Jordan: Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and Petra

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Lluis Enric Mayans

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Jordan to love!
A tour of Jordan started by chance, the desire to discover a new culture, a nomadic people of the desert, its chaotic capital, the dead sea that offers a unique experience!
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1 day

Departure from Rome for Aqaba, a guide, a local friend awaits me ...
How does it start? the adventure .
Overnight in aqaba, the day after breakfast and off to the sea for an excursion to the coral reef!
Sun, relaxation and so on? evening comes, dinner and sleep!

2 day

Breakfast and early departure at 8 for the WADIRUM desert, arrived at the campsite I relax with a good tea that the Bedouins offer me, then I leave to immerse myself in the heart of the desert with them, among dunes, breathtaking views, arrival in a typical tent, where they offer me another tea, I put a desert turban on my head and we leave until the evening to discover this fantastic desert!
In the evening, everyone around the fire in the tented campsite, a good dinner, the typical local Bedouin dances and then to bed! Surely this one from Wadi Rum? to do once in a lifetime, in my opinion it gives you unique sensations, emotions and adrenaline, a wonderful comparison with a people with fantastic traditions!

3 day

Breakfast and early departure for the capital Amman, but sooner,
Along the way I stop to buy souvenirs in typical places, and sip some mint tea, I arrive around 12 Madaba, here I explore the town, the mosque, then a bell tower where I see the whole city? , an acropolis of the city? underground, a quick typical lunch, I go to see the mosaic pi? ancient in the world and then off to Mount Nebo.
Where Mos? saw the Holy land! Breathtaking view of the dead sea and Palestine!
It is 6 am, we leave for the capital where I arrive in the evening around 19 pm, hotel accommodation and at 21 pm I leave for the center. full of life ! I enjoy the center, typical dinner, then around the streets of Amman, city? alive at the same time very young and quiet, I also remember that while I was lost in the streets, a 12/14 year old boy asked me that for 5 dinars I would go around the center with his scooter! Incredible!

4 day

Breakfast, early departure for the citadel, a beautiful archaeological site, from here we see the whole of Amman founded on 7 hills, crazy panorama!
After about an hour I head towards jerash, the archaeological site? fantastic, very well preserved!
in the early afternoon, arrival at the Dead Sea, a nice swim, some mud, lunch and departure at 17pm towards Petra, along the road of the Kings in part!
Arrival in Petra at 19 pm, hotel accommodation and dinner.
21.30 pm I go to the Petra site, ready for Petra by Night, suggestive and fantastic!
The siq and the treasure surrounded by lanterns!
There are no words here, but? only to live such an experience, in the night, to attend the music of the Nabataeans in front of the treasure full of lanterns!
All fantastic, fairytale !!!

5 day

Early breakfast, at 10 am I am on the archeological site of Petra, where I spend all day, corner after corner leaves you speechless.
If you decide to get to the monastery too, start doing some training why? there are 800 steps!
Tiring but the sacrifice is worth with what you will see!
And as if that were not enough, another exhausting to the height of the sacrifice!
Tired and exhausted, but happy, back to the hotel, dinner and sleep! All night I think and dream what I saw, truly incredible !!!

6 day

Early breakfast, arrive in Aqaba, take a tour of the Bazaar, souvenirs, spices, then enjoy the sunset over Egypt and go to the airport.
So I go back to Rome!
Ends a journey full of culture, experience, love and all there is? to put!
Unique and recommended!
Passionate cos? so much to organize group trips!
Have a good trip everyone!

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