Journey to Mexico to discover the Maya

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Any self-respecting story about Mexico must necessarily have something to do with food in some way. Tacos, Burritos, Nachos? I thought I had already? tasted some mexican food before, thought i knew more? or not how it was? I was wrong. It has far exceeded all my expectations!
Have I tried every specialty? already? tried before but in the original version, and I must say that they have nothing to do with the junk that they pass off as Mexican. Have I tried agua fresco, Mexican beers, Mexican wine, Mexican fruit, sweets? I ate Mexico!
Of course, didn't I just eat? let's say that I also found the time for some activity ?!

1 day

Flight from London, we arrive in Cancun on a rainy afternoon. Waiting for the bus that takes us to Playa del Carmen for check in at the hotel and a fantastic dinner based on tacos.
Unfortunately our plan to discover Playa del Carmen? been spoiled by the dense rain that you? down on us, but we still managed to take a stroll on the beach and a walk in the village before getting soaked once more. The rest of the group? arrived a little more? late, and we took the opportunity to eat more tacos and then chat a bit by the pool.
The next day they had to go to Cancun, where we would stay for the whole week.

2 day

Cancun seems to be built around its excursions: the Mayan ruins, the theme parks, the nearby cities. We were surrounded by people selling us tours left and right. Finally we took the ferry to Isla Mujeres to spend a day on the beach, saw the Mayan ruins of El Rey and took the Cenote tour. The Cenotes pools are part of underground rivers that came to light when the surface rocks collapsed creating the pools. We visited 4 different ones and we even went zipline, kayaking and abseiling in the pools. It was a fantastic day!

3 day

Generally I don't like to rent cars why? something always ends up happening: or are there absurd surcharges that you can never understand where they come from, or do you go over the limit and get fines? in short, I was against it, but in the end being 4, we realized that it was not a bad idea. We did not know for? that Mexico was so? full of holes!
Are we going to the city? of Valladolid, looking for our hotel that Google Maps had positioned somewhere else. We thought we would stay here a couple of days, but after visiting a small museum, drinking some tequila and seeing the Mayan chocolate museum, we were ready to go elsewhere.

4 day

The next day ? was great: Chichen Itza, probably the largest Mayan site? world famous. We went there very early to avoid excessive heat and excessive crowds, and yes? turned out to be an excellent insight.
It was truly suggestive to think of how thousands of years ago people walked those same streets now abandoned.
On the same trip we also saw Uxmal, where we climbed one of the pyramids, and Palenque, where a guide took us? into the jungle to show us traces of the 18 hectares of unexplored ruins surrounding the small excavation sites.
After a walk of about half an hour between ancient walls and pyramids devoured by the jungle, the guide shows us a natural pool still served by an aqueduct. Did you suggest us? to climb along the aqueduct tunnel and? ? it was great!

5 day

After Chichen Itza, we spent the next 3 days in M? Rida, where all there? we wanted to do and see was it closed on Monday? and Tuesday ?. No problem, the city? it was full of nightlife and entertainment every night in the main square, which coincidentally was right near our hotel. What? have we built our own city tour? Looking for a Mayan medicine woman to provide my friend with a particular herb she was looking for? : P

6 day

Wednesday? we postponed the departure to visit the Mayan Museum, where we made up for many of our shortcomings regarding their history. In particular there was a fantastic and very useful map showing the Mayan ruins scattered throughout Mexico, and divided by epochs. Wow, there are a lot of ruins!
That afternoon we visited Uxmal, then stayed one night in Campeche, a delightful coastal town. Here we walked on the walls towards the sea for a nice swim. And of course, local cuisine: Coconut Shrimp, excellent!
Driving from Campeche to Palenque? been exhausting and? full of holes! We spent pretty much all day visiting the ruins of Palenque, by far our favorite, and then a fantastic lunch with bananas stuffed with beef!

7 day

Still traveling to San Cristobal de las Casas. Still holes. But even worse, we arrived in the middle of a procession! Luckily, we were well advised by the hotel receptionist: a glass of wine, we choose a dish to eat, and just say 100 thousand? No? to anyone who offers us to buy something, from food to junk to clothing.
The city? of San Cristobal not? bad to turn. It is full of life and beautiful buildings. We all agreed that it was one of the most important stops. nice of our trip so far.
Unfortunately, our time was running out, so we spent just one whole day filling up on street food, visiting the Na Balom Museum and gorging ourselves on tapas!

8 day

A whole day of driving, with lots of hitches! Protests and demonstrators blocking passages, impassable roads in the middle of the forests? an odyssey! We went through Ciudad del Carmen, Xpujil, and spent an afternoon at the Bacalar lagoon.
The last stop on our trip was Tulum and Punta Maroma.

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