Ibiza and Formentera for an off-season birthday

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A year ago, just in these days, I was returning from an off-season trip between Ibiza and Formentera, done in the company of my cousin, to celebrate her thirtieth birthday.
Thirty years? a nice goal. Was she no longer? in the skin and, I don't know why, but he chose me as his travel companion (or rather scarifical victim). Could I have pulled me back? After all, thirty years come only once in a lifetime and mine had gone almost unnoticed on a rainy mid-Milanese day? October. So it was time to recover and luckily my cousin is having her birthday in May, so it was decided: we were leaving to celebrate. Yes but where? We only had a few days why? my cousin is a teacher, so she can't? take days off when you like. Always luckily (my cousin - the teacher - is really a lucky person)? born on May 4th, cos? between the bridge and the weekend we managed to snatch five free days in a row.
Starting from Bari, where can you? to go for five days? South America: too far. London: no, why? the teacher wanted a warm place. North Africa: already? been. Canary: a mess to get there and then I have turned them already? all.
Plan B: let's see which flights depart from Bari: mh, nothing convinced us. In the end, the light bulb yes? lit on Ibiza and Formentera with flight Bari-Rome / Rome-Ibiza and then ferry to Formentera. The adventure was about to begin and the fun was guaranteed.
Departure at dawn and the teacher arrives to pick me up from home to go to the airport with trolley, handbag and a stray hair straightener. Oops, didn't we take hold luggage and our first flight? with Easy Jet ... luckily (when someone is? lucky? lucky) I don't dry my hair or even comb it, imagine if I pass the straightener, then, I'm a professional to pack my bags and so I found a place for his extra stuff in my trolley. Not happy, the teacher went shopping along the way and in the end yes? presented on boarding for Ibiza with trolley, bag, a beauty case containing make-up, a copy of glamor and a coke. Don't ask me how it was possible, but the year passed like this. I swear! Sar? was his usual stroke of luck.
Finally we land in Ibiza and reached the hotel we can put on our flip flops and enjoy the holiday.

1 day

Once in Ibiza we immediately reached our hotel with a public bus. The airport is a few kilometers from the center and in a few minutes yes? right into the city, even if you don't take a taxi.
We chose the Hotel Marigna, a very cozy little hotel right on the Figueretes beach. The Marigna enjoys a strategic position not only a stone's throw from the nearest beaches. beautiful in the city? of Ibiza, but also from the historic center.
Just the time to leave our luggage in the room, put on a shorts (obviously I borrowed a pair from my cousin who had brought more stuff than me) and we set out to discover this wonderful island, starting from beach and arriving in the city? ancient.
Quite tired from the journey, but super charged we ended our first evening in a very nice little restaurant with a beautiful internal garden, but unfortunately we waited an eternity. before being served and we didn't even eat too well ... it happens!

2 day

Wake up early, but not very early, breakfast, costume and off to the playa de'n Bossa and the natural park of Ses Salines. A true paradise, where in May you can? sunbathe undisturbed in the quiet of a pristine beach.
Here between the park, the salt pans and the beach you can spend the whole day.

3 day

Departure for Formentera! We take the first ferry from the port of Ibiza to nearby Formentera. Here too we have chosen an accommodation the most? possible strategic that would allow us to be close to the beach, but not too far from a busy area, so? we decided to stay in Es Pujol in the Tahiti hotel apartments.
Once we settled in the hotel we beached for the rest of the day, until sunset with an aperitif on the beach, which in Formentera, you know,? a must.

4 day

Today we celebrate! We rented a moped and off we went far and wide to discover the most? hidden places of Formentera. We blew out the candles in a fish restaurant on the beach of Es Pujol, by candlelight.

5 day

We go back home. Departure from Formentera to Ibiza, where our return flight to Rome and then Bari awaits us.
See you next adventure!

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