Islands still unexplored: 8 unknown lands to discover in the world

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There are those who dream of find yourself on a desert island, perhaps in the company of a handsome young man or a beautiful prosperous girl, and those who are terrified of being stuck away from civilization and having to make do with their own strength.
Thinking of a completely uninhabited island, far from everything and everyone, the mind flies to films and novels that have influenced the collective imagination: Cast Away, the television series Lost and above all Robinson Crusoe.
L'island of Defoe's novel it really existed, it was called "Más a Tierra" and was later renamed Robinson Crusoe Island.
his island is no longer uninhabited today. But luckily for writers, filmmakers and screenwriters, there are still hundreds of actually unknown and unexplored islands to be inspired by ... Here are the most fascinating and suggestive.


  1. Auckland Islands, New Zealand
  2. Mu Ko Ang Thong, Thailand
  3. Pyramid of Ball, Pacific Ocean
  4. Coconut Island, Costa Rica
  5. Phoenix Islands, Kiribati (Oceania)
  6. Mamanuca Islands, Fiji (Pacific Ocean)
  7. Tetepare Island, Solomon Islands (Oceania)
  8. Rock Islands, Pacific Ocean
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1 - Auckland Islands, New Zealand

Le Auckland Islands they are located in the Pacific, 500 km south of New Zealand. The islands are uninhabited but there seem to be traces of settlements dating back to the 13th century.

2 - Mu Ko Ang Thong, Thailand

It is an archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand consisting of approx 40 uninhabited islands. The only one to be inhabited by fishermen is Ko Paluay. The area is declared a marine protected area

3 - Pyramid of Ball, Pacific Ocean

La Pyramid of Ball it is the highest stack in the world (562 m). This huge rock is located southeast of Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean. It was first climbed in 1965.

4 - Cocco Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island it is located 300 miles offshore of Costa Rica. This island is entirely covered in vegetation. It is mostly uninhabited, tourists are only allowed to shore.

5 - Phoenix Islands, Kiribati (Oceania)

Le Phoenix islands of the Republic of Kiribati consist of 8 atolls and 2 submerged coral reefs. The isolated position has allowed the undisturbed development of grandiose ecosystems.

6 - Mamanuca Islands, Fiji (Pacific Ocean)

Le Mamanuca islands are part of Fiji. Some are well-known tourist spots, many others are completely uninhabited, usually because there is no natural source of water.
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7 - Tetepare Island, Solomon Islands (Oceania)

It belongs to the Solomon Islands ed is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific. 200 years ago it was inhabited by people who lived in scattered villages, each speaking a different language.
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8 - Rock Islands, Pacific Ocean

Le Rock Islands are coral reefs that emerged in the South Lagoon of Palau. The islands are for the most part uninhabited, and are famous for their heavenly beaches.

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