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It has always been a popular destination for lovers of nature, peace and dream atmospheres. With its just 4,4 hectares of beach, sea and flora, theIsola dei Conigli is rightly considered a real paradise, so much so that in 2013 he was awarded the title of Most beautiful beach in the world, and in subsequent years, in 2014, 2015 and 2019 the most beautiful beach in Italy. How could it be otherwise?


  1. Where is it and how to get there
  2. Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments
  3. Curiosity: where does the name come from?
  4. Where to sleep nearby: hotels, resorts and b & bs
  5. What to do and see in the surrounding area
  6. User questions and comments
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Where is it and how to get there

Isola dei Conigli is an uninhabited islet located in Lampedusa, a wonderful sicilian island closer to the Tunisian coasts than to the Italian ones. Lampedusa can be reached daily via sea or air connections.

  • Reach Lampedusa by sea: the island of Lampedusa can be reached from the Port of Porto Empedocle in the Province of Agrigento (Get directions) in about 4 hours, or from the port of Linosa (Get directions) in about 1 hour, with the Liberty Lines ferries with prices starting from € 22,00
  • Reach Lampedusa by plane: Lampedusa airport is located in the southern part of the island about 3 km from the center (10 min by car). The airport can be reached from Palermo and Catania in 1 hour by flight. During the summer season the island can be reached with direct flights also from Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio Al Serio, Parma, Bologna, Rome FCO and Pisa with prices starting from € 80,00 -

How to get to Rabbit Island

Isola dei Conigli is very close to the coast and can be reached by swimming from the homonymous "Spiaggia dei Conigli". The beach can be reached on foot, by own means or by bus. Regardless of the vehicle used, you will have to cross a dirt stretch for about 10/15 minutes to get to the beach.

  • On foot: it is about 6 km from the center, you will have to walk over an hour to reach the entrance, plus the final dirt road. It is a tiring and not recommended solution. Get directions
  • By bus: in summer, every hour from 8:00 to 20:00, the "blue line" buses leave from Piazza Brignone. The bus stops at the entrance, near the parking lots. Get directions
  • By car: 18 minutes from the center. Both free and paid parking are available, but in high season it is difficult to find free parking spaces. Pay attention to the signs and any prohibitions, it is easy to get fines. Get directions

Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments

Before choosing to stop in the fabulous Isola dei Conigli, it is good to know that the bay is part of the Island of Lampedusa nature reserve and, as such, it is not always open to the public. Being a protected area especially for the wildlife species it hosts (the islet is one of the few destinations chosen by Caretta Caretta turtles to lay their eggs) it is accessible to tourists from 8:30 to 19:30 and it becomes, at least as far as the eastern part of the beach is concerned, off-limits in late spring, when the turtles lay their eggs.

The beach of Isola dei Conigli is free, so you need to bring all the necessary equipment on your own. However there is a refreshment point just before the descent to the beach, where you can rent umbrellas from € 10,00.
Finally, it is important to remember that the islet has always been placed under the protection of environmental associations, first of all Legambiente: it is therefore important to respect its balance and cleanliness, avoiding disturbing the local fauna and dirtying the sea and the beach.

Curiosity: where does the name come from?

L'etymology of the name of Isola dei Conigli is curious and rather controversial. The first appearance of the island on nautical charts dates back to 1824, when the Captain Smith spoke of "Rabit Island", where "rabit" means "connection", referring to theisthmus that connected the Isola dei Conigli to the coast.
The addition of the second "b" - which transforms "Rabit" into "Rabbit" (rabbit) could be the result of a "misunderstanding" or, as reported by some stories, the current name of the island would be attributable to aunusual invasion of rabbits in one of the moments in which it was connected to the mainland by the isthmus. Legend with truth or pure fiction? In any case, the stories linked to the name of Rabbit Island only add to the charm around it.

Where to sleep nearby: hotels, resorts and b & bs

Lampedusa is an island full of accommodation solutions. From comfortable full optional hotels to affordable b & bs. Below we recommend some structures not too far from Isola dei Conigli.

