How to get to and around Favignana: info, costs and advice

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Enchanting pearl of the Egadi Islands, Favignana is one of the most beautiful destinations in the province of Trapani and the whole of Sicily. It boasts a long historical and cultural tradition, was famous for his Tonnara and every year it is visited by thousands of tourists who choose it for its crystal clear and pristine waters, for its tropical paradise views and obviously for the tasty culinary tradition it offers. If you are planning a visit to discover this magnificent island, here is all the info to know how to get to and around Favignana, useful information, costs and advice.


  1. Where it is
  2. Useful Tips
  3. How to arrive by sea
  4. How to get there by plane: nearest airports
  5. How to get around on foot
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Where it is

Favignana is the largest of the Egadi islands, an archipelago belonging to the province of Trapani, and not far from the coasts of the capital.

Useful Tips

The island is not very large and the best way to explore it is to use a two-wheeled vehicle, such as a bicycle or a scooter. In this way you can reach the most hidden places and you will also suffer less from the high summer temperatures. On the contrary it generally is not recommended to rent or bring your own car. Finally, some regular buses are also available from May to October.

  • Recommended solutions and means: bicycle or scooter, to be rented directly at the Port (daily prices in high season: € 50,00 scooter, € 10,00 bike, € 20,00 bike with pedal assistance)
  • Solutions and means not recommended: the island is too big to be explored only on foot and at the same time too small to justify the use of a car

How to arrive by sea

Connected ports with the island of Favignana are to Trapani and Marsala, the ticket offices are located right next to the pier (however, you can also buy the ticket online). Fares range from a minimum of € 9,00 up to a maximum of € 11,00 for a one-way ticket per person; in fact, they may vary depending on the period and time of travel.

  • From the Port of Trapani: the route is served by the Siremar and Liberty Lines companies, you can use the hydrofoil (about 40 minutes) or the catamaran (about 25 minutes)
  • From the Port of Marsala: the route is served by the Siremar and Liberty Lines companies, you can use the hydrofoil (about 30 minutes) or the catamaran (about 20 minutes)

How to get there by plane: nearest airports

The reference airports areTrapani Birgi airport, andFalcone-Borsellino airport of Palermo.

As for Trapani airport, the company Salemi Autoservizi it makes daily connections both with the port of Marsala and with that of Trapani, from there you could embark directly to the island. Or you could consider booking your private transfer.

The same options also apply to Palermo Airport, Autoservizi Salemi carries out daily connection services for the two ports of reference, moreover many companies take care of accompanying you with a private transfer directly to the boarding point for the island.

From Falcone-Borsellino Airport to Favignana

  • Distance from Favignana: 105 km / travel time: 2 hours and 15 minutes by car passing through the Port of Trapani
  • landing in Palermo, take the A29 / E90 and A29dir / E933 in the direction of Raccordo Autostradale in Trapani; once you arrive in Trapani continue on the Motorway, then take the Villa Rosina Scroll, Via Salemi / SP29, Via Virgilio and Via Ilio in the direction of Via Ammiraglio Staiti

From Birgi Airport to Favignana

  • Distance from Favignana: 40 km / travel time: 1 hour and 42 min by car passing through the Port of Trapani, 50 minutes by car passing by the Port of Marsala
  • landing in Birgi, head towards Contrada Spagnola / SP21, then take the A29dir motorway and SS115 towards Via Isola Zavorra in Trapani, continue and follow the signs towards the Port of Tapani, from there embark for Favignana; for those who prefer to leave from Marsala, once you arrive in Birgi head towards SP21 towards Marsala, then reach the Port of Marsala (Molo Colombo)

How to get around on foot

Walking on foot is not recommended, both for distances and for the summer heat.

The only area of ​​the island that can be visited on foot is the city center (where it is forbidden to travel by bicycle) and where the ztl is also active. The center is really small and limited and has been inhabited only in recent years, among the attractions not to be missed there is for example Villa Florio which is about 5 minutes walk from the Port of Favignana, so very close. The rest of the center is characterized by clubs of all kinds and typically Mediterranean lanes, places where you can consider staying and which are really a few steps away from the nightlife of the evening.

Con i mezzi pubblici

From May to October, Favignana offers a service of bus through the companies Cuffaro and Tarantola Bus. It is certainly not the best way to enjoy the island, however it offers a considerable value: it allows you to move effortlessly between the topical points of the island, leaving you time to admire the surrounding panorama during the journey.

Urban bus

Are available 3 different lines: the n ° 1-2-3 and they all depart and arrive at Lungomare Duilio, but the routes of each section are slightly different from each other, however all the lines make their stop at the main attractions of the island.

  • First leg 08:00 / last leg 20:15
  • Ticket / single ride cost: € 2,00

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