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    Jungle Island: how to visit Miami's natural park

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    One of Miami's main attractions, especially if you're traveling with children, is its zoo. The Jungle Island Park it is renowned for its shows and for the variety of animals it hosts. In this article, in addition to some useful information on how to reach it and the cost of tickets, I will explain in detail what to expect from the regular visit and what other extra experiences the park offers: you will find out what interacting with exotic animals really means!


    • Where is it and how to get there
      • By car
      • Con i mezzi pubblici
    • Times, cost and type of ticket
      • Regular visit
    • What to expect
    • Extra activities

    Where is it and how to get there

    Jungle Island Park is located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail in Miami. The park is easily accessible both by car and by public transport. Let's see the indications in detail.

    By car

    If you want to use your rental car, first of all you should know that the Jungle Island parking has a cost of $ 10 which is not included in the ticket. Here are the directions to keep in mind:

    • If you are coming from I-95, take I-395 East (MacArthur Causeway) Exit 2d. Cross the bridge and turn right onto Parrot Jungle Trail. Follow the road and, under the overpass, you will find the car park on the left.
    • If you are coming from the east, take I-395 West (MacArthur Causeway) and turn right after Palm Island, next to the Miami Yacht Club. Take the first left onto Parrot Jungle and you will find the parking lot on the right.

    If you prefer to leave your car parked, you can take a look at the Jungle Island admission package with pick-up service from the main hotels in Miami Beach and Downtown Miami by clicking on the link below.

    Admission to Jungle Island with transportation

    Con i mezzi pubblici

    Getting to the island where the Miami Zoo is located is also easy by public transportation. If you are in Miami Beach you can take the 119 or 120 and get off at the MacArthur CY & Japanese Garden stop. In less than two minutes on foot you will be in front of the zoo entrance.

    The 119 and 120 also connect Downtown Miami with Jungle Island. From both Miami Beach and Downtown Miami it will take approximately 30 minutes by public transportation to reach the zoo.

    Times, cost and type of ticket

    Miami panorama from Jungle Isalnd

    Jungle Island is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00. Some areas of the park are covered, although most of the zoo is outdoors so in case of rain I recommend that you bring an umbrella and raincoat. It is not possible to bring food from outside, but inside the park you will find several dining options, including the Pink Flamingo, a typical American food truck.

    Below you will find costs and details on tickets for a regular visit or for the extra activities offered by Jungle Island. If you have the Go Miami Card or Sightseeing Miami Pass, the entrance is included. To discover all the passes in the city, I refer you to our article dedicated to Miami passes.

    Regular visit

    The standard ticket costs $ 37.34 for children aged 3 to 10 and $ 49.49 for adults and children over 10. The ticket includes a visit to the park and the opportunity to admire all the animals present, feed them in the Petting barn area, play with the kangaroos and see the two performances Wild Adventure Show and Winged Wonder.

    In addition to Wild Adventure Show and Winged Wonder, with the ticket General Admission you will also have access to:

    • Adventure Bay: this area of ​​the park, recently opened, offers the possibility to do climbing on a wall created ad hoc, take a course of throw with the rope and do bungee jumping for children.
    • Battle ground: the battle begins and there is no room for cowards! In the Battle Ground area, adults and children compete with toy weapons in a real battlefield.

    More info on the ticket

    What to expect

    With over 75 years of history, Jungle Island is not just a zoo but a real one theme park. You will be able to observe animals from all over the world and interact with many of them in a truly unique experience. In addition, there are several refreshment points between the park areas, where you can take a break and have a snack.

    It will take you approximately 3 hours to visit the entire park and participate in the scheduled daily exhibitions. In fact, the zoo organizes 2 exhibitions a day which are repeated at three different times: the Wild Adventure Show and Winged Wonder. The first reveals the secrets of the trainers to discover the rarest animals in the zoo, while the second is dedicated to the birds that reside in the park, from the Andean condor to the great cassowary, originally from Australia, as well as the wonderful parrots you can get together with. photograph. Both shows are included in the basic ticket.

    The park also offers various experiences at an additional cost: from exhaust rooms interactions with sloths or lemurs, from a real one flight experience at the VIP tours with a guide who will accompany you during the visit and make you interact at best with animals that you never thought you would see live.

    Extra activities

    The Miami Zoological Park also offers various activities which, with a cost a little higher than that of the General Admission, will allow you to appreciate this place and its residents even more.

    • Lemurs Up Close Encounter: at a cost of 76.89 dollars for children between 6 and 10 years and 89.04 dollars for adults and children over 10 years you can, in addition to the activities foreseen by the General Admission, spend an unforgettable time with the lemurs. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. The meeting lasts about 10 minutes and it is recommended to book the ticket in advance, although, subject to availability, the ticket can also be bought on site. You will need to arrive at the Guest Relation Office 10 minutes before your appointment and a trainer will accompany you to the lemur area. A photographer will immortalize the event and you can buy the photo later. Otherwise photos and selfies are allowed, so don't forget your cell phone or camera.
    • Sloth Encounter: discover firsthand what it means to live slowly! At the price of 89.04 dollars for adults and children over 12 years (children under the age of 10 cannot participate) you will be entitled to all the activities foreseen by the General Admission and in addition to spend 10 minutes with the sloths, stroking them and also giving them to eat. Reservations are recommended and arrive XNUMX minutes before your appointment at the Guest Relation Office. Unlike the area with the lemurs, there is no professional photographer here but you can take pictures without any problems.
    • Experience with lemurs and sloths (Sloths and Lemur Experience): for the price of 128.59 dollars you will be entitled to the activities of the regular visit, to meet the lemurs and spend 10 minutes with them and spend the same time with the sloths.
    • VIP Tours: the zoological park offers two VIP tours: the Up Close VIP Tour and The Go Wilder! VIP Tour. In both of them a private guide will accompany guests inside the park, explaining anecdotes and secrets of the zoo and its inhabitants.
      • Up Close VIP Tour: the cost is $ 328.90 per person and the tour lasts 90 minutes. With this tour, interaction with animals is guaranteed thanks to an expert guide: reptiles, lemurs, kangaroos, flamingos and Aldabra turtles are just some of the animals you can have direct contact with.
      • Go Wilder! VIP Tour: the cost is $ 548.90 per person and the tour lasts 2 hours. Your guide will accompany you for the entire tour which includes all the Up Close VIP Tour activities plus the opportunity to feed a sloth and an alligator. A personal photographer is included in the price. More info on this ticket clicking here.
    • Escape Room: if you love intricate riddles and mysteries to solve, don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Asylum Escape Experience or the Cabin Escape Experience (or both!). The cost is $ 53.84 (including regular visit activities) and the 'escape' experience lasts approximately 30 minutes. In this time you will have to solve various kinds of puzzles to be able to escape from the hut in the middle of the jungle in the Cabin Escape Experience or from the asylum in The Asylum Escape. If you want to do both, the cost is $ 64.84.
    • Superflight: do you want to experience the thrill of flying without a parachute? At Jungle Island Park you can do it. At a cost of $ 65.95 you can fly several meters high in a real wind tunnel (with winds reaching almost 200 kilometers per hour!) And feel like one of the many birds that live in the park. The Superflight is safe for adults and children: the minimum age required, in fact, is only 4 years old. An instructor will be with you and will give you all the instructions to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Learn more about this package clicking here.
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