Joan of Arc, the largest white shark in the world

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Spotted a few meters from the beach of Middleton Beach, to Albany, in Southern Australia, the giant white shark is 5,5 meters long and weighs 1,6 tons. It has already been nicknamed Joan of Shark, the 'Joan of Arc of the Sharks' (LOOK AT THE MAP).

The beach was immediately closed to bathers and tourists. According to experts, the white shark specimen may have been attracted to a whale cub who had approached the shore. The fisheries department managed to knock him out and insert a microchip under the skin to follow its movements. In Australia it often happens that sharks come ashore.

According to the Australian Department of Fisheries it is a female which should be around 30 years old. To insert the chip they had to turn her on her stomach as when the shark finds itself with its stomach upwards it falls asleep almost instantly, while when it returns to its stomach it wakes up. The application of the microchip with Gps built-in allows you to alert the authorities in case a shark got too close to the coast, as well as allowing scientists to study its movements.

Middleton Beach is a much loved destination by those who practice whalewatching, whale watching. Every year dozens of cetaceans come to rest in the bay that can be admired just 20 meters away from the coast. But the beach is also very popular with the locals as it is a protected beach by the currents of the ocean. Nearby there are several campsites, bed and breakfasts and motels.

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