Journey to the edge of the world: where to go to stay away from it all

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Martí Micolau

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Loneliness, wild and unspoiled nature, relax and above all an atmosphere out of time and contemporary chaos. In a world where everything and everyone is always perpetually connected, to avoid that the vacation turns only into a moment of delocalized work (so much so as to make the writer Elbert Hubbard say "There is no one who needs a vacation more than one who has just returned!") better a place where to really rest the mind as well as the body and where to escape from everything it exactly means "from everything".

We must first arrive in Australia. Fly on a charter from Cairns along the ocean to Weary Bay, drive a few hours inland, then sail along a river - and finally, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a remote oasis a stone's throw from the Great Barrier Reef, immersed in the middle of the Daintree Rainforest, site Unesco World Heritage Site. You have arrived at Bloomfield Lodge in Northern Queensland. An exclusive resort where you can spend an out of the ordinary holiday among deserted beaches, luxuriant vegetation and a dream sea.

Or you can fly up in Perù, in the South, beyond Cuzco and Machu Picchu, on Lake Titikata. Here at the Casa Andina Private Collection on Isla Suasi, facing Cambria, the most important thing is the absolute privacy of the guests: private bungalow, private beach and even a private boat. To get to this isolated and highly reserved place, a eco-lodge which runs on solar energy but where there is nothing that is technological (no electricity and therefore no TV, no Internet, nothing at all) the journey is a few hours on a fast boat. One tip: bring many books, good and strictly paper!

To find peace and tranquility, one can also go not so far into space as far below the earth. In fact, it could happen to meet an unusual hotel with a rather explicit name: Kokopelli's Cave, a cave-resort about 21 meters underground just outside Farmington, in New Mexico, near the Four Corners area and the Mesa Verde National Monument. A cave, yes, but furnished in a rustic and welcoming style. Not recommended for claustrophobics!

If you want totally immerse yourself in solitude and nature, then the ideal place is the Jules Undersea Lodge, a Key Largo, in Florida. Here to reach your room you literally have to swim up to 6 meters deep. It is about a former marine lab which now offers six select and wealthy guests the opportunity to sip a glass of good wine while admiring the underwater world.

For those looking for something a little more out of the way,Arctic Hotel in Groenlandia it is the northernmost 4-star hotel in the world. Located in a fiord offers customers a wonderful view of the beauties of the North: snow, ice and the suggestive midnight sun.

What all these places have in common is, in addition to the uniqueness of the location, the price, definitely not really affordable. But it is not certain that to treat yourself to a holiday out of the world you have to go into debt with the banks. For example, there is the Garvault Hotel in the Scottish Highlands which combines the desire for absolute silence and solitude (no cars, no houses, no people, no nothing all around) with the need for a wallet: $ 200 per night for a double room.

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