How to get paid to travel: 20 jobs for those who love travel!

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You love to travel and you would like combine passion and work? Well, it's not impossible. Exist various options, more or less profitable, in order to earn and be citizens of the world. If you don't know where to start, read our article: we suggest you 20 jobs for those who love travel.


  1. English language teacher abroad
  2. International Relations Officer
  3. Tourist guide
  4. Tourist guide
  5. Entertainer
  6. Street artist
  7. Open a dance school or be a professional dancer
  8. Surf instructor
  9. Open an Italian restaurant or work as a cook abroad
  10. Writer
  11. Guardian of natural paradises
  12. Work on cruise ships
  13. Waiter
  14. Home telework
  15. Freelance photographer
  16. Jewelery maker
  17. Tour operator controller
  18. Working as an au pair abroad (Au pair)
  19. dog sitter
  20. Flight hostess or steward
  21. User questions and comments

1 - English language teacher abroad

What's it about: Being an English teacher does not imply having to work in a classroom. It can be done in many other areas: business, training courses, educational projects, spaces and playful moments, preparation for obtaining certifications, study holidays ... And it is not even necessary to do it in Italy: all over the world people need know English, for small or large needs. So why not choose to be a teacher in a city that is perhaps dear to us or in a naturalistic paradise or in a holiday resort?

How to become an English language teacher: it is not enough to be a native speaker nor to feel prepared about it. After high school, it is necessary to attend the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature in a university specializing in the English language. Later, after earning a Master's Degree, obtain the CELTA certification (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​= Certification for teaching English to people who speak other languages). And then you have to "gain experience", then practice in the field: accept every proposal (summer camp, internships, internships) and absorb as many skills as possible in order to have a CV as a true professional in the sector.

2 - International relations officer

What's it about: undertake a diplomatic career or become an official in international bodies such as the European Union or the United Nations, carrying out activities of representation, protection and promotion of the interests, public and private, of one's country or organization. Or have a coordination and responsibility role in the management of administrative activities linked to international and European contexts.

How to become an international relations officer: students must follow the appropriate university course (Bachelor's Degree in Political Science) and, after the Master's Degree in International Relations and possess an excellent linguistic preparation, especially in the English language. It is then possible to access international and European institutions through internships and internships in order to develop all the necessary skills and then operate in the field professionally, both from a theoretical and practical point of view.

3 - Tourist guide

What's it about: the tour guide accompanies individuals or groups to visit works of art, museums, galleries, archaeological excavations, illustrating their historical, artistic, monumental, landscape and natural attractions and peculiarities.

How to become a tour guide: it is obviously necessary to be sociable and outgoing, but obviously not enough. You also need a good basic culture and a wise oratory ability. You must pass an enabling exam (consisting of 3 tests: written, oral, technical-practical) and you can access the test only if you have the following requirements: to be of age, to be in possession of the professional qualification of tourist guide obtained in the Member States of European Union or qualification to practice the profession if the Member State of the European Union of origin provides a qualification for the practice of the profession, three-year degree. However, the training course can start already in high school. The recommended school path is that of classical high school or a path at a technical institute with an economic-tourist or professional address in commercial services.

4 - Tour leader

What's it about: not to be confused with the tour guide, takes care of welcoming and accompanying individual travelers or groups in Italy or abroad, based on its own programs or programs prepared by tour operators. Some examples: dealing with customs formalities, arranging for customer accommodation in hotels, managing customer requests and complaints, administrative closure requirements at the end of the journey, providing practical information.

How to become a tour leader: since it is a competence recognized by the Regions, it is frequent to come across different legislations. However, there are obviously some common requisites, namely: age of majority, high school diploma, no criminal charges, knowledge of English at an advanced level and at least one other language at an intermediate level. After a check, which can also consist of a real exam, the tourist companion card is given. It is valid for 5 years and enables the professional to carry out the profession in Italy and abroad.

5 - Tourist entertainer

What's it about: entertains and organizes recreational activities for guests of tourist villages, hotels, large campsites, accommodation facilities. He is the professional of entertainment. It has the arduous task of entertaining those on vacation, organizing ever-changing moments of leisure, ranging from sports tournaments to evening events.

