How to gift a trip? Here are ideas and tips!

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Would you like to open a bulky gift box and, instead of objects, clothing or whatever, find airline tickets? The idea of give a trip it is always a good choice, especially if the recipient of the gift belongs to that generation that prefers experience to material things.
Travels are universally recognized as extraordinary experiences and are certainly remembered more easily and happily than objects of any kind. Even if a trip turns out to be a nightmare, there is no danger of it being forgotten!

We are all able to give away material things but, once the object in question breaks down, stops working or we no longer need it, it is easily forgotten.
Remember that if you intend to give a trip as a gift, the choice must fall on a package that is both original but not too expensive, obviously in relation to your budget.
For this the gift box is always a great choice: to buy from a travel agency or directly online, it is a simple but effective solution that will certainly allow you to make an excellent impression with the friend or relative who will receive it.
Where should we start, when are we going to give away a trip? Here are some small but essential tips.


  1. Flight Vouchers
  2. Smartbox, Wonderbox and other gift boxes
  3. Discount coupons for cruises and holidays
  4. Original advice and ideas
  5. User questions and comments

Flight Vouchers

If your relationship with the person or couple to whom you intend to give the trip is very intimate and allows you to know your tastes and preferences well, opt for vouchers or coupons. In this case, you can contact the destination structure directly and reserve the preferred treatment, also choosing some special surprises for guests upon their arrival or during the holiday.
If you want give away the flight, you can go to an agency or explore the official websites of the airlines. Especially the low cost ones offer voucher, FLY BOX or FLY CARD which allow the recipient of the gift to independently choose the destination and departure date.

Smartbox, Wonderbox and other gift boxes

When gifting a trip, it is always good to keep in mind the choice of a package that is original and at the same time not too expensive. Several internet sites are specialized in the sale of these travel boxes, the portal, for example, is a real search engine that allows you to choose, among many proposals, the ones that best suit your gift.
The so-called Smartbox, Wonderbox or gift boxes they can also be found in travel agencies but are often also sold in bookstores or electronics stores. The brochure attached to the box contains all the information necessary for booking and travel details. Although these are predefined destinations, it is still possible to choose where to stay and customize the itinerary.

Discount coupons for cruises and holidays

Have you thought about surprising someone with gods tickets for a cruise that you have already bought? If you haven't made your purchase yet, we advise you to contact a travel agency and agree with it to issue a voucher, or to contact the company that organizes the cruise directly.

Check the cost carefully and make sure it includes each service. If instead you intend to give a discount coupon for the cruise, make sure it is clear to the recipient of the gift that there will be additional costs to which they will have to provide. You can visit the portal to find the gift that best suits your needs. Other portals such as or can allow you to keep up to date on coupons and discount coupons to give or give you a holiday all over the world.

Original advice and ideas

Unless you are absolutely certain that the person you are giving the trip to can leave on a specific date, create your gift so that it is quite customizable, or that it is possible to change the reservation. How to present the booking receipt in an original way? Offering a plain printed sheet isn't exactly a nice way, so you might hide it in a travel guide or in a brochure dedicated to the chosen destination.
The most original could organize a sort of "treasure hunt", where the treasure is precisely the box, the travel voucher or the reservation. Go overboard with the size of the gift box, present a disproportionate box and fill it with newspaper or styrofoam shavings. In short, commit the lucky birthday boy, who will have to win your gift!

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