Jack the Ripper: identity, history and locations of the London Serial Killer

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The one who was the terror of the London streets in the Victorian era, the one who populated the dreams of adults and children after seeing the cinematic representations, the one whose identity is still a mystery ... who are we talking about? But say Jack the Ripper, London's heinous killer of 1888. The victims who were officially attributed to him were 5 even if it is thought in reality they were 11. They were all prostitutes, and the modus operandi always the same: death by slaughtering and subsequent mutilation.
About 100 years after the events, Scotland Yard still retains its file and the various cinematographic representations have fueled the myth ...


  1. The story of the Serial Killer Jack the Ripper
  2. Who was Jack the Ripper? Here are the theories about his identity
  3. Tour of the places where the murders took place
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The story of the Serial Killer Jack the Ripper

Between 7 August and 10 September 1888, a murderer terrorized the Whitechapel neighborhood in London's East End. He killed at least five prostitutes, mutilating their bodies in an unusual way.
This led investigators to believe the killer had one deep knowledge of human anatomy, suspecting high bourgeois and prominent figures of the time. This man was never captured and today he remains one of the most infamous criminals the world remembers.

Who was Jack the Ripper? Here are the theories about his identity

Over the years they were born many theories on the true identity of the murderer. Hundreds of theses, some of which are really not very credible, involved important names such as the poet Oscar Wilde or the writer Lewis Carroll, the member of the royal family Albert Victor of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, or Joseph Barnett, Francis Tumblety and Walter Sickert.

In 2014, Russell Edwards, author and private investigator, presented a thesis that would "prove" the true identity of Jack the Ripper. According to what is reported in his book, in fact, it was possible to trace the killer by analyzing the DNA results obtained from a shawl belonging to one of the victims, Catherine Eddowes.
Edwards then claims that Jack's real name was Aaron Kosminkski, a Polish immigrant who worked in the historic district as a hairdresser. The man seems to have manifested strong homicidal tendencies and an unjustified hatred for women, in fact he was locked up in an asylum where he died of a gangrenous leg.
However, Edwards' thesis has been severely criticized and never officially confirmed; therefore, to date, the mystery remains unsolvedEtc.

Tour of the places where the murders took place

Today the myth persists, so much so that for a few pounds it is possible to take a walking tour of the places of Jack the Ripper (from € 15,00 with guide). From the dark alleys where the victims were lured and murdered, to the museum dedicated (tickets for the Jack the Ripper Museum from € 14,00) to one of the most fascinating "cult" figures in history. Today we take you to discover the stages of the tour retracing the true story of Jack ...
PS: A night visit to the places is recommended ... just to make everything more disturbing!

Buck's Row, Whitechapel Neighborhood: the first assassination

Taking a leap into the past we find ourselves in London in 1888, with its pubs, red brick buildings, carriages walking in the thick fog and men fighting in the darkest corners of the streets: this is the scenario in which Jack The Ripper operated for his heinous crimes.

Our tour in the footsteps of the murderer starts from the East End of London, in the Whitechapel district and more precisely in Buck's Row, where the first victim was found on August 31, 1888: Mary Ann Nichols, a 44-year-old prostitute. His body was tortured, horribly mutilated and abandoned on the street. With the autopsy he ascertained that the killer was left-handed ... later denied.

  • Address: Durward St, London E1 5BT - Get directions
  • Episode: Murder of Mary Ann Nichols, first victim, August 31, 1888

29, Hanbury Street and Miter Square, Whitechapel Neighborhood: second and third assassinations

Our disturbing tour continues in the district of Withechapel, but now we are at number 29 Hanbory Street ... that's where he is found, September 8, 1888, the body of the Ripper's second official victim, Anne Chapman. In this case too, the woman's body was almost unrecognizable: her throat was torn open and her head was almost completely severed from the torso.

The last murder committed in the neighborhood was that of Catherine Eddowes, which lay in Miter Square ... Although it has never been ascertained this is thought to have been the second victim in one day of the Ripper, because during the first murder he was disturbed by a passer-by.
During the tour a compulsory stop is at the White Hart Pub. According to what we read in the scenographic themed plaques that decorate the interior, in fact, one of the main suspects for the atrocious crimes had his business here, George Chapman.

  • Address: 29 Hanbury Street - Get Directions / Miter Square, London EC3A 5DH - Get Directions
  • Episodes: Murder of Anne Chapman, second victim, and Catherine Eddowes, third victim, 08 September 1888

Old Spitalfields Market and Ten Bell's Pub, Spitalfields Neighborhood: the latest victim

We now move to Spitalfields near Liverpool Street station and Brick Lane. The area straddles Commercial Street and is home to the historic Old Spitalfields Market. There the latest victim, Mary Jane Kelly, was found.

This was it the most heinous of murders performed by the murderer: what remained of the body was found on November 8, 1888, the woman was completely unrecognizable. The identity of the murderer was never revealed and still constitutes one of the most complex cases for Scotland Yard. There were suspects but no one was ever arrested.

Another destination not to be missed is the Ten Bells Pub which stands right in front of the Old Spitalfield Markets: here some of the victims used to stop for a drink and, perhaps, the murderer also sat with them.

  • Address: Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW - Get directions
  • Episodes: Murder of Mary Jane Kelly, last victim, 08 November 1888

London Dungeon Museum

Our tour ends with a visit to the London Dungeon Museum. Inside the museum, scenes of heinous crimes from London history are reproduced, also through the use of actors ... the most requested? Those of Jack The Ripper!

If you love thrills, venture into this macabre tour, which will make you relive glimpses of reality and part of fiction ...

  • Address: London Dungeon Museum, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB - Get directions
  • every day from 10: 00 to 17: 00
  • from € 28,00 - book online

Plan your Jack the Ripper tour: flight info, hotels and guided tours

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  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 32,00 per room -
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