How to get to Bologna Marconi Airport from Florence

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Bologna Marconi Airport is theinternational airport serving the Bologna area, from which it is 6 kilometers away, and all its neighboring areas. It consists of a single terminal divided into two different floors: on the ground floor there is the arrivals terminal, the car rental service counters and check-in desks, on the upper floor there is the control area and all 24 gates boarding, so it will be very easy to find the point from where your flight will depart.

In this article you will find all the information you need about how to get to Bologna Marconi Airport from Florence, both by car and by public transport and all related costs and travel times.


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In Car

Marconi International Airport is located very close to Bologna, only 6 km away, while from Florence it is about 115 km by car, with a travel time of an hour and a half.
From Florence you will have to take the E35 direction Bologna and exit at Bologna-Casalecchio / A14 towards Bologna Fiera, the cost of the toll is € 8,30, with some small variations depending on the tollbooth you enter in Florence. Once you exit the highway, you will have to follow the Tangenziale / RA1 and take the exit towards Via del Triumvirato. The airport is located at Via del Triumvirato 84.

Useful Tips: where to park your car

Marconi International Airport of Bologna it has 7 official parking lots.
Of these 7, four are for short stops, up to 4 hours: you can use the Express parking (uncovered, also accessible by Telepas, € 3,70 for an hour) and the Express Premium parking (uncovered, located outside the Arrivals Terminal, € 3,70 for now) and the parking lots P1 (partially covered, Telepass enabled) and P2 (covered, Telepass enabled). The costs for P1 and P2 are the same: € 3,70 up to 1 hour, € 7,40 up to 2 hours, € 11,10 up to 3 hours, € 14,00 up to 24 hours, from the second day € 14,00 per day.

The remaining parking lots are for long stops: P3 (200 meters from the Terminal, partially covered and Telepass enabled; daily rates: from the first to the fourth day € 11,00, from the fifth to the tenth day € 9,00, from the eleventh day € 7,00), P4 (recommended for those who have to leave their car for more than 2 weeks, it is located one kilometer from the airport and has a free shuttle service; € 30,00 per day, starting from the seventh day € 4,00) and P5 ( 800 meters from the Terminal, uncovered; € 10,00 per day, from the fourth day € 12,00).

Around the airport you will find a whole range of low cost parking, open 24 hours a day and all equipped with a free airport shuttle service (rates starting from € 24 for one week). In this regard, we recommend the use of Travelcar, an online parking management and booking platform to reserve your parking space before departure. Travelcar has a rating of 30,00 with nearly 4.5 reviews on, and it also offers car rental.

By Bus

If you don't want to move your car, don't worry, Florence is connected to the Marconi International Airport by the Appennino Shuttle company, the only direct connection. In the case of other companies, these will take you to the Bologna bus station, from where you will then have to take the shuttle to the airport.

Apennine Shuttle

Appennino Shuttle is a company that offers a connection service between Florence and Bologna Airport, with departures 365 days a year! Really very convenient for getting to the airport.

The shuttle departs from Firenza at Piazza Montelungo - Track 16, stops at the Calenzano bus station (in front of the Carrefour) and then arrives in Bologna at the airport terminal. The first daily departure is at 3:50 am with arrival at the airport at 5:10 am, while the last of the day is at 22 pm with arrival at 10:23 pm. Tickets purchased online before departure costs € 30. It can also be purchased on board for € 20,00, payment only in cash.

  • Times and frequency of rides: from 3:50 am to 22:10 pm, departures approximately every two hours
  • Travel time: 1 20 hours and minutes
  • Adult ticket cost: € 20,00

By train

It is also possible to reach Bologna airport by train thanks to the Trenitalia company, but the route will require at least one or two changes, depending on the trains taken.

Starting, for example, from the central station of Florence SM Novella, you will have to take the Regional Train to Prato Centrale, where you can take a second Regional Train to Bologna Centrale. Here you will have to take a last Regional Train that will take you to the airport station, that of Bologna Borgo Panigale in just 5 minutes. To summarize: i There are two changes to be made, the total travel time ranges from an hour and a half to 2 hours (depending on the duration of the changes) and the total cost is € 9,95 per person (including all routes).

Alternatively, from Florence SM Novella you can take the direct Frecciarossa train to Bologna Centrale and from there then take the regional train to Borgo Panigale. In this case the change to be made is only one to Bologna Centrale and the journey time is about an hour. The cost of the journey starts from € 19,40 per person (the price may be higher depending on how soon you book your seat on the Frecciarossa).

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