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    In China, the largest ring in the world

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    The "Ring of Life" of Fushun

    Un anello of steel 157 meters high and weighing more than 3500 tons. Not everyone's dream woman, perhaps, but the latest news coming from China.

    The mega construction is located in Fushun, an industrial city in the Liaonig region about 800 km from Beijing, in the north-east of the Asian country, and was designed by the same architect as the "Oriental Pearl TV Tower" to Shanghai.

    The "Ring of Life" is as tall as a building of 50 Piani and houses more than 12.000 led lights to make it shine at night. The ring was born as a landscape element but the dizzying height has captured the attention of fans of bungee jumping.

    In theory the "Ring of Life"It would be too high to practice the" leap into the void "in complete safety, but for this work, which cost more than 12 million euros, where one cannot live or eat, one had to find a way to use it.

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