Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: let's board the famous New York aircraft carrier

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The Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum, opened in 1982, is a museum dedicated to American military and maritime history with various exhibits and vehicles used during the Second World War, including a submarine, an aircraft carrier, fighters and helicopters. There is no shortage of the most recent Concorde and the spacecraft Enterprise. It is a museum that will surprise the older ones and make the little ones dream.


  • What to see at the museum
    • The Intrepid aircraft carrier
    • The spacecraft Enterprise
    • The Growler submarine
    • The Concorde supersonic plane
  • Where is it and how to get there
  • Tickets, timetables and other useful information
  • Pass in which it is included
  • Where to sleep nearby

What to see at the museum

If you opt for the visit on your own you can avail yourself (at an additional cost) of an audio guide (there is also in Spanish), alternatively you can buy a guided tour. The main attractions are essentially four:

The Intrepid aircraft carrier

One of the strengths of the complex is the Intrepid aircraft carrier who fought during World War II. This mammoth engineering jewel set sail for the first time in 1943, facing five suicide bombers and being attacked by a torpedo. We can consider the Intrepid as a separate museum. Going up on the Flight Deck it is possible to observe a dozen planes used in the Vietnam war and some helicopters used instead to recover the astronauts returning from missions in the 60s. The Space Shuttle Pavilion is also located here.

In the Gallery Deck we find the positions where the military gathered to take flight; in the Hangar Deck, visitors can discover the technology used by the Intrepid, watch videos, objects and exhibits. For history lovers, don't miss the short 4D movie about the history of the aircraft carrier in the cinema room. The third deck is dedicated to the rooms that sailors usually frequented, such as the canteen and bedrooms.

The spacecraft Enterprise

The prototype ofEnterprise is located in the Space Shuttle Pavilion which, as noted above, is located inside the Intrepid. There are seventeen exhibits with photographs, audio (such as pilots' conversations) and films that trace the history of the NASA spacecraft.

An exhibit is also dedicated to the incredible journey and work that went into transporting the Enterprise inside the museum. In addition to the Enterprise you will also be able to see the space capsule actually flown into space Soyuz TMA-6. The exhibition StationLIFE  is entirely dedicated to the International Space Station and, through interactive screens, you will be able to observe the movements live and better understand the work that astronauts carry out every day in space.

The Growler submarine

The USS Growler is theonly American submarine open to public. The rooms that you can visit are the following:

  • the canteen, with adjoining galley and kitchen, where the crew ate, played cards or watched movies
  • the control room, with the three pilot stations and the 2 periscopes used to examine the surface of the water
  • the two rooms for launching torpedoes aft and bow. The armament was designed for self-defense. Here you will also find 9 berths for crew members.

The Concorde supersonic plane

Aviation lovers, the "avgeeks", will love the historian Concord by British Airways. At a speed of more than 2.000 kilometers per hour, this Concorde began transporting passengers across the Atlantic between London and New York in 1976. The journey took less than three hours, but due to cost and environmental damage, it was decided to stop supersonic flights, especially after the July 2000 incident.

Not to be missed, especially if you want to have fun with the kids, too i simulatori G-Force Encounter and Transporter FX. Both to be purchased separately for $ 10. Audio tours in Spanish are also available.

Where is it and how to get there

The Intrepid Museum is located near Hell's Kitchen, on the west side of Manhattan, precisely at Pier 86 between 12th Ave & 46th Street.
The easiest way to get there is by bus. The M50 stops right in front. For example, starting from Times Square, you can find it between W 49 St and 7 Av.

By metro, get off at 42 St (Port Authority) station, reached by trains A, C and E. From there, walk a little over a kilometer towards the port or take the M42.
Another option would be to get off at 34th Street-Hudson Yards stop (reached by train 7) and walk a mile north along the harbor, or take the M12.

If you choose to use the latter method, I advise you to stop and observe the spectacular architecture of the The Vessel di Hudson Yards before resuming your itinerary.

Tickets, timetables and other useful information

In order to access the attraction, all visitors over 12 years of age must provide proof of vaccination. In addition, all those over 2 years old will be required to wear the mask indoors, while outdoors it can be removed.

The Intrepid Museum is open every day (Monday-Sunday) from 10am to 17pm.

Tickets can be purchased directly on site or online. Here are the prices (updated on 26 January 2017):

  • Adults (13-64) $ 33
  • Senior (65+) 31$
  • Children (5-12) $ 24

You can buy tickets by clicking here. It is also possible to opt for a particular experience (the Overnight Experience), which allows you to spend the whole night on board the Intrepid; meals are included and baby cots are included.

Pass in which it is included

General admission ticket is included in all passes, which therefore do not include simulators (which can however be added on site for an additional cost); to understand the solution that best suits your needs take a look at our guide on which pass for New York is really convenient.

Where to sleep nearby

If you want to sleep near the museums the area to do your research is Hell's kitchen, however, as we always say, New York is so well connected by subway that you can also choose neighborhoods far from the chosen attractions and then move later by public transport. For an overview of the best areas take a look at our article on where to sleep in New York.

Accommodation available in Hell's Kitchen

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