In which countries is the bidet used?

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Everyone will have, at least once in their life, taken a trip abroad and stay in a hotel. Exploring your room, here's the surprise: something is missing in the bathroom that, for us Italians, is essential: the bidet.
This health care that is so common for us, for other populations is almost a mystery, so much so that on the net there are numerous video tutorials to illustrate its correct use!
The bidet sees its origins in France between the end of the seventeenth and the beginning of the eighteenth century, by an unknown inventor. The name is the same used by the French for the pony and derives from the verb bider, which means "to trot", recalling the position assumed during its use.


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Which countries have and use the bidet?

Italy is the only country in the world where the installation of at least one bidet in the bathrooms of the house it is mandatory.
The spread of healthcare in our country, first in Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and later in the rest of the peninsula, it originates thanks to Queen of Naples Maria Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine who wanted a bidet in his personal bathroom at the Royal Palace of Caserta, ignoring the French prejudice that labeled it as "working tool for harlots".

Today it is widespread in:

  • Spain;
  • Portugal;
  • Latin america, with an attendance peak of 99% in Argentina;
  • Japan, where personal hygiene is almost sacred and ritual, the bidet is also present in public bathrooms, in the form of ultra-technological toilets that combine the functionality of a bidet with the traditional ones of a normal toilet.

Why is there no bidet abroad?

Despite being aFrench invention, the bidet is not currently used in France, as in any other country in Northern Europe.
The United States and Canada discovered the bidet during the troops' intervention in Europe for the Second World War, attending European brothels. On a cultural level, therefore, it enjoys one bad reputation as related to prostitutes or otherwise to something unseemly. Today, therefore, Americans and Canadians do not know what a bidet is and certainly do not know how to use it.
But what is the main reason for the absence of the bidet in the bathrooms of the rest of the world? Simply for thewidespread habit of taking a nice shower directly!

How to do without?

Let's face it: we Italians have a bit of the "fix" of the bidet, when for other countries of the world, used to not having it, it in no way represents a "problem".
As already mentioned, especially the Americans, make up for this absence by performing one directly shower or a relaxing bath.
For a quick cleaning or in public restrooms there are often wet wipes, waiting for the return home that allows a more complete hygiene.

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