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Erasmus, study holidays, masters and PhDs are just some of the many ways that allow you to go to Madrid to study, for a shorter or longer period. Whatever your situation, do not miss the opportunity of a study stay: if Madrid was voted among the most popular Erasmus cities there must be a reason. Indeed, I would say more than one.

The Iberian capital is known for its legendary nightlife, but its exciting atmosphere certainly does not go out with the sunrise. Rich in gastronomic and cultural offers, here you can find a large number of economic or even free activities, so as not to affect the already meager student budget. If you are still undecided on where to go abroad to study then let me tell you: Madrid is a safe choice. Because? Easy, we will explain it to you immediately.


  1. Why study in Madrid
  2. Where to go: better universities and faculties
  3. How much does it cost to study in the Spanish capital?
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Why study in Madrid

This city it offers so much for young people that one year of study may not be enough. Between nightlife and daytime activities you will find yourself dreaming of days of 26 hours. Its geographical position makes it ideal as a starting point for exploration trips to other regions and neighboring countries. In addition, thanks to the large international airport of Barajas, your desire to travel will not encounter any obstacles. But studying abroad is not only fun but it is also study. In Madrid there are some of the best universities in all of Spain and practically every faculty available in the country is taught.

Where to go: better universities and faculties

Studying in Madrid not only will it leave you an unforgettable experience but it will also give you an edge: a title obtained here will open the doors to the emerging markets of Latin America. Furthermore, learning Spanish means being able to communicate with almost half a billion people in thirty different countries.
Universitad Complutense is one of the best and oldest universities in Spain, but also one of the most populous in the world: it includes 26 faculties and its campus extends like a small town, offering several collateral activities, from art to sport. Another important name is the Universitad Autonoma de Madrid, currently one of the most renowned Spanish universities in the international arena. With a dozen faculties and several postgraduate courses, UAM boasts an eco-sustainable campus populated by 30.000 students, one thousand of them international. It is ideal for those who want to learn Spanish as it offers high quality language and culture courses.

How much does it cost to study in the Spanish capital?

The cost of living here is lower than in Italian cities, but still higher than the average in the rest of the country. L'monthly rent of a room, bills included, is in average between 400 and 450 euros, and you can eat a meal out for about ten euros. The public transport ticket costs € 1,50 and the monthly pass - if you have not yet turned 26 - costs only € 20. Once the rent is paid most students recommend considering 300-400 of monthly expenses.
If you are in Madrid on Erasmus you will have contributions to cover part of the expenses, otherwise you could consider one of the many scholarships available. Inquire at your university in Italy - or university in Madrid if you already know where to go - to find out about the scholarships available. Maybe it won't be enough to keep you from shelling out a penny but it could pay off at least the rent.

Practical Tips

The funniest way to cut costs in Madrid is definitely tradition of tapas. Taking advantage of the weather and the outdoor lifestyle, you can order a beer that will be served with a tapa, that is a saucer with food: dinner is served for a few euros.
The most consistent monthly expense is obviously accommodation, to which must be added the time and money lost looking for a house once you arrive. There are several useful sites to find student accommodation in Madrid, among the many we point out Uniplaces, thanks to which you can find a house in an economical and extremely easy way.

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