It will be the largest and most expensive yacht in the world

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Code name: Triple Deuce. It will be launched by the summer of 2018 and it will be the largest yacht e more expensive of the world. A small long ship 222 meters, little more than a cruise ship, which he will host on board alone 36 passengers who will have enormous spaces at their disposal. The cost of this little gem? One billion dollars.

Little or nothing is known about the megayacht, the owner is trying to keep all the details top secret. It is only known that compared to Azzam, the current largest yacht in the world, she is 42 meters longer. It is not known which shipyard she is building it and not even who will be the owner. You could be a Russian tycoon or an Arab emir, who knows.

Triple Deuce should have a crew of about 90 - 100 people to manage the needs of the owner and the boat.

According to the sources of GQ Italia who gave the news, it should have three gas turbines and reach a speed of 30 knots. In addition, there would be modern pod-azimuth propulsion systems with electric transmission instead of rudders.

La owner's suite which will be located on the seventh bridge will be developed on two levels and will measure well 275 square meters, will have direct access to a private heliport. Adjacent to the owner's cabin there would also be that of the personal butler. In addition, gym, study, bathroom with sauna.

The guests aren't going to have a bad time either. There will be at least four suites of 90 square meters, while the rest will measure 'only' 60 square meters. For everyone there will be two swimming pools (one of which is covered), a hairdresser and a barber, a massage room, several Jacuzzis, a home theater room and all kinds of water games.

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