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the color of the sea and an authentic blue, here you can breathe the real Greece.

1 day

Departure from Milan Malpensa with Neos arrival at 20:00 at Karpathos airport, We take the bus that takes us to the hotel located in the Ammopi area, a very convenient area for visiting the whole island. a proper and real country but c '? the necessary: ​​some taverns, car rentals, minimarket and a splendid beach clearly visible from our balcony. Night tour of discovery with Greek beer and then immediately to sleep.

2 day

Wake up early, let's go immediately to rent a car already? booked from Italy a fantastic Suzuki jimny, the roads here are dirt especially those that lead to the beaches.
we decide to start visiting the south-east part of the island, we head to the beautiful beach of Agios Teodoros, a small crescent-shaped cove sheltered by the Meltemi, where? present clay on the rock walls and the natural mud starts! The sea ? blue, the sand? full of pebbles, in the distance c '? a small rowboat in the bay, a beautiful postcard.
Do we eat packed and head to another Agios Nikolaos beach unlike the previous one this beach? beaten by the Meltemi, a sandy beach with shallow water and not too high waves, a paradise for novice surfers. On the beach ? present a tavern that apparently has happy hour we stop for a drink and around six we take refuge in the hotel.
In the evening we head to Pigadia the capital, a really nice center, many shops and many taverns, we eat a Pita Gyros with attached kittens staring at us and go back to the hotel very tired.

3 day

We are operational at 8.00 we leave for the north of the island, here the beaches are wonderful immersed in this Mediterranean scrub that is the background to the blue of the sea. We head to Kyra Panagia beach of white pebbles in the background a small church with a red dome, another splendid postcard. From Ammopi we take 40 minutes of curves even if the road is asphalted we find many boulders on the way fallen during the night due to the strong wind.
Do we like the beach like this? so much so that we stay there all day.
In the evening we go back to Pigadia and eat the famous Moussaka in a Greek tavern that really feels like being in the family.

4 day

I wake up for the sunrise and I enjoy the sun rising from the sea, the view of our room? wonderful, breakfast and off to Apella they say to be the best beach in the Aegean, it is always located in the north of the island 40 minutes from our base, upon arrival I am thrilled by the beauty of this beach place with sand and white rock and pines that they hug her behind, the peace that reigns in this place removes the accumulated stress, we stay here all day, swimming in this blue sea full of fish. On the way back we head to Damatria a south beach not far from our base, the beach is not deserted there? no one in the background of the sea c '? a school of sardines that jumps on the water level we stay until sunset to enjoy that show.
In the evening we decide to go and eat in the fishing village in Finiki, the locals pamper us and we enjoy dinner on the small bay.

5 day

Even today I wake up to enjoy the sunrise at the expense of the last few days today the wind is not there? and the heat is felt. We decide to go to Olympus the village more? ancient island that has preserved the essence of real Greece, is located in the north about an hour from us but we do not stop! Along the way there are beautiful views and goats in the background. Olympus is perched on a summit, beautiful white with windmills overlooking the sea, it seems to be in another era. The inhabitants wear traditional clothes are very willing to show that their tradition? strong. I get lost in these streets at the end I arrive in a small wood oven where an old lady bakes bread and croissants, I can't resist the temptation and I take a freshly baked one, towards lunch we eat in a tavern at the foot of a mill, we taste the Makarounes, typical dish of the island consisting of fresh pasta topped with onion and local cheese.
In the afternoon we return to Ammopi and stop on the beach in front of the hotel, a beach with rocks but with crystal clear water.
In the evening we always eat in Pigadia, obviously always Greek food.

6 day

Raised at 8.00 today we head to the South beach of the Diakoftis island 20 minutes away from our base, located behind the airport, this is also considered one of the most? belle looks like a strip of white sand with shades of pink to the blue of the sea, here the wind is strong we stay only for the morning, the influx of tourists? abundant.
In the afternoon we go to a lesser known nearby beach Michaliou kipos Beach, the beach here is more? sheltered from the wind, the thing that fascinates me are the huge rocks that frame the sea, the rocks are covered with shells set a true spectacle of nature.
In the evening we take a tour to Menetes, a less touristy village 10 minutes from us, it shows very traditional houses, we take some photos and then we head to Pigadia for dinner.

7 day

wake up at 7:00 you can admire the view from our room and we leave this paradise to return to sad Milan.

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