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Visiting the island of Formentera is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience

It can be reached by landing at the Ibiza airport, served for example by the Easyjet company departing from Milan, then taking the ferry to the port of Formentera and moving from there by taxi or bus to the apartment or hotel structure of reference. Rent a nice apartment in the center it is perhaps the simplest way to enjoy the area, as it allows you to move easily on foot or by alternative means, such as by renting a scooter or a motorbike.

Dream beaches.

A must for all those who undertake this journey is certainly the beach or rather the beaches. Illetes it is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the whole island and consists of two small coves called respectively Llevant and El Pirata, both beautiful, with crystal clear water, people have fun and, even if it is often very crowded, you can always find a place for your own umbrella. The kiosks on the beach they are colorful and characteristic, even if a little expensive, and allow you to spend some relaxing moments away from the scorching sun. Another beach to visit is Platjia Mitjorn, full of wonderful chiringuitos to go to for the classic aperitif. Platja Amor y Odio is instead a beach characterized by the presence of rocks that emerge from the waves, even here the water is clear and full of breathtaking colors. Saône Cove instead it is located on the west coast and is more extensive than the others, very beautiful even if it is less fascinating in contrast to the beautiful beaches mentioned above. Bays and beaches are numerous and all to be discovered!

Book your trip and save with Expedia codes

The island of Formentera can be described through the use of many adjectives, but "cheap" is definitely not one of them! It is therefore good to be smart and start saving already during the booking phase, perhaps looking for a discount code available online, on the many sites that deal with coupons and discounts. Promotions and offers they are always around the corner, with cheaper packages if booked online or discount percentages, passing through tangible discounts of 5-10-20 euros or more depending on the case. The use procedure is simple and absolutely intuitive. Just take the coupon of interest from the page containing the Expedia coupons, connect to the site, enter the travel dates, select the type of accommodation, the number of people and start the search. The page will appear in which all the possible options are summarized, simply select the preferred one and click forward to the page relating to the payment method. Here there will be the voice that invites you to enter the coupon or promotional code and it is right inside the box that you will need to paste your discount code. By clicking “Apply” the coupon will be activated and the final price will be lowered automatically.

Eat and have fun in Formentera

The traditional cuisine of the island is well represented by the many restaurants that you meet on the street, based on fish and with rather expensive menus. In fact, younger tourists often opt for sandwich bars or classic buffet aperitifs, where they can eat at relatively little expense. Another option is to take supermarkets by storm, making sure you have a good packed lunch to take to the beach during the day. However, it is also nice to indulge in a few moments of pampering and book in beach restaurant, where between a seafood appetizer, a mixed grill and a sweet sangria you can admire the wonderful panorama. At the end of the evening it is a must to take a tour of the discos and clubs that are well advertised during the day at the beach!

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