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    How to rent a bike in San Francisco? Agencies and city tours

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    If you have read our tips on getting around San Francisco you will have realized that using the car to get around the city is highly discouraged, unless you have some particular reason. For this reason, after public transport, among all the historic Cable Cars, renting a bicycle or taking a guided tour on two wheels can be an excellent solution to reach the main attractions of the city without worrying about traffic and above all being free from anxiety. to find parking.


    • Why rent a bike in San Francisco
    • Bike rent
    • Bike tour with guide
    • DIY bike tour
    • Combined bike tour

    Why rent a bike in San Francisco

    Before analyzing the main resources that will allow you to do what has been said (also saving something compared to booking them on the spot) here are some tips that I would like to give you based on my personal experience.

    • If you have a way, opt for one electric bicycle, you will save yourself a lot of effort whether you want to explore the city during its famous ups and downs, or whether you want to hike the Golden Gate Bridge, perhaps in the direction of Sausalito. In case you want to opt for this solution, and are traveling with children or teenagers in tow, pay attention to the age limits.
    • Be sure to carefully check the weather forecast. As you know, the climate of San Francisco is very particular and variable within the same day. The general advice is to dress in layers, in order to be able to face both the heat of a clear, windless morning and the cold of a cloudy afternoon.
    • Do not discard a priori combined tour, especially if you are in the city for several days. Especially if you are planning to visit the famous Alcatraz prison, and have not managed to find a ticket in time, you may find some interesting surprises.

    In general, take into consideration everything that is included in the tour or rental and what you will be allowed to do. For example, pay particular attention to the type of bicycle that you can rent, to the fact that the lock supplied works and the wheels are intact.

    Bike rent

    • 24-Hour E-Bike Rental: The perfect resource for anyone planning to spend a full day exploring San Francisco by bike. The possibility to choose between an electric bike with pedal assistance is very convenient and recommended.
    • Bike rental in San Francisco: If you don't want to spend the whole day on your bike, you will have the option of renting it for only 2 or 4 hours. Ideal solution therefore for those who have only half a day to spend on two wheels. You will have the possibility to choose between various models including eBike and tandem.

    Bike tour with guide

    • 3 hours tour of the Golden Gate to Sausalito: you can choose a classic or electric bike. The guide (in English) will accompany you all the way to Sausalito where you can decide whether to go back by ferry (the ticket is not included in the tour) or by bicycle. You can also choose whether to continue renting the bike (for an additional fee) until the office closes.
    • City Electric Bike Tour: Six-hour guided tour (in English) along the city's top and most important attractions including Painted Ladies, Haight Ashbury, Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf. Electric bicycles will be placed at your disposal.
    • 3-hour sunset bike tour: three-hour tour (in English) with the particularity that it will take place at the end of the day when the light of the sunset will give a very special atmosphere to the city skyline. Again, you can choose between a standard and an electric bike. (Tour not available at the moment).

    DIY bike tour

    • Self-guided bike tour: those who want to have more freedom of movement than a tour with a guide, but still need some tools to better appreciate what they are visiting (in addition to reading our guide dedicated to San Francisco), can consider this activity which will provide you, in addition to the bicycle, all the instructions and information you will need during your personal itinerary of the city.

    Combined bike tour

    • Guided bike tour and visit to Alcatraz in two days: this tour will provide you with a ticket to access the ferry that will take you to Alcatraz. The guided tour (in English) by bike will instead take place strictly the day before and, with the payment of a supplement, you will also have the possibility of choosing an electric bike.
    • Guided bike tour and visit to Alcatraz at sunset in two days: tour very similar to the previous one with the difference that the guided tour (in English) by bike will take place at a time that will allow you to enjoy the sunset lights on the bay.
    • Reach Sausalito by bike and shuttle to Muir Woods in one day: thanks to this activity you can reach Sausalito via the Golden Gate Bridge by bike and, once there, you can get on a shuttle that will take you to visit the lush Muir Woods park , where you will have an hour to explore the park on your own before returning to the shuttle. During the trip a guide (in English) will show you the most important things in the area. The park entrance ticket is not included in the tour.
    • One day bike rental and visit to Alcartaz: if you want to combine the visit to Alcatraz instead of a guided bike tour with a simple rental you can opt for this solution. Also in this case the two activities will be carried out on two different days.

    If you haven't found the one that's right for you among the options listed, you can take a look at the link below where you will find all the bike tours in San Francisco.

    Search all bike tours in San Francisco

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