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Lluis Enric Mayans

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Each of us is born with a dream, with a deep-rooted desire. Each of us will struggle? all life to make the dream come true, and the most? lucky they will succeed.
I have always loved traveling, my parents took me to different places around the world, but a place had always represented the most dream for me. great; New York.
I started working at the age of 19 right after I graduated from high school, from that day on I started saving every penny to build this fantastic city trip. of cities.
Living alone, it took me a few years to set aside the necessary amount, and the satisfaction was very great.
The travel planning lasted? 11 months, do you start? everything from booking the flight in October, a turbo bazza (as we say in Bologna) of the SAS Air at 409? per person for Newark. MY!
The rest months of reading, research and comparison.
11/08/2014 the beginning of a great journey.

1 day

Day 11/8/2014; Guglielmo Marconi Airport in Bologna, Scandinavian Airlines flight with a 6-hour stopover in Copenhagen and then fly to New York.
Was it pitch dark when our plane flew over? Manhattan, a turn to the left and from our window I saw all the lights and began to distinguish the buildings of the big apple. My heart was pounding, it was like I was watching one of those aerial documentary shots. Sparkling and indescribable, here I cried for the first time with joy.

The document control does not? it was very long since 22 pm local time; the policeman did not? my stupid smile as I left my fingerprints and asked me how happy I was to be in New York, in short, was it just like that? evident!

To arrive comfortably at the hotel I had booked a shuttle service that arrives when the flight lands and leads directly to the hotel. With $ 16 per person a truly impeccable service that I highly recommend instead of the taxi, what? instead ap? pi? expensive.

On the way from the airport to the hotel, I stood with my nose pressed against the glass, peering up at the skyscrapers, and then crossing the bridge I saw her, Lady Liberty illuminated on her small island welcoming me. Crying number 2.

The Comfort Inn Manhattan hotel was in a very convenient location, as the building was only one block from the Empire State Building and 4 blocks from Times Square.
With the shuttle in 30 minutes we arrived at the hotel.
It was 23.30pm when I put my suitcase in the room, sleep was completely absent from my body even though I had been around for 15 hours.
What? I left the room and plunged into the streets of New York, the lights led me to the colorful Times Square still crowded with so many people of different ethnic backgrounds. Sitting on the red stairs of the square I remained there? a few tens of minutes in ecstasy, realizing for the first time in all my travels that I feel at home.

2 day

Did the alarm go off? at 8, but I was already? wake up from ap? with my heart still in fibrillation, sitting on the windowsill to observe the traffic and the view in front of me.
When a place kidnaps me so much do I even forget to eat, that morning in the rush to go out to explore the city? I forgot about breakfast at the hotel, just walking down 5th Avenue did I remember, so? I stopped in one of those bars with Grease-style leather seats and bought my first American Donuts and coffee. to take away, like a real American!
As a first day I decided to go all the way down 5th Ave to Central Park, visit the zoo, watch the famous sea lion show and get lost in the park.
The zoo really deserves to be seen, the show certainly satisfies young and old alike.
Before diving into Central Park, bring a map, there are several kiosks that sell them for 1 dollar and are well detailed. Not ? sure to miss the famous statue of Balto, Alice in Wonderland and if you are really romantic also a rowing boat ride in the lake pi? small.
Also interesting are some stories about buildings overlooking the park, such as San Remo;
The San Remo in New York? one of the most? known thanks to the famous people who live there or have lived there such as:
Dustin Hoffman, Madonna, Bono Vox, Steven Spielberg, Denzel Washington, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Tiger Woods.
So if you want to groped to see some famous person I suggest you to post there? below, maybe you will have luck.

A sudden thunderstorm in the afternoon forces me to take shelter inside the Metropolitan museum where I get lost among the finds of ancient Egypt until closing time.
I bought the ticket with the New York City Pass which offers all museums and major attractions in NY at a discount of 20%.

