It will open in Egypt and will be the largest archaeological museum in the world

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We had to wait a long time, but we are sure it was worth it: it should finally open its doors soon Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), whose inauguration is scheduled for this 2020. We are not talking about just any museum, but about what is considered the largest in the world.

The project for this imposing building that stands out in Giza, near the famous pyramids, was approved several years ago. But until today we preferred to postpone the opening of the museum, each time due to small setbacks: 2018 seemed to be the right year, then a fire that broke out right near the main entrance caused the inauguration to be postponed again. Finally, everything seems to be ready for the big debut now: the GEM has announced that in the fall of 2020 it will open to the public.

Why is the wait getting bigger and bigger? It is soon said: the Grand Egyptian Museum will be the largest archaeological museum of all time, and inside it will house precious Egyptian artifacts that until now had never been exhibited before. Designed by Dublin's Heneghan Pengun, the building is a veritable giant towering within walking distance of the archaeological site known as the Necropolis of Giza, a magical place where millions of tourists come every year to admire the splendid pyramids - including the world-famous Pyramid of Cheops.

Soon there will be one more reason to go to Giza and immerse yourself in the ancient Egyptian culture. The GEM, a shaped structure beveled triangle, is located in a strategic position: a few kilometers from an important motorway junction, reaching it is definitely very easy. And already near the museum you can breathe a different air. The entrance is located in a large atrium that connects to the various exhibition halls, where they will find their place unique pieces of rare beauty.

Il Grand Egyptian Museum – Fonte: Getty Images

Inside, visitors will be able to admire the complete collection found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, undoubtedly the highlight of the very rich exhibition of the GEM. The museum will also house selected artifacts from others large exhibition complexes of Egypt, as well as 5000 artifacts that will be transferred directly from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo - currently the largest in the world.

In total, over 50.000 artifacts will be shown to the public in the halls of the Grand Egyptian Museum, but the structure will also house other attractions. In particular, there will be interesting workshops and a museum for children, as well as a cinema, a bazaar, various catering areas and some conference rooms. To be able to access all these wonders, the price is around 25 dollars (just over 22 euros), and students will be entitled to a 50% discount. The entrance ticket will instead be sold for 3,75 dollars (just over 3 euros) for Egyptians.

Currently, the area around the museum is in great turmoil: work is underway on the renovation of hotels and other accommodation facilities, as well as the widening of the roads to manage the enormous flow of tourists expected from the moment of the inauguration. In short, preparations are underway and it seems that 2020 is the right year for all those who love Egypt. And in the meantime, why not treat yourself to a nice visit to our Egyptian Museum in Turin? It is the second largest in the world, and it contains unique treasures in the world.

The Pyramids of Giza - Source: iStock

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