How to survive a long plane flight: Here are 10 tips!

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We talked a while ago about longer air travel, where passengers can also spend a whole day on board. Traveling is always a pleasure, but spending time in a kind of metal tube for so many hours is not exactly the best of fun, also because it can happen to meet seat neighbors who are not exactly polite, perfumed or nice. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a business class ticket, your journey will surely be much more comfortable, even if the many hours of flying still have to pass. For those who are "forced" to have to spend many hours in the economy, here are some tips they can make the long journey by plane is less heavy and more comfortable.


  1. Prepare your entertainment
  2. Make your travel comfortable
  3. Accommodation
  4. Be careful what you eat and drink
  5. Hygiene and cleanliness
  6. Avoid caffeine
  7. Do some exercise
  8. Choose a window seat
  9. Prefer a seat on the wings of the aircraft
  10. Avoid alcoholic beverages
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Prepare your entertainment

Make sure everyone your electronic devices are charged before leaving. Download movies or episodes of your favorite TV series that you can watch on your PC or tablet to take up a few hours. do the supply of magazines and books, both printed and uploaded to your e-reader. Get comfortable headphones or earphones with which you can not only follow movies or episodes but also relax with music.

2 - Make your trip comfortable

Choose super comfortable clothing before embarking. You can opt for leggings or sweatpants, short or long sleeved cotton t-shirts, a soft sweatshirt or a warm sweater, and compression socks. The secret, as always, is to to dress in layers. If your feet tend to get cold, bring yourself a pair of warm socks, maybe cashmere. A loose scarf can also make a great blanket.

3 - Sleeping

If you intend to spend a few hours sleeping, sip a chamomile tea and get an eye mask, as well as one of those super comfy ones travel pillows. Usually the airlines themselves provide them, you can use both this and your staff to settle down even better.

4 - Be careful what you eat and drink

Choose to take with you the largest bottle of water available for purchase as soon as you pass security checks. Try to avoid heavy foods, sitting for many hours certainly does not help digest and dispose of calories, so you risk feeling weighted throughout the flight. The best option is to request a vegetarian meal on board. Also equipped with some snacks, preferably fresh fruit.

5 - Hygiene and cleanliness

Airplanes are incubators for viruses and bacteria, so it's better to prevent! Bring some disinfectant wipes and make a good pass to the objects closest to you, such as the belt, the elbow rest, the table, the window curtain.

6 - Avoid caffeine

Although, especially for us Italians, coffee is considered a great way to take a break, it's better avoid caffeinated drinks during a long plane flight. This substance, in fact, will make you unnaturally alert, increase your thirst and promote your nervousness.

7 - Do some exercises

Some airlines like Qantas and Virgin even suggest exercises to be done directly at your seat, to be done for three or four minutes every hour.

These exercises include lifting the feet off the ground a few centimeters and rotating them in circles, keeping the heels on the ground and pointing the toes down by lifting the back and vice versa, rotating the shoulders back and forth.

8 - Choose a window seat

Un window seat not only does it offer you the possibility of having a wall available to lean on, but it will save you the trouble of passing the drinks trolley. You will also only need to get up when you have to use the bathroom.

9 - You prefer a seat on the wings of the aircraft

Some experts argue that the seats near the wings of the plane they are less affected by turbulence, since they are close to the aircraft's center of gravity.

10 - Avoid alcoholic beverages

If you think drinking alcohol can help you fall asleep on the fly, you are making a big mistake! Alcoholic beverages only make the situation worse. Drinking alcohol can also lead you to have nausea problems and it can make you sick for the duration of the flight. A hellish scenario!

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