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    How to visit Venice in one day: 10 things to do absolutely

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    Venice is one of those cities that must be visited at least once in a lifetime! Inimitable and unique, it manages to make every tourist fall in love. The city represents one of the most important historical and cultural sites in the world! Each corner is a discovery, for this reason it is impossible to enclose the visit of Venice in one day! One of the most suggestive activities to do is certainly the gondola ride on the Grand Canal which offers an unforgettable experience and an enchanting overview of this crazy lagoon city.
    Here 10 things to do and see absolutely during your daily visit to Venice.


    1. Tips for visiting Venice in just one day
    2. 10 things to do absolutely
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    Tips for visiting Venice in just one day

    The variable most linked to tourism in Venice is the weather, so it is essential be equipped for any eventuality, regardless of the season! Keep in mind that the weather in Venice can change quickly, and it is best not to be surprised by the rain: it is always better to have an umbrella or a k-way with you, as well as to wear comfortable and well-tested shoes (more info on when to go to Venice).

    To save time it is good set specific goals e decide on an itinerary that makes use of the calle less submerged by the tourist flow: in confined areas often remain bottled and form long queues.
    Do beware of illegal gondoliers, if you want to try a gondola ride, rely on private tours that often have competitive prices, and if you want to save further there are also shared gondola rides.
    It is known that eating in Venice tends to be quite expensive: in addition to the various fast food available, to eat cheaply and in a short time recommended to resort to taverns or restaurants offering typical dishes, where you can get by with about € 15,00 per person, a visit to the Rialto fish market is not to be missed.

    10 things to do absolutely

    But let's get to the point: Venice is so beautiful and rich in culture, tourism and even fun that choosing what to see and do, especially if you have a few hours available, can be really difficult. So here is a possible list for you:

    1. Visit the Doge's Palace: building characterized by arches and pillars that you meet as soon as you arrive in Piazza San Marco. Book skip-the-line admission to avoid the long lines that usually come in - find out more
    2. Visit the Piazza San Marco and the Basilica: heart and symbol of the city, it deserves to be visited with a guided tour. To avoid the queue at the entrance to the basilica, book priority access, if you want to save time (and money) book the combined priority tour of the Basilica and the Doge's Palace.
    3. Build your own Venetian mask: in a fantastic workshop you can follow a seminar and create your own Venetian mask, and thus be able to discover making techniques and take home a unique and personalized souvenir.
    4. Bacaro Tour: during your visit do not forget to treat yourself to an "itinerant" aperitif to discover the best Bacari (typical places).
    5. Take a tour on the Grand Canal: frequent boat tours depart from the train station. If you want to save money, we recommend the tour with audio guide, cheap and fast. To live a folkloristic experience, the one with the gondolier who serenades is the best!
    6. Visit the Accademia Gallery: whether you are passionate about art or not, such a rich museum deserves to be visited, if only to see Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. With a private guide you will better appreciate the main works, their stories, anecdotes.
    7. Photographing the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge: they are the most famous and photographed bridges in Venice. Impossible to go home without a selfie here.
    8. Visit the Basilica of Saints John and Paul: one of the most beautiful medieval buildings in Venice, one cannot help but be struck by its majesty. Here are the tombs of the doges and many famous Venetian people.
    9. Panoramic view from Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo: the view over the rooftops of the city from the top of the famous spiral staircase of this building is unmissable. Admission is limited so we advise you to book it online.
    10. Take a tour of Murano-Burano-Torcello: the three islands can be visited independently practically for free (paying only the cost of the vaporetti that reach them), however to better appreciate their history and secrets, opt for a guided boat excursion.
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