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    Information and curiosities about New England: did you know that?

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    A trip to New England is an experience in which the landscape speaks for itself. But even if words are not needed, here is some information, some "facts" (as they call them in the States) that allow you to further deepen your knowledge of this splendid natural area, also a protagonist of the history and culture of the United States of America. America.


    • The most famous historical facts
    • The states and cities of New England
    • The characteristics of New England: climate and landscapes
    • Sport and culture in New England
    • Other New England curiosities

    The most famous historical facts

    • La first colony in New England dates back to 11 November 1620 when English colonists landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts on board the famous ship Mayflower. The settlers escaped persecution, especially the Puritans, followers of the movement that developed from Calvinist Protestantism in England in the 1600s. Plymouth it is the rock on which the so-called “pilgrim fathers” stepped off the ship. Discover this and much more with our in-depth study dedicated to what to see in Plymouth.
      Il first Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Day) was celebrated here by the settlers in 1621. Then for more than two centuries this holiday was celebrated individually by the settlers until, in 1863, the president Abraham Lincoln he declared it a national holiday. The typical dish of Thanksgiving is turkey, just like in the time of the settlers (check out our Thanksgiving turkey recipe).
    • The famous rebellion named Boston Tea Party, a protest by the settlers against British rule and their continued increase in taxes, took place in Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773. This triggered the war of independence of the 13 American colonies against the United Kingdom. Are you ready to relive those moments? 2 tips: the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum (where you can take part in the rebellion yourself…) and the Freedom Trail in Boston, a path marked by red bricks along the main buildings, monuments and places that have marked these historic moments.
    • 8 American presidents and 9 vice presidents were born in New England.
    • The trial at Salem witches in Massachusetts (Salem Witch Trails) took place from 1962 to 1963 with persecutions and executions for alleged witchcraft. But the city today does not live only from its past, find out what to see in Salem thanks to our dedicated article.

    The states and cities of New England

    • The total area of ​​New England is 458 square kilometers.
    • New England is the Northeast American region that encompasses you have been: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The first three states are the northernmost ones, on the border with Canada.
    • The largest city in this area is Boston in Massachusetts.
    • The largest state in New England is Maine, while the smallest of all, including the United States, is Rhode Island. Vermont is the least populated state in New England.
    • Although New England as a whole is considered a region with many similarities, each state has its own identity and its "strengths". Vermont is famous for its ski resorts, New Hampshire for the dramatic passes of the White Mountains, Maine for its rugged coastline, Massachusetts for history, Connecticut for picture-perfect villages, and Rhode Island for villas.

    The characteristics of New England: climate and landscapes

    Cilleyville Bog Covered Bridge
    • The morphology of this region is very varied: there are mountains, hills, valleys, plains, countryside, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests and beaches.
    • Il climate it is harsh in winter with snow and short, warm summers. Autumn reserves moments of pleasant weather during the fall foliage del New England when, in addition to the spectacle of the foliage, you experience the so-called "Indian summer" (approximately from late September to mid-October).
    • Within New England, Vermont is the state that has the largest number of covered bridges: about a hundred. The function of this type of bridges was to provide shelter from rain and snow and to prevent the horses from being frightened when crossing rivers.
    • On the farms the characteristic red barns (barns) stand out and along the coast you will find the well-known lighthouses of Maine which are an unmissable opportunity to take splendid souvenir photos.

    Sport and culture in New England

    • Education has always played an important role. Here are the prestigious universities of Yale, in Connecticut e Harvard, in Massachusetts.
    • The poetess Emily Dickinson was born in Massachusetts and the author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Harriet B. Stowe, is originally from Connecticut. But how not to mention Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women? In Concord you can visit his house.
    • Il basket was born in Massachusetts and Springfield is home to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Some popular sports teams are based in Boston: i Celtics in basketball, i New England Patriots in football and Red Sox in baseball

    Other New England curiosities

    • Most of the New England population is of white descent.
    • New England has one of the highest percentages of Catholics in the United States.
    • The state of New Hampshire has eliminated local taxes on many consumer goods.
    • New England exports fish, lobster, cranberries, Maine potatoes and maple syrup. The most important industries are tourism, education, finance, insurance, architecture, construction services.
    • Local delicacies are: maple syrup, apple cider, cranberries, pies, pumpkins, lobsters, crabs, shellfish soup and artisan cheeses. Speaking of culinary specialties, don't miss our New England Coast Lobster Tour and our insight into the region's signature dishes.

    Have we intrigued you enough? So why not start planning your trip now? Check out our tips on how to plan a tour of New England.

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