in all easy but there are many chances of heavy and continuous rains.
    • Advice: the Kiribati Islands are a splendid seaside destination. So you need to pack everything you need to take a bath in total relaxation. Furthermore, due to the strong sunshine and high temperatures it is advisable to always be hydrated and have a skin protected with appropriate sun creams and moisturizing lotions. Comfortable and light clothing is also recommended.

    Which island to go to?

    The Kiribati Islands are made up of several archipelagos. In detail, the main archipelagos are 3, the Gilbert Islands, the Equatorial Sporades and the Fenice Islands. In these three archipelagos, the most important islands to stay in are:

    1. Tarawa: main atoll for connections and importance of the Kiribati islands. On Tarawa there is the capital of the republic namely South Tarawa. Furthermore, on this island there is also the Bonriki airport, one of the main methods of connection with the outside world. Tarawa belongs to the Gilbert Islands.
    2. Christmas Island: perhaps one of the best known destinations of the Kiribati islands. Certainly, Christmas Island is a highly sought after tourist destination. Precisely for this reason, tourist services are on the agenda. The climate is optimal and anyone who visits the island is extremely satisfied.
    3. Nonouti: an island that contains numerous services for inhabitants and tourists. It is no coincidence that in this territory there is the city center of Deras, the second most populous center in the entire territory of Kiribati. This island is part of the Gilbert Islands archipelago.

    5 things to see: beaches and places of interest

    1. South Tarawa: the capital is definitely a place to visit. In this city center it is possible to see the difference between the islanders and the people of the West, comparing the relaxed routine of the locals.
    2. Banaba: remote island of Kiribati belonging to the archipelago of the Gilbert Islands. Excursions can be organized to visit the incredible beauties of the island and be amazed.
    3. Ambo Island: white beaches and extremely soft sand. Ambo Island, one of the atolls surrounding the large Tarawa Island is definitely a must see place for anyone who loves the sea.
    4. Betio: small island located in the northern area of ​​the large island of Tarawa. In this place it is possible to admire a lagoon where there are tanks and equipment used by the Japanese during the Second World War.
    5. Christmas Island: the island already mentioned above is ideal for swimming in pristine waters and admiring the pure and uncontaminated wild nature.

    How much does a holiday in Kiribati cost? Prices, offers and advice

    Being a very distant tourist destination, a holiday in the Kiribati islands turns out to be extremely expensive. Only for the flights to be taken you have to spend around € 2.000 per person. If you need to combine this with a resort to stay in, a more than wise choice, then you can spend a total of € 3.000 per person. For a couple, therefore, a flight + accommodation package would have a total value of € 6.000. It must be said that life on the various islands is not very expensive. However, if you want to visit the most remote corners of Kiribati and see all the small atolls at least once you need to have a high economic budget.

    • Hotel and b & b starting from € 47,00 per room -
    • starting from € 2.659,00 -
    • Flight + hotel packages: Round trip flight + 15 nights / 14 days from € 6.023,00 per person -

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