3 day

Rainy day that upsets ap? my plans and ap? my mood, I stubbornly head on foot under the flood to the Flatyron Building, but I get soup and I'm convinced that? the right day to visit the Natural History Museum. Line up with the NY City Pass ticket? ap? pi? short and we launch into the exploration of the various rooms without even a map or brochure. It's all well explained and it really feels like being in the movie Night at the Museum. The research pi? exhausting? was that of the very famous T-rex. What remains for me the most? spectacular of the whole museum. Getting physically lost and losing track of time at the natural history museum? very easy, cos? it is 5 in the afternoon and I realize that it has already? stopped raining for hours, what the sky? blue, clean ... ideal for the Hudson River sunset cruise, also one of the attractions included in the City Pass.
Divine experience, 2 hours of navigation on the river, passing through Battery Park, under the Brooklyn Bridge and then returning back when the sun has set, passing under the statue of liberty. at the time the sightseeing is over. The sky was purple, the island empty and Lady L. majestically gazing over the city.
Cry # 3. It was like experiencing the scene of Rose arriving in New York after the sinking of the Titanic.
After the navigation we head towards Times Square on foot, observing the shops, the New Yorkers returning home from work, the children playing in the closed streets, every detail? charming in New York.
Dinner in Times Square, a very greasy and very juicy hamburger sitting on the staircase, while I observe the city? that never stops.

4 day

Returning from 37 km traveled on foot the day before waking up? very slow, it becomes necessary to take the Hop ON Off tourist bus! 68 dollars per person for 3 days. Manhattan, Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. All reachable with the same ticket.
A word of advice, the journeys are very beautiful, but also long. It doesn't seem like it, but when you venture into New York traffic at any time, c '? some traffic jam.
Today we walk and discover Uptown, the part of Central Park with the big lake, the Dakota Building, Harlem where gospel masses are held and the Lincon center.
Central Park. Open from 6am to am.
Personally, the neighborhood that fascinated me least and in fact I only spent half a day there, and then returned hungry for sweets to midtown stopping at Magnolia Bakery to enjoy a red velvet dessert.
Do not miss Rockefeller Center, the lego store, and the terrace of the skyscraper included in the NY Pass, from which you can enjoy a unique view of Central Park. The noise of the city? ? strong even up here, but the view? more ?! We spend the sunset here, browsing through the skyscrapers with binoculars.

5 day

By bus we discover Midtown better, stopping at various points;
Fao Schwarz seen at the opening! It strikes the hour X, 10 am. Two men dressed as Russian guards opened the huge double door, along the red carpet that runs through the main corridor the staff arranged in order smiled welcoming us with a warm welcome wishing us the? Good Morning? best ever.

5th Avenue carefully visited, here I found the Xmas shop, a shop where I spent more? $ 100 in beautiful American Christmas decorations.
Grand Central Terminal, so? fascinating, cos? imposing, with this green ceiling what? a true work of art. Here I stay to take a few photos, the frantic commuters are fascinating and they walk neatly through the large atrium despite the rush.
Chrysler Building? one of the most? beautiful of the metropolis, not? possible to climb it, you will have to settle only for the atrium.
UN building.
New York Public Library. Opening hours: from 10 to 18; here they shot the film "The day after Tomorrow", the library? fascinating just as I imagined from the film, taken by enthusiasm I stayed here for over 3 hours, I think I also got lost in a hall full of shelves of rare historical books.
I could not more? to get out, this bookcase, its stairs, the old wooden telephone boxes, create addiction.
St Patrick? S Cathedral, at the time of my visit was undergoing full restoration and I could only admire its beauty from the inside.

