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Traveling is an experience that allows you to enrich their wealth of knowledge and awareness, allowing us to come into contact with different cultures and ways of life. The further a traveler goes, the more he is forced to leave his comfort zone and the more he learns about himself and the world around him. Traveling is without a doubt one of the pleasures of life: the best way to relive the pleasant experience of a trip, a long tour in a European city and yet a trip to the other side of the world is to fill in a travel diary. One of the most common types of diary is the travel diary. By keeping it updated, in fact, it is possible to print on paper (or on the most modern devices) all the new experiences and knowledge acquired during the exploration of a new place on Earth.


  1. What is a travel diary?
  2. why write a story or diary?
  3. How to write it: Here are 10 tips
  4. Online Travel Diary? Here are some alternatives
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What is a travel diary?

The travel diary is a "place" where it is possible write down everything you remember of their travels and the teachings to treasure. It's about a collection of adventures, stories, memories and discoveries. No matter the destination, the diary follows the traveler in every move and is there to collect every little confidence, from the joy of arrival to the sadness of return, up to the most profound reflections. Before the birth of modern technologies, the travel diary was a notebook, a white book, a notebook, sheets subsequently bound. To date, however, there are countless possibilities to collect our thoughts, from virtual documents saved locally or on the cloud, to various applications for tablets and smartphones, to blogs and online travel diaries.

why write a story or diary?

There are many positive sides that writing a travel diary can involve, in this guide we mention some of the most important. First of all the diary helps us to remember: by writing down the things we want to do or see before leaving, and those that we have actually achieved, we will not forget either the reasons that pushed us towards that goal or everything we experienced. The travel diary also allows us to imprint everything new that we have learned: the culture of a new place, the customs and way of life of the people. Finally, take some time to write there it will help to reflect on new discoveries, perhaps rereading the same pages after some time.

How to write it: Here are 10 tips

  1. Use the first person
    The protagonist of your travel diary is you and it is right that the emotions experienced in first person are expressed and told. Tell and share with - possible - readers your personal story: remember that you are not writing a report or planning a documentary, you are recording a slice of life! Be yourself!

  2. Record some unique anecdotes in your diary
    Being extremely personal, the diary collects experiences that affect us rather than others. Try to let what strikes you most from your words! This way your story will be unique!

  3. Create a good balance between information and emotions
    You can be precise enough while expressing the emotions you want to convey.

  4. Think about who the diary is for
    Is it just for yourself or will you have friends and family read it, or do you intend to publish it on the web? The answers to these questions may influence some information you may or may not want to include in the story. The tone of the narrative and the style of writing will also influence your choices.

  5. Use a pattern
    Try to refer to a scheme, outlining each step and each stage, including travel by air or by land, places visited, etc. We recommend that you have an already divided agenda.

  6. Take a moment to write during the trip
    Is your trip made up of many trips and you have little time to take notes in real time? Try to set aside a moment of the day for writing, perhaps at the end of the day, when you can relax for a few moments.

  7. Keep the testimonials
    Keep entrance tickets or transportation tickets, brochures or flyers. They are precious testimonies of your experience, full of useful information for your story!

  8. Write daily
    Each contribution to the travel diary does not have to be long and brilliant, but it must be daily. Write every day, even if only small details, every little thing is useful to remember! If you don't write for a few days, you risk losing the habit and frustrating your initial efforts. The result? An incomplete and therefore useless diary.

  9. Use dialogue and direct speech
    Report the funniest and most particular conversations without forgetting even a comma!

  10. Send gratitude
    Make your journal show your gratitude for what you have experienced and learned.

Online Travel Diary? Here are some alternatives

If you want your travel experiences to be viewed, read, compared and appreciated by other users, you can think of creating a online travel diary. There are several platforms created specifically to allow anyone, even those who are not computer and web experts, to easily create and manage a virtual travelogue. The choice between blog (or online diary) and paper version is subjective and depends on your way of traveling. WordPress is an example of a platform for creating a blog where you can collect your travel journals online.

You know that too on ForTravelAdviceLovers is there a section dedicated to travel diaries? At the link you can read numerous experiences of many types of travelers and add yours for free!

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