How to get to Toledo from Madrid and what to see

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Madrid and Toledo, flagships of Spanish culture and history. The capital, Madrid, is the third most populous urban center in Europe, the political center of Spain and the seat of the monarch. The area on which it stands has been inhabited since prehistoric times. You can thus imagine the artistic beauties it hosts.Toledoinstead, it still reflects the extraordinary history that saw it as an integral part of the Kingdom of Castile from 1029 to 1230.

Today, it is the capital of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, a lively city full of opportunities for divertissement. From its historic center, in the hills, you can enjoy the panorama of the Spanish countryside.


  1. How far are the two cities?
  2. By train: the AVE line (high speed)
  3. By Bus
  4. In Car
  5. 5 things to see in Toledo in one day
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How far are the two cities?

The wonderful city of Toledo is far from Madrid NO THOUSANDS. A not excessive distance, which allows you to get to Toledo in a short time, so as to visit it and be able to return to the capital in a short time. Or, for those who want to, come easily to enjoy their stay in one of the liveliest cities in Spain. There short distance which separates the two big cities allows you to get to Toledo from Madrid quickly and easily! Various types of means of transport, designed for every need. Once in Toledo, just wear a pair of comfortable shoes to set out to discover the cities and their treasures.

By train: the AVE line (high speed)

From Puerta de Atocha, the capital's central railway station, high-speed trains to Toledo leave about every hour and can go up to 270km / h. The service is operated by the Spanish railway company.

  • Lines and stops: High speed does not include intermediate stops or changes.
  • average ticket cost: € 12,90, € 10,30 for holders of the youth card and € 7,75 for children
  • journey time: In just 33 minutes you will travel comfortably from the center of Madrid to that of Toledo

By Bus

The bus service offered by the company Alsa e will guarantee you a smooth and fast transfer from the center of Madrid. Buses depart every half hour from Plaza Eliptica, which from the central station can be reached via the urban line 55. Here you can book the bus and schedule the trip according to the date and time you prefer.

  • Lines and stops: Some routes do not include stops. Others make a couple of stops in both cities and others at the smaller towns that meet along the way
  • average ticket cost: 5 / € 6. Discounts are available if you book the return ticket.
  • journey time: about 1 hour and a half (travel time decreases on non-stop journeys)

In Car

If you want to enjoy the convenience of traveling by car, perhaps to stop where you like best along the way, thenational highway A-42 it will take you straight to Toledo, without paying tolls. The motorway payment is instead expected if you take the AP 41, with a travel time that is reduced by a few minutes. We advise you to check the traffic estimates to choose the best alternative.

  • average cost: For the AP-41 between € 7,50 and € 12,70 on weekdays, and between € 6,25 and € 10,60 during holidays. Free for the A-42
  • journey time: with regular traffic, 1 hour and 3 minutes via the AP-41, 1 hour and 8 minutes via the A-42

5 things to see in Toledo in one day

Now let's see together what are the main attractions to see in Toledo in one day.

1 - Toledo Time Capsule

A multisensory and immersive museum experience. A return to the past made up of videomapping, holograms, lasers, 360 ° screens, spectacular olfactory and visual effects. An all-Spanish experiment.

  • Where it is: Plaza Victorio Macho 2, 45002. Toledo. Find the map here.
  • Entry price: Adults € 6,90, children up to 12 years and over 65s pay € 5,25. The price drops to € 4,45 for the unemployed and young members.
  • Info and contacts: 365 852 34 616 - -

2 - The Primada Cathedral

The masterpiece of the Gothic style throughout Spain. It is the mother church of the archdiocese of Toledo. Built between 1226, during the reign of Ferdinand II. The internal chapels, some dating back to 1300, are worth a visit.

  • Where it is: Calle Cardenal Cisneros, 1 - 45002 Toledo. Find the map here.
  • Entry price: Full visit € 12,50 - museums only € 10,00
  • Info and contacts: +34 925222241 - -

3 - The Alcazar - Museum of the Army

The former rd century fortress dominates the city of Toledo. Inside we find the historical museum, the result of the merger of several military museums created throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

  • Where it is: Calle de la Union, s / n, 45001 Toledo. Find the map here.
  • Entry price: € 5 per person, with discounts for groups of at least 15 people - free every Sunday of the year.
  • Info and contacts: +34 925 22 30 38 - -

4 - Santa Maria La Blanca - Jewish Quarter

Architectural symbol of the interculturality that has always distinguished Toledo. Unique example of Moorish art in the city, which represents the symbiosis with the techniques inherited from the Muslims. All around, the Jewish quarter, with its ancient buildings and suggestive alleys, accompany you in the visit of the beating heart of Toledo.

  • Where it is: Calle de los Reyes Católicos, 4, 45002 Toledo. Find the map here.
  • Entry price: € 2,80 - Free for accredited religious and children up to 10 years
  • Info and contacts: +34 925 227 257 - -

5 - Mirador del Valle

Unique panorama over the city. A path of charming streets leads around beautiful Toledo, framed by the Tagus River below. Subject of paintings by artists such as El Greco and Picasso. To take you to the place there is the bus line 71 which passes every hour from the main square.

  • Where it is: Carretera Circunvalacion, 45004 Toledo. Find the map here.
  • Entry price: Free admission - € 1,80 is the price of the bus ticket
  • Info and contacts: This is an outdoor monument. For more info, here are the contacts of the tourist office of the city: +34 925 254 030 -

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