Jordan, the pearl of the Middle East

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There is no proper way to introduce Jordan or in general the experiences you can have in the Middle East. You understand certain emotions only if you feel them ... I can only tell you with certainty, that once you experience the same feelings I have, you will no longer be? the same people. This doesn't happen for every trip. At least not me. It is true that every tour in the world can? teach us something new, indeed it must! However, there are trips that move something inside you, how? happened to me for Jordan.

1 day

We arrived in Amman very early. We were flabby but happy. Couldn't wait to see one of the seven wonders of the modern world and experience it all? that we had planned. After showing the Jordan Pass, we tracked down our driver to be escorted to the dead sea right away. (The Jordan Pass is a sheet that includes the visa and free entry to the main attractions. If you want to enter Petra more than once the Pass will cost more. You must sleep at least 3 consecutive nights to be able to apply for it. It is the most convenient thing to do to visit the country. You can request it online and in less than two minutes receive it by mail ... obviously print it) I could not miss such an experience; float with a book in hand? a crazy thing! I can hardly explain the feeling ...? it was like feeling a hand from under the water, supporting my back without problem. It was beautiful and I was in the area for about 3 hours to take pictures and videos. I could not do the mud why? I had no cash and needed about JD 3 per person to buy a box. After taking a shower, why? the annoyance of salt on him? indescribable, we left for Wadi Musa, the town near Petra, where we had our hotel. In the evening after we settled down we went to eat a chicken kebab and we fell from sleep. Tomorrow we would get up at 5 to get to Petra before dawn.

2 day

At 6 we were already? in front of the entrance to the dirt road that precedes the Siq. Once we passed the checks we set out and? It was spectacular to observe the caves, ancient temples corroded by time and the canyons hit by the light dawn. Before arriving at the Siq, the road that leads directly to the treasury, we were stopped by a guide who, by insisting, convinced us to take an alternative route, even if more? long and more? dangerous. Instead of getting to the treasury from the Siq, we got there from above. There was no one and? special state. A nice adventure even if I don't recommend it to anyone. The road was dangerous, slippery in places and there were no supports. We literally climbed the canyon walls with our bare hands most of the time. The guide worked for the government but obviously asked us for a tip for the two hour trek. We gave him 100 euros but we could have easily given him half. Once all the photos were taken from above we went down and enjoyed Petra from below, taking many photos with the camels and the Bedouins. To return to Wadi Musa, we finally passed by the Siq ed? was spectacular. We fell asleep early why? the next day another bad lift was waiting for us to reach Wadi Rum with the bus we had booked thanks to the hotel.

3 day

After being picked up by the minivan we headed to the red desert of Jordan, where our dear Harb, the owner of our tented camp, was waiting for us. Everything was very clean, including the bathrooms. After a few minutes we were immersed in the desert with one of his employees, who was driving the jeep at full speed? between rocks and small dunes. A fabulous tour to discover all the treasures that the desert can? to donate. We visited Lawrence of Arabia's alleged home and his source, where? engraved his face. Did we drink the tea? with the Bedouins in the desert and climbed the Jabel Burdah canyon, taking the photo on the footbridge more? high of all Wadi Rum, we went to see the mushroom-shaped rock and walked barefoot. It was spectacular. Everything. The icing on the cake of course? been the camel during sunset. Yes ? ended in the moonlight and under a starry sky that I will not forget? never, how will I not forget? never the thrill of lying on a long and soft pillow looking at the sky pi? nice that I have ever seen.

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