How to become a tourist entertainer: it goes without saying that you have to be confident, outgoing, sociable and even a little exhibitionist. However, it is up to you and your training to propose yourselves to carry out this profession, highlighting your qualities, peculiarities and abilities. If you are excellent sportsmen and maybe even semi-professionals in some discipline, emphasize this. Do the same if you are an amateur or professional actor, as well as a dancer or musician. If you have done particular studies, perhaps with a pedagogical address, or other training experiences with children, propose yourself to be able to work in the mini club. Obviously if you know foreign languages ​​and at a good level this will be an excellent starting point.

6 - Street artist

What's it about: this is an artist who performs in public places for free or by requesting an offer. The performances can be of various kinds (juggling, music, clowns, living statues, circus art, magic games ...), but the important thing is to be able to offer the public an entertainment show. Obviously the income is not fixed, but this activity allows you to travel the world freely. The important thing is to pay attention to the regulations in force in the individual states.

How to become a street artist: undoubtedly you will need to be extroverted, creative, a little exhibitionist and crazy. But certainly all these features will not be enough for you. Knowing how to improvise is essential, but good preparation is more than necessary. You can learn the tricks of the trade and get the hang of it thanks to the various workshops and seminars of juggling and clowning that are organized throughout Italy, especially during the summer. To be really seriously prepared and, who knows, to open up even more substantial future glimpses, you will have to attend a circus school, such as the one in Milan or the famous one in Moscow.

7 - Open a dance school or be a professional dancer

What's it about: you love to dance, dancing is your life and would you like to make it a profession? So why not open a dance school and, while you're at it, do it in a beautiful city or in a dream location? Nobody forbids it, but, in addition to the entrepreneurial spirit and adventure, you also need a great physical and theoretical preparation. Or why not be a professional dancer and look for opportunities in different dance companies around the world?

How do you become a dancer?: passion is not enough. To be a professional and then open a serious dance school, you need to have an excellent preparation. It is not easy, it takes a lot of determination, strength of character, a spirit of sacrifice and a desire to commit oneself. Attending an excellent dance school is essential, as is the desire to continue to train and improve. Also, whatever your favorite address, a good ballet foundation is essential. In addition to attending a school, sign up for as many courses and workshops as possible, obviously conducted by serious and competent people. Once you have reached a certain level, you can also try to enter the academy of a prestigious theater, such as that of La Scala in Milan. Sign up for competitions, contests and auditions: if they go well they will increase your CV. Once you have reached a good level, if not excellent, you can open your school. Find out at a bureaucratic-administrative level how to do it in the country you have chosen.

8 - Surf instructor

What's it about: tell the truth, at the very thought of it you feel better: sand, ocean, palm trees, relaxation, beautiful girls in bikinis and guys with sculpted bodies ... A dream! And why not make it a reality in a tropical paradise or in a European surf zone? Being an instructor isn't such a foolish or crazy choice.

How to become a surf instructor: obviously you will have to know how to swim (and well!) and not be a beginner at all. Only if you already meet these requirements, will you be able to enroll in a school to become an instructor. They also exist in Italy, but the best would be to attend it in one of the sacred places of the discipline, such as Hawaii or Australia. There are also various levels and, if you really want to be prepared (remember that you will have the safety of other people on your hands), you should reach the highest level. Plus you can always have fun and learn new things by attending summer surf camps around the world.

9 - Open an Italian restaurant or work as a cook abroad

What's it about: who doesn't love Italian cuisine? Our great food and delicious recipes are copied, often badly, all over the world. If cooking is your passion, why not open a 100% made in Italy restaurant abroad? It is certainly not a new idea, but not a very foolish one either. If you know how to combine the choice of a beautiful tourist resort with your skill and friendliness, the result may well be beyond your expectations! Or why not opt ​​for proposing yourself as an Italian cook in restaurants abroad and thus travel the world?

How to become a cook: also in this case the passion is not enough, but it certainly helps. You will also need a lot of patience, humility, a desire to learn and an aesthetic sense. It is essential to attend a good hotel school. Then sign up for courses, seminars, workshops (of various levels) to learn as many tricks of the trade as possible. Do not limit yourself to just one sector, such as pastry making, but open up to the new as well as to tradition. Look for training opportunities and internships or internships with big names in Italian and international cuisine. Remember then that knowing languages ​​is important, even if you decide to open a restaurant focused on the beautiful country. Finally, it is essential to inquire about the legislation in force in the chosen country regarding the opening of restaurants and shops.

