In Formentera the Save Posidonia Festival, from 12 to 15 October

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In Formentera the Save Posidonia Festival, to raise awareness and protect this precious marine plant

With the firm intention of saving and protecting one of the oldest marine plants on the planet, Posidonia Oceanica, Formentera celebrates the “Save Posidonia” Festival, which will be held between 12 and 15 October.

The event will host authorities from the world of aquatic sciences, round tables, conferences and about a hundred sporting, artistic and cultural activities aimed at all audiences. The Festival constitutes the pfinal point of the "Save Posidonia Project" initiative, a project that came to life this year and that presents itself as a pioneer for promote sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean, to make known the importance of Posidonia Oceanica and to raise funds dedicated to the conservation of this plant, of vital importance for future generations.

The "Posidonia Forum" will be held on 13 October, one of the main events of the Festival, in which the administrations, community authorities of the scientific, tourism and environmental sectors will offer debates regarding the future of tourism and the conservation of the island's environment.

As far as sports activities are concerned, a fun one will be held excursion along the perimeter of the island proposed in four modes and different stages: interesting will be the “Formentera Blue Experience”, where kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle surfing will be the protagonists. For the more "relaxed", instead, activities related to the world of meditation and yoga (Integral Yoga, Asthanga, Natha and Nidra, and Yoga in Paddle Surf). Most of the activities will take place in the Sant Francesc center, between the Plaza de la Constitució, the Avenida porto-Salé and the Jardí de Ses Eres, where the exhibition and the products of artists and artisans linked to Posidonia Oceanica.

Posidonia oceanica

Posidonia Oceanica is a marine plant, e not a seaweed as many mistakenly think: it has roots, stem, leaves, fruit and flowers. Form real "prairies" that reach from the surface 40 meters deep in crystal clear waters, such as those of Formentera.

It is a endemic species of the Mediterranean and, since 1999, the Pradera of the Natural Park of the Salinas of Ibiza and Formentera is World Heritage Site.

Posidonia represents one of the most important natural values ​​of the Mediterranean, because in addition to acting as a filter of sediments, giving these wonderful clear waters, which are now a distinctive feature of the Balearics, avoids the erosion of the beaches and helps to maintain the quality e oxygenation of the underwater ecosystem, where over 400 species of marine plants and 1000 of animals live and reproduce.

The extension of Posidonia Oceanica in the Balearics is about 55.795 hectares, 7.650 of which are located in Formentera.

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