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    In the Caribbean Sea there is the most populated island in the world

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    There are places in the world that amaze not only for their beauty, but also for the ways of life that the natives decide to adopt. And this is the case with Santa Cruz del Islet, an island located in the archipelago of San Bernardo - Caribbean Sea - off the coast of Colombia. It is the most populated area in the world.

    È as big as a football field, and is home to about 1.200 people: we are talking about Santa Cruz del Islote, an island entirely built by man and part of the territory of Cartagena de Indias. It is the most populated area in the world: the houses are built practically one above the other, the main streets are four and the neighborhoods ten. The population density per square kilometer is almost 105 thousand people. Families do not own cars or mopeds, but boats: and this is their only means of transport.

    The people who live in Santa Cruz del Islote have a very particular lifestyle. There is no electricity or drinking water on the island, and everyday life is marked and regulated by the rhythms of nature, not of man. The island is powered by a solar power plant, while as regards water there is a ship that - periodically - arrives in Santa Cruz del Islote for supply. And it is water that is the most precious and rare asset on the island which, in summer, runs into a real shortage of liquid due to drought.

    But what do the inhabitants of Santa Cruz del Islote live on? Mainly of tourism. Being a very isolated community, they clearly need external resources to survive. To make it attractive - also given the absence of beaches - the inhabitants of the island have invented a system to entertain people. They have created tanks where the patrons can bathe together with the marine animals that populate the Caribbean Sea. These include not only harmless turtles, but also sharks.

    The inhabitants of Santa Cruz del Islote are very careful to respect the environment. They keep the waters of the Caribbean Sea that surround the island clean and make sure there is no litter on their streets. In short, it will also be the most populated island in the world, but it is also the cleanest.

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