6 day

Statue of liberty we arrive. In the NY pass? including a visit to the Island of the Statue of Liberty? and Ellis Island, where immigrants arrived and where they underwent the first medical checks.
Attention, to climb into the crown of the statue you need a separate ticket and it is better to buy it online a few weeks before the visit. Admissions are limited every day.
After changing the City Pass ticket we head to the strict police control before taking the ferry to Staten Island, the backpacks are checked with extreme care by the staff, but how do I check? rather smooth given the quantity? of scanners present.
The island on which Lady L. is located can be visited quickly and after taking souvenir photos and buying the classic souvenirs, here you can? go into a visit more? cultural. The immigration museum.
The aspiring immigrants arrived here at the end of the 800th century, were subjected to medical and bureaucratic checks, logical and cultural tests. All this is excellently explained in detail in every room of the museum.
The most? Interesting? Archives of immigrants who entered NY regularly? available to everyone! There? a special room with a dozen PCs where you can consult the archives and who knows, maybe find some distant expatriate relative!
Very beautifull.
Let's get out of here what now? dinner time, hungry like emigrants, we take refuge in the kitchen of the delicious TGisFriday, where we end the day with hamburgers full of ceddar and sauces and fried pork ribs.

7 day

Today Washington, guided tour in your language booked from home.
A 4-hour drive from New York is the capital of the USA,
a city? completely different for those leaving from NY.
Washington? a large well-kept garden, light colored, neat and clean.
If you had to think of a soundtrack for this city? I would choose a great classic played on the piano, something relaxing, but at the same time of great class.
From the highway there? which one sees first? the great obelisk and immediately after the Pentagon, a very large building near the Arlington Cemetery in Virginia.

The one-day city tour begins under a blue sky on a mid-morning. August.
The tourist / historical part? concentrated in a single point, it starts with a 1 km walk along the path that shows all the names of the fallen in the Vietnam War, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
It is a huge granite memorial to soldiers who fell in the war.
The wall ? also called? the Wall? and? done in a V shape with one side facing the Lincon Monument and the other side facing the Washington Monument.
Not far away there are three statues of soldiers who look at the wall of all the fallen.

In an adjacent park we find another memorial, this one in memory of the war in Korea.
There are 19 statues of soldiers reflected in a granite wall built alongside them.
The expressions on their faces seem real and exude fatigue, sadness and fear why? ? the representation of a moment of the war.

There? what more? you hit me ? the deep respect that all tourists show for this place.
You never hear a soul speak, people walk silently along the V-shaped path that guides tourists between the statues and the granite wall
depicting other soldiers who lost their lives in this battle.

Once out of here, the guide gives us 30 minutes of freedom, just right to see President Lincon sitting on the desk (as we say in Bologna ?) and take a quick walk towards the obelisk.
Inside the Lincon Monument? difficult to move, groups of tourists with the guide piled up here, do-it-yourself tourists intent on taking selfies with a stick.

Definitely less traffic towards the obelisk, probably thanks to the sun peaking overhead at 12:00 on this beautiful August day.
Here? Was the famous Forrest Gump scene shot here? Captain America II and many other noteworthy films were shot.

In the afternoon we moved to the museum of air and space, inside which I caught a terrible cold, Americans are crazy with air conditioning!
We went into every possible plane, observed the smaller rooms. important, but unfortunately there was no time to see everything.
At the entrance you will find a black totem, inside well protected c ?? a moonstone, tourists can touch a part of it and it is said to bring good luck.
Also interesting is the whole part of the drones, of the spacecraft; for the hurry we turned the museum upside down, while instead I recommend starting from Leonardo's flight models and then from there follow the path in order, then seeing the first rudimentary planes to move on to the pi? sophisticated and then to space travel.

Another stop: the white house.
The driver unloads us on the street, near a small park that leads to the pedestrian street along which you can? see the home of the president of the United States.
The pedestrian street was full of people that day, many dressed as military, then women with veils, there was some protest going on, but this
as the guide explained, it happens almost every day.
Here we met a lady of now 60 who has lived in front of the presidential house for 30 years and protests ap? against everything.
They have made a law in the past years that prohibits bivouacking here, but don't they? retroactive then she can? stay and no one can? send her away.
The House ? was ap? disappointing, I me there? I was expecting as big as anything American. Do Americans make everything big, sandwiches, houses, cars etc? And save on the presidential house?
Instead? pi? big is the house of the vice president, his garden neighbor with a mega gray 4-storey house.
The White House? modest, with a simple and well-kept garden and on the roof there are butlers with guns.

