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I have already told you how seeing a basketball game in New York can be an incredible experience not only in terms of sports, but also of entertainment tout court. Well, today I want to talk to you about a sport that - in New York as elsewhere in the USA - offers an equally compelling spectacle, being if possible even more felt by the Americans: the American Football.

Muscles, sweat and running, the quarterback as a national hero and the oval balloon as the only faithful companion not to let go for anything in the world: this is what millions of people want to see on Sundays, when they take possession of the remote control and uncork a few beers sitting on the sofa to follow the games of the NFL, in the hope that, between a scrum and the other, there is the decisive touchdown. And then there is the grand final: the Super Bowl, a planetary event that, one night a year, also keeps many Italians awake who fight the time zone to see the epilogue of the season.

But why settle for a television screen when you can go to the Metlife Stadium del New Jersey to see all this live? In this case, in New York, the teams to follow are two: i Giants and Jets. Well, in this article I will give you some information on buying discounted tickets and tips on how to organize yourself to enjoy your day in the best possible way. football americano a New York.

Tickets for the NFL in New York

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  • Some information on American football
    • When is the season?
    • Duration of a match and advice on when to arrive
  • The New York teams: Jets and Giants
  • Tickets for the NFL in New York
    • Where to buy them online?
    • How and when are they received?
  • How to get to the Metlife Stadium
  • Where to sleep?

Some information on American football

Before giving any concrete suggestions, a quick review on the Beach football American. At the cost of sounding trivial, a clarification for those who know nothing of the subject: however deceptive the literal translation may be, we are not talking about football, that in the United States football is called soccer and is a sport of secondary interest. If we really want to find a sport that is close to what American football is we could mention the rugby, but anyone who knows a little about the discipline knows that the differences are very many.

To name just a couple: everyone knows that in rugby hand passes can only be done backwards, and forward passes with the feet. In American football, however, the ball can be passed forward with the hands, while the feet (despite the name of the discipline) are used only in certain circumstances. And then, a glance is enough to see that in American football, unlike rugby, the helmet and protezioni.

The American football league is called National Football League (NFL) and is composed of 32 teams divided equally into two different conferences: the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). The 16 teams of each conference are in turn divided into 4 divisions, divided according to the origin of the team (North, South, East, West).

The teams of a conference play with each other, but it can also happen that they meet the teams of the other conference before Super Bowl, the final that is played between the overall winners of the two conferences. The two participants in the Super Bowl are sanctioned with gods playoff, which are accessed by the four winning teams of their respective divisions, plus the two non-winning teams with the best results (called Wild Card).

When is the season?

Compared to other sports, unfortunately the calendar is shorter and therefore if you want to see a game you will have to go to a specific time of the year rather restricted. In fact, NFL league games are played for only 17 weeks, between September and January.

La Regular Season takes place between the first week of September and the week before Christmas. In January the preliminaries (playoff). The Super Bowl it is held on a variable date between late January and early February, but so far - perhaps because it's too cold at that time of year - si is played in New Jersey only once (2014).

Duration of a match and advice on when to arrive

A game is divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes each and there is one break of about 12 minutes between the second and third quarter. However, the interruptions are many and the game can last up to 3 hours. My advice is to arrive at least an hour earlier to enjoy the atmosphere outside and above all inside the stadium: the enthusiasm, madness and passion of the Americans, in short, the spectacular "side" of the match makes the event 100% unforgettable.

The New York teams: Jets and Giants

There are two teams in town, one for conference: in the East Division of the NFC play the New York Giants, while in the East Division of the AFC militaries i New York Jets. Between the two, the most successful team is undoubtedly that of the Giants, which has 4 Super Bowls out of 5 played, while the New York Jets they only won 1 (out of 1 disputed). Both teams play at Metlife Stadium a East Rutherfordin New Jersey.

There is a certain rivalry between the two teams, somewhat dampened by the fact that it is very difficult to see them play against due to the particular regulation: except for the pre-season friendlies, in the last 50 years the two New York teams have they collided only 14 times, with more Giants hits. If you are lucky enough to be there when the two teams play against, Metlife becomes a bedlam.

However, if you want to see the hottest games, keep in mind that i Giants fans they hear a lot the games with the other East Division teams of the NFC (Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins) while the rivalry of the Jets with New England Patriots.

Tickets for the NFL in New York

In New York, as everywhere in the USA, American football tickets go away like hotcakes, so you have to move well in advance without being reduced to the last minute. Also you have to take into account that the prices for the best seats are on average a little higher compared to other American sports, so if you want to buy a good seat in the stadium you need to be willing to spend a little more, especially for Giants games.

And i children? In the case of the Giants games they pay the ticket like adults, while in the case of the Jets children under 86 cm enter for free if accompanied by an adult.

Where to buy them online?

To buy tickets online, I recommend using the websites of the agencies listed below: all three specialize in selling tickets for American sports, and in fact we have also recommended them for NBA games. The interface is always very intuitive and thanks to the stadium map, you can check the updated availability, with the prices and visibility of every place of every sector of Metlife. While hellotickets e Stubhub I'm in Spanish, Ticketnetwork it is in English only.

Below you will also find a discount code for Hellotickets.

  • hellotickets (10 euro discount code: TRAVEL)
    • New York Giants Tickets
    • New York Jets Tickets
  • Stubhub
    • New York Giants Tickets
    • New York Jets Tickets
  • Ticketnetwork
    • New York Giants Tickets
    • New York Jets Tickets

How and when are they received?

  • Electronic Ticket: definitely the most convenient option to buy. Usually the agency sends you the ticket after two days, but you could also receive it within hours of the game itself. The ticket is received in PDF or how E-ticket to be shown at the entrance through the app of the site from which it was purchased (in this case, make sure you have an internet connection).
  • Sending by traditional post: for those who prefer to leave for New York with the paper ticket in their pocket, there is in some cases a specific option of traditional sending. However, in addition to being a more expensive method, there is the risk of not receiving the tickets on time, especially if the order has been placed a little too close to departure. If so, have it sent to your hotel address-
  • Collection at the ticket office: in some cases you can also decide (or you may be asked to) to collect the ticket at the box office of the stadium, presenting the voucher or booking confirmation with a document in your name.

How to get to the Metlife Stadium

As anticipated, the stadium of the two New York teams is not located in Manhattan, but in New Jersey, so you have to get a little familiar with public transport to understand how to get there and above all move in advance so as not to arrive late for the game.

The exact address is 1 MetLife Stadium Dr, East Rutherford and you can reach it yourself if you have taken one rental car in New York. If so, here is the information for parking.

In alternatives:

  • by bus: there is a bus service offered by Coach USA, the 351 Meadwoland Express. Buses depart from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan and arrive at the MetLife Sports Complex in East Rutherford in about 20-30 minutes, traffic permitting. The cost of the ticket is 14$ round-trip and must be purchased online in advance here. The races start 3 hours before the game starts and the last race is 1 hour after the game ends
  • with train: NJ Transit trains to the Metline (Meadowlands Rail Line) take 10 minutes from Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station in Seacus Junction in New Jersey, which can be reached from Penn Station di Manhattan in just 10 minutes. In total, expect half an hour.

Where to sleep?

Even in the unlikely event that you went to New York with the sole aim of seeing an American football game, I still recommend find accommodation in Manhattan, which is a short drive away. For this reason I invite you to read our in-depth analysis on the subject, with all the advice on where to sleep in the city.

Where to sleep in New York

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