How to sleep well on the plane? Here is the guide!

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Anyone of us who has traveled at least once by plane knows it well: sleeping at high altitudes is not easy. Effects ofaltitude on the body, background noises, let's also put some emotion of being so high make it difficult to fall asleep when in flight. But all is not lost, indeed, there are those who even manage to snore! Here's one for you practical guide to sleep peacefully during an airplane trip.


  1. The Kit to sleep well: Pillow, Mask and Caps
  2. The best positions to rest
  3. Sleeping pills, drugs and pills: is it worth taking a "little help"?
  4. 10 tips and tricks
  5. User questions and comments

The Kit to sleep well: Pillow, Mask and Caps

The essential kit for the good sleeper on the plane consists of a pillow, mask and caps. We recommend a soft and comfortable pillow, which does not give you a stiff neck. Alla Decathlon They are inflatable cushions in comfort version at the cost of € 9,99. If you need a cervical pillow, on some medical solution sites such as Doctor Point models are on sale at a cost of around € 40. Regarding the mask, many airlines make it available for free, or on andAir there are anti light masks for sale in € 10. And finally here we are at pin, very useful for reducing background noises: the best choice falls on soft silicone plugs. Online, such as on WiggleSport, you will find kits starting from€ 2.

The best positions to rest

Among the best positions to sleep on the plane, the classic one certainly stands out seat with elongated legs e cover. The seats are generally adjustable: try until you have found the best position for you, or if in doubt ask the hostesses. Seats with i better seats and fully recliningi are usually found only in first class; if you do not have the possibility to access it, to stay at least a little quieter choose one place away from emergency exits and bathrooms.

Sleeping pills, drugs and pills: is it worth taking a "little help"?

There are those who do not get on the plane if they do not have pills, drops or sleeping pills of any kind with them. The important is be sure that any drugs have no contraindications on our body: to be safe, try them out well in advance when you are at home. Alternatively we suggest theuse of natural drops, such as those based on chamomile, valerian and lemon balm. Another thing we would like to recommend is use drops and sedatives only for long trips. Instead, try to relax with a good book or a chat with your companion.

10 tips and tricks

And now here are 10 tips and tricks for sleeping well on the plane.

  1. Avoid loud music in your ears: if you like music and want to fall asleep, opt for a soft, low volume type of melody that promotes sleep.
  2. Avoid using electronic devices: smartphones, tablets and computers keep the mind and eyes too awake and ward off sleep.
  3. Sit by the window: in order not to risk being woken by those passing in the corridor, we recommend a window seat.
  4. Small hand luggage: a bag with personal items that is too large risks having to be placed under your seat. This could be very uncomfortable for your legs.
  5. Avoid coffee and excitement: it would be a good idea to avoid taking coffee and other stimulants (coca cola, the etc) starting at least 3 days before the plane trip.
  6. Dress appropriately: If possible, avoid clothing that is too tight and aim for something that feels comfortable on us.
  7. Get less sleep the night before: a very trivial trick that can help you sleep on the plane is to take off a few hours of sleep the night before, to be more tired during the flight.
  8. Have a light meal: A light meal is recommended before traveling. Some even prefer to fast.
  9. Drink a little water: do not abuse the water, otherwise you will be forced to get up several times to go pee, interrupting sleep.
  10. Take off your shoes: if you are more comfortable you can take off your shoes while trying to fall asleep. It is important to wear shoes that are easy to remove.

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