Is it worth renting a camper?

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The world of the sharing economy is now a reality that is consolidating day by day and the world of the camper has not remained immune from it. In fact, more and more people are thinking of rent a motorhome for an adventure holiday and to do so by renting not only from professionals but also using online platforms.


  1. Why not buy a motorhome?
  2. How much does it cost to rent a motorhome for a week?
  3. Where to find an affordable motorhome?
  4. What do you need to rent a motorhome?
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Why not buy a motorhome?

The answer is quite simple. Because it costs and also a lot. Buying a camper is a commitment very expensive both for the initial purchase price and for the maintenance and care of the vehicle. Also, if you buy a motorhome, you will hardly have another type of vacation. This is because you would feel a little "forced" to use it since you have paid for it so much and can only use it a few times a year. In short, the relationship between the price and the time of use is not optimal! Also, if you only plan to go on a RV vacation once a year or less, buying a RV is really not recommended.

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome for a week?

Renting a motorhome for a week can cost you from € 400,00 to € 1000,00 for the high season and between € 300,00 and € 800,00 for the low season. Prices can vary significantly from one portal to another.
To get an idea of ​​how much it costs to rent a camper according to the region and the period, you can also refer to the camper world website.

Where to find an affordable motorhome?

Finding an affordable motorhome it is not easy. Of course you can turn to a professional renter but the prices in this case will not be very cheap. If, on the other hand, you want to have a different, more authentic rental experience and in close contact with a real camper then we recommend private rental such as the one offered by Goboony, Campanda, Yescapa, and other similar platforms.

What do you need to rent a motorhome?

To rent a camper you need to be in possession of the simple B license, which is also used for motor vehicles. You will also have to choose the type of camper that best suits you based on the size of the vehicle and model. The pure camper or van are ideal vehicles for couples or a family of up to 4 people who love practicality and traveling camping. If, on the other hand, you are a family with more than 4 members who want to have ample space available and prefer to remain stationary with the camper for most of the time rather than traveling on an itinerant route, the mansard camper is the one for you. Finally, the semi-integrated motorhomes are suitable for a couple who have occasional guests and who prefer comfort. In addition to knowing your needs well, it is also necessary to know how the camper works and how to provide for its maintenance in the best way. Therefore it is necessary to first inquire about how to take care of the vehicle, perhaps asking for advice from the owner of the vehicle, in the case of rental between individuals, or from the professional who hired it.

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