The last stop of the tour took us to the wax museum, I would have gladly spared it since? I didn't really want to see all the American Presidents.
Towards the end c ?? some American celebrity wax and I must say that in the end I enjoyed it, why? my boyfriend had never seen this museum so it was pretty
bewildered by these statues that look really real!

We also passed under the FBI headquarters.

Curiosity ?:
no construction can? be more? high of the Washington Monument.

8 day

I wanted to visit the pastry shop of Boss of Cakes Valastro in New Jersey, I had found the train that in 30 minutes led to a few steps from the pastry shop.
That morning I hailed the cab at Sex and the City's Carrie on the street, and managed to stumble upon an abusive taxi driven by a drunken chatterbox. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, looking out the window I realized that at least the direction was right and when did the taxi stop? he asked me an obviously disproportionate sum for the road made I decided to hand over my 30 dollars without batting an eye, my life was certainly worth more?!: D
After having lived this crazy experience I unfortunately find the station closed for construction that day. Bad luck?
Once a program went upstream I immediately build a new one, and since I was a few blocks from the 9/11 Memorial I decided to spend my day here; between the fountains in memory of the twin towers and the museum of the September 11 2001 attack.
Being early in the morning we are among the first visitors to the museum, which develops entirely underground, where remains of the foundations of the Twin Towers still remain as bent beams from the collapse of the structure.
Fire truck, clothing, shattered eyeglasses. And then unpublished videos, all the extraordinary editions of the news. A touching museum, where time stands still, hours are spent here observing the remains of that tragic day.
The fountains outside are also very beautiful, with the names of all the victims indicated above. A respectful silence surrounds this whole area, one of the most? quiet of NY I think.

I leave the silence of this place behind and head towards Wall Street and Little Italy.
Do you really hear the sound of money on Wall Street? a feeling that better than that? can't describe it, you'll have to try it too.
Little Italy, on the other hand, disappointed me, only restaurants with the words "Mozzarella di Bufala", Milan, Rome. Nothing distinctive and certainly much reduced. I also tried to eat something of ours for lunch, I must say that the quality? it was great!

9 day

Today, last day of the Bus, we discover Brooklyn by staying on board, then stopping at the Dumbo, acronym for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, in this neighborhood not to be missed the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge Park and Jane's Carousel.
This is where I decide to spend the last day. I spend a couple of hours on the Brooklyn Bridge taking pictures, imprinting every detail in my mind.
Then I head to the park, I am delighted to see the ancient carousel in operation which has one of the most beautiful skylines in the background? beautiful in the world.
I sit on a bench drinking a lemonade from one of the typical kiosks and observe the river, the skyscrapers, their windows, the traffic of New York. far away, it seems almost a muffled noise in the distance, like a background hum.
At sunset, here I am, in line to go up to the terrace of the Empire State Building, a visit that I had for the last night here. To see NY from above once again.
Here the line? definitely more? long that at Top Of the Rock, we wait two hours standing, along the path that leads to the very fast elevator there are totems that illustrate how this skyscraper is eco-sustainable. The elevator travels 80 floors in seconds, I almost feel crushed! Outdoor terrace entirely protected by a metal mesh, many people, difficult to find a corner where to look out. But I am a patient girl, I wait and meanwhile I look away, take some pictures. What a heavenly vision!
NY? cos? that will remind you ?.

10 day

Last hours here, will the shuttle arrive? in 5 hours. I'm in a bad mood.
I'm a little lion in a cage, do I up and down? frantically through the streets of NY, I go back to the public library, and then in Central Park, I see the smoking manholes, the carriages pulled by white horses, I retrace the 5th Ave, I drink the last coffee? American, I eat two hot dogs, I buy the latest souvenirs. A visit to Bubba Gamp, some souvenirs here too, a quick tour of the Times Square toy store between lego and barbie.
Last lunch at the famous shake shack where you can eat some of the best burgers in the city.
Click the time x,? time to leave. Crying number 4, 5, 6 ...
Certainly this? goodbye.

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