In the cave in Morocco, the oldest jewels in the world have been discovered

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Very ancient necklaces, bracelets and pendants: jewels dating back more than 150 thousand years have been found in Morocco. Not simple trinkets with which the ladies loved to adorn themselves, but real socio-cultural messages. We are near Essaouira, one of the most famous Moroccan seaside resorts, where a team of researchers made the sensational discovery.

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In Bizmoune cave thousands of years of ornamental objects were kept, those that today can be considered the oldest in the world. These "important" revelations have consecrated the Morocco as the ideal country for archaeologists and geologists, a real paradise that holds unexpected treasures, all to be brought to light.

In 2017 one of the oldest Homo sapiens in the world, dating back to about 315.000 years ago, was discovered in Jebel Irhoud, a few kilometers from Marrakesh; last year, researchers found fossils of a 66-million-year-old duck-billed dinosaur. On the other hand, the discovery of the Acheulean (fragments of the lower Paleolithic) is the oldest in North Africa, dating back to 1,3 million years ago, precisely in White House.

The millenary jewels in the Bizmoune cave

An archaeological campaign, the one conducted by the National Institute of Archaeological Sciences and Heritage of Morocco, which has given truly remarkable results: the treasure is composed of a thirty shells that the sea has carried for about fifty kilometers.

It is jewelry made with shells, perforated and dyed ocher with a reddish natural substance rich in iron oxide, which were certainly worn by women of the time. The most sensational thing is that these jewels are more than 150.000 years old, and are the oldest ornament ever discovered in the world.

A jewel that communicated the social status of the past

The scholars engaged in this research then highlighted the importance of the discovery from a historical and cultural point of view. The jewels found in the Bizmoune cave, in fact, were not only worn as a frivolous gesture, of pure vanity, but to communicate a status.

According to the researchers, wearing these jewels served to convey messages, probably in code, which revealed a certain social belonging, and relationships, even of an economic nature, with other distant groups.

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