How to Travel Free ... or almost!

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You have the passion for travel but do you have a budget tending to zero and you don't know how to do it?
First of all, get out of your mind that traveling necessarily takes a lot of money. Now you just have to take notes because I reveal three ways to go to a dream beach or a fascinating city of art without spending exorbitant amounts! Here 3 ways to travel for free ... or almost!


  1. Home Exchange: home exchange with other travelers
  2. House Sitter: house keeper on vacation
  3. Couchsurfing: pure adventure
  4. User questions and comments

1 - Home Exchange: home exchange with other travelers

We could say that it is a fair trade way of traveling; in fact it is make your home available to travelers of Italian or foreign nationality in exchange for their home. A way to enjoy your vacation and meeting different people.
In this way it may seem like a gamble ... but I guarantee that it is now an established reality all over the world! There are serious agencies with decades of experience that will help you find the most suitable accommodation for you and above all they will ensure that the people who "vacation" in your home are decent people.
Those who have had this experience argue that it is not only a way to significantly reduce the costs of a trip, but it enriches you as a person because it puts you in contact with people from all over the world with whom you can also have lasting relationships.
Some trusted sites for home exchange? Here are 3:


2 - House Sitter: house keeper on vacation

The second method, equally famous, is that of become the keeper of someone else's house. Those who leave home for the holiday period are always faced with the task of finding a place for their pets and someone to take care of the plants, not to mention the anxiety of "abandoned house". With the system House Sitter the problem is solved.
The House Sitter can be free, thus giving you the option to stay in the house while taking care of the house, or paid. Either way it's a great way to get accommodation in a destination of your choice.
How to become a House Sitter? Here are the top three sites:


3 - Couchsurfing: pure adventure

Are you young and the aspect you love most about traveling is meeting people?
llora the Couchsurfing is what you need!
Just go to and register. Indicate your personal data, the city of residence and the availability (not mandatory) to host children at home.

And voila! Each registered person will have their own profile and will be part of the community. In the profile you can indicate your interests and information about your recent trips.
The more information you give, the easier it will be with which you will find young people similar to you.
When you are thinking about a trip, you just need to look for people close to ask for hospitality. The service is totally free, but it doesn't hurt to bring your hosts a nice local product :)

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