Itinerary to the Gorropu Gorge in Sardinia

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How much ? nice when during a trip you have unplanned experiences that become the most important part? exciting about the whole adventure ??

We were looking for an activity? that it did not concern the beach and among the things that I had marked, without giving it too much weight, it was the Gola di Gorropu. That ? ap? a repetition since "Gorropu" in the Sardinian language really means gluttony! I had not given too much weight especially why? we hadn't left equipped for a trek !?

Before getting there we had mixed reviews about it, from those who dispassionately advised it since the path was divided into several parts. levels, from less experienced to super experienced, to those who do not recommend it if not accompanied why? the risk of getting lost and hurt? high.? Following the path I feel like saying that like all things it takes common sense, so do a self-evaluation and understand how? better move.

We decide to? leave Killer (our chihuahua) in the hotel cos? to avoid any problems and try this experience. Badly we would have gone back! I would like to specify for? that some of the excursions that can be done are also open to dogs. I would add ... bring your four-legged friend only with a leash, since? Is it possible to meet local animals? and especially,? self ? used to walking through the woods.

The Gorropu gorge? a natural border between the municipalities of Urzulei and Orgosolo; between Barbagia and Ogliastra. It is a stretch about 1,5 km long, about 500 m deep. which narrows at the bottom until reaching a minimum width of 4 m in some points. (maybe even less !!!!). In addition to being recognized worldwide for its particular structural characteristics? precious for its biodiversity. There are fossils that date back to 190 and 60 million years ago, numerous testimonies that confirm the presence of man over time and legends such as that of Sa mama de Gorropu (Gorropu's mother). It is a frightening creature that inhabits the interior of the canyon, or Sos drullios, is described as evil creatures that during stormy nights come out of the canyon and drag away men, animals and buildings of the Supramonte.
It is said that Sa Tentassione (the Devil) also lives in Gorropu and that many in the past went there to incumandare (entrust) their souls in exchange for sas richesas mundanas (earthly riches), then having a bad end, and overwhelmed by despair they took their own lives. ?? instead real is the fact that sometimes the wind reaches speed inside the canyon? such as to make flocks of birds bang against the steep walls.

1 day

Not knowing how to move, we searched the internet for information on how to reach this place, finding information about the "base camp". We aim the navigator and retracing the SS125 arriving at the destination. Parking ? really minimal ,? out of season we parked in Tetris style so if you move in high season, consider the departure time well. It is a small structure divided between info point and shop and runs alongside a path that does not let you see much but? from? that their excursions start! We enter and ask for information, we are told that the path we are looking for? in reality? pi? back and what from there? start other types of activities? do you organize anyway? related to Gorropu and Supramonte. Here you can also rent the appropriate equipment if you do not have it or simply enjoy the view in the picnic area.

? How already? anticipated there are several possibilities? (easy, panoramic and integral), so? how did you go out at night and more? days. I remember that the excursions organized from the base camp are done with a guide so even you are not very prepared, you will be able to rent what you need and be guided by experienced people. Gorropu gorge? can be visited by met? March until mid? November. During the other months the visit? not recommended due to bad weather and poor light, in addition to the fact that services are almost completely suspended.

From here we take our Karl and go back to the Genna Silana Pass, which is the closest stopping point? popular with motorcyclists who travel this road. There are curves, c '? a step, c '? the Silana bar ... has all the prerequisites to be a perfect meeting place! We park in the open space exactly in front of the bar where there is also the entrance to the Gorropu Gorge and where some guys are ready to provide you with all the necessary information.

Entrance costs 5 € / person and only cash is accepted. The girl who greeted us was worried about me why? I presented myself with a sarong and with the Superga at the foot! Despite this, I think I struggled less than many others I met along the way! Obviously all this by paying attention to where I put my feet as some points were very slippery. Anyway who won it all? was "The" gentleman in slippers!

Path ? 4.5 km long each way with a difference in height of 700mt and for those who have difficulty? for the return? It is possible to request to go back with an off-road vehicle for a cost of 15? / person We have done both the outward and return journeys and I would add fortunately why ?, when the number of tourists? diminished, the animals of the place have begun to come out, and even if it is not a question of who knows? which species? always nice to be able to admire animals not in captivity up close.

One thing we recommend? to bring you a good supply of water!

How will you guess from the images and can you better see the context with the video at the end of the article? nothing short of wonderful, but BEWARE! The terrain ? mostly? in stone and where not? all stone? slippery, for most of the? path you will have on one side the mountain wall and on the other ..... well let's say that you have a wide panorama! So I do not recommend this activity? if you have small children who are not used to walking or who are not very obedient (if they slide you will find them directly downstream!).

Once you get to the gorge, will it seem to you? to be on another planet or in an adventure movie! You will find a small stand with some guys where you can pay your entrance tickets and where they will explain where you are, from what? characterized the context, which path to follow and how to follow it.

Path? it is divided into green (simple), yellow (a little more difficult) and red (for experts), marked with dots of paint on the rocks. In reality? we haven't noticed all this difference between the green and the yellow zone, but? very subjective. We would have continued in the red one too, at least to see what the context was like, but it was getting late and we didn't want to be in the middle of a dark wood! And so what? embittered I had to listen to Marco and turn around!

You will find yourself climbing on the rocks and crossing spaces where you will ask yourself: "But can a person really pass through them?". Sar? ap? like being a child again!

The colors combine as in a painting, the sounds of nature are the masters. You will find several signs along the way where you will be? requested to be silent, ap? not to disturb and ap? why? sometimes focusing only on listening allows you to better enjoy certain experiences.

I am really happy to have seen this place and I would like to be able to come back one day and have a greater experience with some guide and above all more? equipped!

See you soon,

Deb. and Marco


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