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Lipari is part of the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea in Sicily. This is thelargest island in the archipelago and the more urbanized one, where it is possible to visit monuments and museums, as well as enjoy the beautiful beaches.
Its position is also strategic for exploring the other islands of the archipelago.
Here's how to get to and get around Lipari: info, costs and advice.


  1. Where it is
  2. Useful Tips
  3. How to arrive by sea
  4. How to get there by plane: nearest airports
  5. How to get around on foot
  6. Con i mezzi pubblici
  7. User questions and comments

Where it is

Lipari is located in the Aeolian archipelago, north of the province of Messina in Sicily and west of the Calabrian coast. Lipari is the main island of the archipelago, which politically belongs to the province of Messina.

Useful Tips

Lipari is a rather small island, its residents are about 1.200. The best way to visit it all is to use buses, which include stops almost everywhere and which allow tourists to move around the island constantly admiring the beautiful landscapes.
Otherwise, more expensive and more comfortable are taxis, while it is Car rental is not recommended, not only because the prices are quite high (in August the daily rate could exceed € 100,00) but also because the traffic and the few parking spaces present could make traveling more tiring and chaotic.
If you still want to move on your own vehicle, without depending on the bus rides and timetables, it is possible and preferable to rent scooters, whose prices vary from € 40,00 to € 80,00 per day.
Another means of transport, which makes a holiday in Lipari and the surrounding islands even more suggestive, is undoubtedly the taxi-boat, the sea taxi whose return prices vary from € 6,00 to € 30,00 (depending on the destination).

  • Recommended solutions and means: buses, scooters for rent
  • Solutions and means not recommended: car
  • City cards and season tickets recommended: 10 ticket bus booklet (from € 10,50)

How to arrive by sea

  • From Milazzo / Molo Hydrofoils: Libertylines company, journey time 50 min, return ticket cost from € 33,00
  • From Messina / Port of Messina: Libertylines company, travel time 2 h and 15 min, return ticket cost from € 28,00
  • From Naples / Napoli Mergellina: SNAV company, travel time 14 h and 30 min, return ticket cost from € 100,00
  • From Palermo / Port of Palermo: Liberylines company, travel time 3 hours and 55 min, return ticket cost from € 90,00
  • From Reggio Calabria / Port of Reggio Calabria: Libertylines company, travel time 3 h and 25 min, return ticket cost from € 95,00

How to get there by plane: nearest airports

The main airport of reference is Catania-Fontanarossa Airport, this is connected by bus (about 1 hour and 30 minutes) to the Port of Messina, from which ferries depart.

Other useful airports are those of Palermo and Reggio Calabria, but in this case the journey will be considerably longer.

From "Catania-Fontanarossa Airport" to Lipari

  • Distance from Lipari: 182 km / travel time: 1 h and 17 by car to Messina;
  • take the bus from Catania Airport of the SAIS autolinee company to Messina (1 h 20 min from € 9,30). From the port of Messina take a Libertylines ferry to Lipari (50 min from € 18,00).

From "Palermo Falcone e Borsellino Airport" to Lipari

  • Distance from Lipari: 252 km / travel time: 5 hours 5 minutes by car to Milazzo;
  • from the airport take the regional train to the station (32 minutes) and from there change and take the train to the port (14 min, from € 9,00). From the port, take the ferry to Lipari (2 h and 55 min, from € 40,00).

From "Reggio Calabria Airport" to Lipari

  • Distance from Lipari: 113 km / travel time: 4 hours 21 minutes by car;
  • from the airport you have to reach the port with the ATM bus, in 25 minutes, € 2,00. Then take the ferry to Lipari (3 h 25 min, from € 25,00).

How to get around on foot

Lipari, despite being a small island, it cannot be visited completely on foot. Once you reach the port, you can stroll through the historic center, where there are numerous clubs and where the ruins of the castle stand.
To reach other points of interest, you need to use a means of transport, then either one scooters for rent, practical and fast compared to the car, or the buses, which move throughout the territory. Fractions to visit in Lipari are Canneto, which is 3 km from the center of Lipari, to the north the beach of Acquacalda, 9 km away and to the south Praia da Vinci beach, 5 km from the center.

Con i mezzi pubblici

The only public means of transport to move around the island of Lipari is thebus, managed by the Urso company. Tickets can be purchased at the port at the company's kiosk, or directly on the vehicle.
The timetables of the various races are available online, on the Urso company website.


Served by the Urso company. To reach the beaches it is necessary to resort to urban running, while if you want to move inland you need to use the extra-urban run. The vehicles are quite small, with a maximum capacity of 20 people.

  • extra-urban journeys are not carried out on 25 December and 1 January
  • Ticket / single ride cost: € 1,30
  • Cost of ticket booklet / season ticket: 10 tickets € 10,50

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