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Since I was a child I have visited many places with my parents: my paternal family? originally from Amatrice (RI), unfortunately today destroyed, but I remember well how after a month of vacation with my grandmother, then mom and dad arrived? to start the holidays together. Sometimes in a camper, sometimes on a camping trip. One summer we were in the Gargano, in Puglia, I went to middle school I was a girl. We were in a campsite in Peschici: on a small beach from which you could see the white village perched. My boyfriend today? originally from the Gargano so we have many opportunities to return, even to that small beach of Peschici. In this travelogue I will take you? with me between the beaches and the villages of the Gargano.

1 day

Peschici & Vieste

One of the most? known? Peschici:? a delightful village, made of white houses with flowered balconies, sea view terraces and restaurants full of flavors. The part that I like the most? ? that of the historic center: made of narrow streets with cobblestones so smooth that sometimes they slip, white houses that even in the evening when they are illuminated stand out even more.

The Gargano has not only Peschici, but proceeding south for about twenty kilometers you get to Vieste:? its ancient part is very beautiful, well kept and all uphill. In all these historic centers there are shops with typical products, food and not, rather tourist for? in my opinion they also give that something extra? that makes the village enchanted, put colors, simplicity in the square? and joy!

2 day

Vico del Gargano

Taking back the coast road you can? going back and moving from the sea the obligatory stop? Vico del Gargano. It is one of the most? beautiful of Italy and its historic center? as in origin: here too narrow streets that hide oil mills, you walk on the ancient walls and you can see dreamy sunsets.
The ancient part? divided into districts, there are no shops in this part of the town and an atmosphere of immobility is perceived. Abound for? wineries and restaurants: I point out here L'Orto del Conte, one of my favorite places in Vico, you eat outdoors among olive trees, hearty dishes accompanied by fresh wines all locally produced.

3 day

Sea life!
Rodi Garganico and San Menaio

Of the Gargano I really like its small bays more? hidden or not, from which you can see the villages perched on the promontory, all white, a nice effect with the sun! Also behind you c '? a lot of green, the Umbra forest which too often is destroyed by fires.
There? a magnificent walk that allows you to admire all this: it goes from the beach of San Menaio to Rodi Garganico. There are about 6 km of pavement that runs along the beach: you have the sea on the right, the forest on the left and Rhodes in front of you. Several times I have run this route, to keep training, and every time my body and mind give thanks. For those who are less inclined to move, are there also benches along the way and the beach? both free and equipped.
From the Gargano you can? leave by ship for the Tremiti Islands: tickets can be bought online, a bit expensive but the tranquility? and the nature you will find will pay off.

4 day

On the beach and at the table!

The last day ? strictly dedicated to the sea: that they are in the most? notes or in the small coves, relax on these beaches! Excursions by boat are very beautiful: both to simply go offshore and to see small bays and rocks overlooking the sea.
But when is it? in Gargano put your heart in peace in the case of a diet why? ? impossible to resist the tables full of fish, vegetables, pickles, sweets, olives, oil, cheeses, taralli, wine ... The list? long! As grandma used to say, "S? De cuore bona" ​​so I have to taste it! The kitchens of the mothers, of the aunts, are always the best and there is no arguing about this, but moving to this part of Puglia we found various restaurants where it is worth stopping.
The place I love the most, where we go every time, whether it's for dinner or for an aperitif,? the Trabucco da Mim ?: the trebuchets are ancient fishing boats, today made more? welcoming and become restaurants. I like this one in particular: they catch fish in front of your eyes with nets and then cook it immediately. Needless to say, the flavors are exceptional and expectations don't matter here: the view and the dish that will arrive? they will make you happy! Specifically, here? incredible time of sunset ...

In short, I like the Gargano, I love its colors and hospitality, so are smiles? like warm greetings and hugs. It is what you find every time when you return. Places where time seems to stand still, where everyday life? not ? frenetic, relive simple aspects that touch you deeply and make you stay, and come home, with a smile.

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