In the footsteps of Twilight: the places of the saga

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In Washington state, under a perennial blanket of cloud and rain, is a town called Forks ... this is where I moved. So Beautiful Swan in the first chapter of Twilight, famous saga narrated by Stepahnie Mayer, talks about the place where he will go to live, that place that will completely upset his life, the place where he will meet the vampire Edward Cullen. ForTravelAdviceLovers wants to retrace the places of the saga that were the setting for what was the love story that kept the whole world in suspense!


  1. The city of Forks
  2. Forks High School
  3. The Cullen House - the School Ball
  4. Charlie's house
  5. La Push beach
  6. Port Angels
  7. Volterra and Montepulciano: where Twilight was filmed in Italy
  8. Esme Island
  9. User questions and comments

The city of Forks

Our journey cannot fail to start from the cloudy one Forks. It is located in the county of Clallam. The name derives from the ramifications of the Quillayute, Bogachiel, Calawah and Sol Duc rivers. What made the town a tourist destination was the Twilight saga. Although Forks is the place where the story takes place, the locations used in the film are somewhere else ... but dear twilighters do not despair, it is possible to take a picture in front of Bella's red van that was positioned in front of the Chamber of Commerce of the city and where for the "modest" sum of 30 dollars it will be possible to take pictures.
Another place of pilgrimage is the hospital where Carlisle after the accident, and especially the hospital parking lot (where a place is reserved for the Dr. Cullen). And then you can buy in the many souvenir shops i gadget of the saga... don't forget the leather bracelet with the Cullen family logo!

Forks High School

This is where Bella meets for the first time his Edward, in the school cafeteria where he peeps out with his brothers. The location used is the Madison High School in Portland, Oregon. The gym and the parking lot where Edward saves Bella from an accident were instead set at Kalama High Shool a Kalama in Vernonia.

The Cullen House - the School Ball

The splendid house where Bella goes for the first time to get to know Carlisle e Esme, Edward's adoptive parents, is found in Forest Park in Portland, Oregon. Also in Oregon al View Point Inn The school dance was also set: the final scene of the film is famous, where Bella asks Edward to transform her. "Hold on tight little monkey", so Edward says to Bella, taking her on the shoulders ... the locations used for this famous scene were shot at Silver Falls State Park a Silverton, 26 miles east of Salem.

Charlie's house

The first place Bella goes to when she gets to Forks ... la Charlie's house it is actually located about 20km east of Vernonia, at 184 South 6th Street in Saint Helens. As the twiligheters will know every Thursday Charlie goes to the cafeteria... which was set at Carver Cafe a Damascus, 16471 SE Highway 224, between Portland and Oregon City.

La Push beach

But your visit to this small town isn't complete if you don't pop in La Push, in Quillayute Reserve, "the wettest beach in America". The name La Push derives from the French la bouche (the mouth) and describes the position of the city as positioned on the mouth of the river. Distinguishing reality from fiction in these places has become really difficult: in the road leading to the beach you can read in big letters "No vampires beyond this point". One of the attractions of La Push is theOcean Park Resort along James Beach.

Port Angels

Not very far from Forks is located Port Angels, another location of the saga, where the protagonists often go. The port area was initially called Puerto de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles (Port of Our Lady of the Angels), by the Spanish explorer Francisco de Eliza (in 1791), but since the mid-nineteenth century the name has been cut and partially Englishized . In addition to Bella Napoli pizzeria where Bella has dinner with her Edward for the first time (where the Twilight menu) among the places to visit there is the Olimpic Park.

Volterra and Montepulciano: where Twilight was filmed in Italy

In the second chapter of the saga, New Moon, some scenes are set in ours Italy. The trip to the beautiful country starts from Volterra, a place where the protagonists go to meet the Volturi. In reality however, the filming took place at Montepulciano, in Tuscany. The city boasts Etruscan origins. The places we see in the film? The narrow streets in the countryside of Montepulciano, il Temple of San Biagio, the Town Hall, where the meeting between Edward and the Volturi is set. The main scene of New Moon is set in Piazza Grande and it is precisely there that the famous one was built fountain, in wood and papier-mâché, 7 meters high. It is possible to take a tour of the city that retraces all the places mentioned. You can also stay in the hotel that hosted the protagonists of the film during the shooting.

Esme Island

We conclude our journey with the most romantic place ... Esme Island! This is where our Bella and Edward, after getting married, go in honeymoon. The scenes were actually shot on the warm beaches of the Brazil. A real paradise!

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