  • Hotel La Rosa dei Venti: Via Terranova, 64, 92010, Lampedusa
  • Oasis Resort: Via Grecale, 92010, Lampedusa
  • Residence Agave: Via Madonna, 2, 92010, Lampedusa
  • Other accommodations near the Isola dei Conigli: Hotels and b & b from € 40,00 per room -

What to do and see in the surrounding area

Isola dei Conigli is a jewel "made in Sicily", whose main peculiarity is represented by a close contact more unique than rare between man and nature, thanks to its depths rich in rare marine species and, above all, thanks to the presence of particular lizard psammodromus algirus, del herring gull (which nests on the islet) and the aforementioned Caretta caretta (whose hatching of eggs is a more unique than rare event, to be attended, obviously under the supervision of environmental volunteers, around the end of August).
Just thinking about the protection not only of turtles, but of the entire marine fauna of the island and the entire archipelago, the Lampedusa Turtle Group was created, a rescue center strongly desired by WWF volunteers who, in collaboration with the police and the Port Authority, manages to rescue numerous turtles accidentally caught by fishermen's nets, hospitalizing them and taking care of them, before returning them to their beloved sea.

  • Visit the turtle rescue center: The center is open to visitors, who also have the more unique than rare honor of being able to visit the center hospital, observing the impressive work done by highly skilled doctors and motivated and loving volunteers. Facebook page
  • Visit Domenico Modugno's house: a "gem" inextricably links the history of Isola dei Conigli to the life of the famous singer Domenico Modugno, whose villa is located right in the heart of the bay, just before reaching the beach.
  • Visit Lampedusa and the neighboring islets by boat: they are one of the most loved pastimes by tourists who choose to stay in Lampedusa and its surroundings and who therefore rely on companies that offer tourists packages suitable for every need for a tour of the Pelagie islands that must be remembered.
  • Snorkeling and diving: they are a "must" in Lampedusa and on the suggestive Isola dei Conigli. It is important to always rely on experienced professionals, in order not to run the risk of transforming a unique experience into an underwater nightmare.
  • Lampedusa by Night: not just stunning beaches or characteristic locations. The liveliness of its nightlife is guaranteed by the main street of the island, via Roma, very busy day and night. One of the main meeting points of the islands "by night" is represented by the Bar Isola delle Rose, open all night and known for its fantastic Sicilian granitas and for its strategic position, very close to the Corso. The possibility of using the catering service and live music are just some of the services offered by the bar staff, always available and ready to satisfy any "gluttony" of its customers!
    For information: 0922 970803 / Facebook page

Boat trips, snorkeling and diving:

  1. Pearl of the Sea: departure from Porto Nuovo for an incredible experience, "circumnavigating" Lampedusa. It is possible to use the services of Perla del Mare from 10:00 to 17:00. Lunch on board. For more information visit the official website
  2. Nino Paranzoto Boat trips (Contrada Pozzo Monaco 33): sympathy and willingness on the part of the crew of the Nino Paranzoto, which offers the possibility of making a complete tour around Lampedusa and its "pearls", including the Isola dei Conigli. Lunch on board. For more information visit the official website
  3. Moby Diving Center (Via delle Grotte, 6): professionalism, continuous updating and safety guaranteed by the staff of the Moby Diving Center. Dives set according to the needs of the individual client and followed step by step by the divers of the center. Very clean diving and young and helpful staff. Possibility of safe diving even for the little ones. For more information visit the official website
  4. Marina Diving Center (Lungomare Luigi Rizzo, 161): comfort and functionality characterize the headquarters of the Marina Diving Center, which offers tourists a "complete package", consisting of showers, classrooms and a relaxation area, a meeting point where they can deal with divers professionals and with new or old "dive buddies"! It is possible to choose the option that best suits your needs, with the possibility of following courses based on your level of knowledge and competence in diving. Great attention is dedicated to the little ones, with recreational moments, and to all those who want to transform the passion for diving into a profession. For more information visit the official website

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