How to get to Ischia and its surroundings: information, costs and advice

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Ischia is a famous Italian island, located in the Gulf of Naples. Its origins are volcanic and today it is known for its crazy beaches bathed by crystal clear waters. Another feature that attracts many tourists every year is the mineral-rich thermal waters that flow from some beaches, for example Maronti, but Ischia is not only sea and nature! In fact, there is also some history, from scroprie between the Aragonese Castle and the Roman remains on the seabed of the Cartaromana Beach. Are you thinking of spending your next vacation there? Here's what you need to know to get to and around Ischia: information, costs and tips!


  1. Where is Ischia
  2. Useful advices
  3. How to get to Ischia by sea
  4. How to get to Ischia by plane: nearest airports
  5. How to get around Ischia on foot
  6. How to move around Ischia by public transport

Where is the island of Ischia?

It is located at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, very close to Procida, mirroring Capri, which instead represents the southern end of the same gulf.

Useful tips

Ischia is a very large island, you will necessarily have to bring it. use means of transport to move around. It is well provided with buses, cabs and rentals. It is well known that cabs are the most expensive means of transport, so we recommend the efficient bus service that travels throughout the island. In the urban centers, on the other hand, you can easily get around on foot or, if you do not have the idea of walking, the bicycle is the most suitable and above all economical means of transport.

When it comes to buses, there is an option that allows you to save money. There is the Ischia Card which provides free access on several buses and unlimited use of vehicles for 7 days, and the Ischia Plus Card which also includes a boat trip. For shorter stays it is possible to simply buy the one-day ticket or the 3-day pass with which you save compared to single ticket prices. Finally, we also suggest downloading the public transport app, Eav, to keep the lines and stops under control.

  • Recommended solutions and means: bus, car and scooter rental, bicycles only for urban centers.
  • Solutions and meansnot recommended: cab
  • City card: Museums Ischia Card and free bus for 7 days (67,00 € -) - Museums Ischia Card Plus, a boat trip and free bus for 7 days (97,00 € -)

How to reach the island of Ischia by sea

The island is connected to the mainland by ferries and hydrofoils, so you can reach it on foot or with your own car or motorcycle. You can depart for Ischia from the port of Pozzuoli and from the Neapolitan ports Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa. Costs and travel times vary depending on the vehicle chosen, the port of destination and whether you are on foot or by vehicle.

  • From Naples-Molo Beverello: Snav hydrofoils (€ 20,00 each way / 50 minutes) and Caremar ferries (€ 12,30 each way for passengers only / € 37,20 each way with vehicle / 1:10 h).
  • From Naples-Calata Porta di Massa: Caremar Ferries (12,30 € each way for passengers only / 37,20 € each way with vehicle / 1:40 h)
  • From Pozzuoli: Ferries Medmar (11,80 € one way passenger only / 45,00 € one way with vehicle / 1:50 h) and Caremar (9,30 € one way passenger only / 28,50 € one way with vehicle / 1: 50 h)

How to arrive by plane: nearest airports

The island does not have its own airport and a sea route is required to get there. We have seen that you embark from Naples or Pozzuoli, so you must first arrive at one of these two ports. The airport of reference is therefore the international airport of Naples, just 7 km from the city port and 21 km from Pozzuoli, which is well connected to the rest of Italy by many low cost flights and is also equipped with several means to reach the city center and consequently the ports.

From "Naples Capodichino Airport" to Ischia

  • Distance from Ischia: 54 km / travel time: 2 hours by car, cab or bus + ferry;
  • from the airport there are Alibus buses every 20 minutes to the central station and the port of Beverello (5.00, 35 minutes). To reach the port of Calata Porta di Massa there is a free shuttle service connecting the two ports. To reach Pozzuoli, get off at the station and continue for another 40 minutes with a regional train, 4,00 €.

Getting around Ischia on foot

The island is quite extensive, in fact it is about 47 square km, so it is recommended to travel on foot only in urban centers and along the possible itineraries in the countryside of the island. To move between one town and another, it is best to rely on public transport or rental vehicles.

By public transport

In Ischia, moving from one place to another is not at all problematic. There are several solutions that include multiple buses and cabs that travel to all parts of the island, but also many options of rental vehicles to be more free in travel. Among the various proposals, the most recommended are the buses with their low prices for long-range travel, while for travel in the areas immediately around where you are, we would like to recommend the bicycle, both for its low cost and for being a non-polluting vehicle.


They are the cheapest way to get around Ischia. The company that manages the service is the Eav Bus and covers a large part of the island with a high frequency of trips divided into 16 lines active all day long. In addition, various fare options are available, ideal solutions for tourists staying on the island for several days.

  • 5.30 - 22: 00
  • Cost of ticket / single trip: 1,50 € / purchase on board 2,00 €.
  • Cost of ticket / pass: daily 4,50 € - 3 days 11,00 € - weekly 14,50 €.


E' the most comfortable and fastest way to move, however, it is also the most expensive. The offer is wide and extensive so you will not have to wait long before you find one and be able to move from one area to another, even during the night. The prices, however, are quite high and obviously also vary according to the distance to be traveled. To get an idea of costs and routes: Ischia Porto - Ischia Ponte € 10,00, Ischia Porto - Casamicciola € 15,00, Ischia Porto - Lacco Ameno € 20,00, Ischia Porto - Forio € 30,00, Ischia Porto - Sant'Angelo € 40,00, island tour € 80,00.

  • 24 hours 24
  • Cost of ticket / single trip: from 10,00 €.

Rent a car and scooter

Rent a car or scooter is a good solution to move independently and free of time constraints. The rental points are many and distributed all over the island, especially near the ports, just do a little search on the internet to find the nearest to you. For the ease of parking, being Ischia a very popular island, the scooter is more advisable.

  • services available 24 hours a day
  • Ticket cost / single trip: car from 40,00 € per day / scooter from 25,00 € per day

Bicycles for rent

A vehicle that does not allow you to travel the length and breadth of the island, especially during the summer season when Ischia is very touristy and crowded, but that certainly shortens travel times within the chosen location and the surrounding places. as well as being absolutely eco-friendly for those who support the green travel style. Also in this case I The rental points are varied and spread all over the territory. The rental points are varied and spread all over the territory, especially in the ports of arrival.

  • the rental lasts for 24 hours from the pick-up time
  • Cost of the ticket / single trip: from 10,00 € per day
  • Cost of the ticket / pass: 3 days 24,00 € - 5 days 32,00 € - 7 days 40,00 €.

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