10 - Writer

What's it about: do you love to write? Do you devour books and is reading your passion? So why not turn this into a job ?! Of course, becoming a successful writer is not an easy thing, but you could always find a job as a proofreader or write for a blog or website as you travel the world and seek inspiration to write the novel that will change your mind. life. Unfortunately this choice implies having a little money set aside previously, but if you are daring try it: in the end you only live once!

How do you become a writer: it is obviously essential to have a good basic culture and to have read a lot. It is not necessary to have a degree, but attending some courses in creative writing, poetry or literary circles could be useful (they are often organized in libraries). If you are passionate about a particular genre or topic you could dedicate yourself to that, thus concentrating your energies.

11 - Guardian of natural paradises

What's it about: working in the midst of nature, often alone or in contact with very few people. The tasks to be carried out can be the most disparate but concern the protection of the wildlife and environmental heritage. Applications are periodically opened on the web to look for a guardian for natural oases or paradises, so if you love Mother Nature, loneliness does not scare you and you love to experience out of the ordinary this kind of job is for you, also because it is normally well paid.

How to become a guardian: Surely a degree in Marine Biology, Veterinary or Natural Sciences helps a lot. In fact, however, it is necessary to analyze the requisites required when applications for this type of job are opened. Knowing English very well, if not also the local language, is certainly a great advantage if not a prerequisite. If you have already had experience in similar contexts or in the field of environmental and wildlife protection, put it clearly on your curriculum.

12 - Work on cruise ships

What's it about: it depends on what you propose: cooking, table service, entertainment, welcoming customers. A cruise ship is a mini-world so the possibilities are many. If you don't suffer from seasickness, traveling is your passion and the idea of ​​waking up every day in a different place thrills you: come on, what are you waiting for ?!

How to become a worker on a cruise ship: whatever the sector you have chosen, highlight all the training and study experiences related to what you are applying for on your curriculum vitae. Don't forget that knowing languages ​​is practically essential, especially English and at a good level.

13 - Waiter

What's it about: serving at tables. It can be in a bar, in a restaurant, in a pizzeria ... in short, in any place dedicated to catering. If you don't mind this kind of work, you can do it anywhere in the world and, following the tourist season (which varies depending on the area of ​​the planet), change locations several times during the year.

How to become a waiter: patience and humility are indispensable. Not essential, but certainly very important to attend a good hotel school. Then work hard to learn as many tricks of the trade as possible through small and large jobs in the sector, even just during the weekend or for some evening or event. Everything will stock up on your CV and you will show that you have experience.

14 - Home telework

What's it about: widely used in the countries of Northern Europe, also for climatic and territorial reasons, it begins to make its way also in Italy. It is a way of working that takes place through computer media (generally computers and the internet), initially created to relocate offices and facilitate employers and employees, as well as benefit the health of the environment. In practice it is about working as if you were in an office but you do it from home. And since home can be anywhere in the world, why not do it from a chinguito on the beach or while sipping tea while admiring beautiful valleys?

How to become a home teleworker: it depends on which figure the company that needs this type of workers is looking for. Browse the offers on the web and if you feel suitable or just want to experiment, apply.

15 - Freelance photographer

What's it about: travel around the world and photograph landscapes, views, people, events, situations and then sell your works to newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, photographic archives.

How to become a freelance photographer: first of all, passion is not enough, technique is also needed. Studying on photography manuals, attending courses, admiring and grasping the "secrets" of the great artists of the sector. If you are particularly expert in a genre (for example naturalistic or animal images) continue on this path by improving your skills more and more, making yourself appreciated in an increasingly niche sector. Try to create salable photos and never offer a whole service right away: play your cards right and be smart! The world is full of people with cameras in their hands. Don't forget to open your personal VAT number.

16 - Jewelery maker

What's it about: if you are creative, have great manual skills, imagination and are skilled in the art of commerce, you can try this path. Try your hand at creating jewels that are unique pieces, perhaps creating a sort of "trademark" for yourself and then selling them yourself or having others do it for you. Where is it? Everywhere! Sometimes what is "wrong" in one country is very popular in another. It is not necessary to create jewels with precious or expensive materials, you can also try your hand at poor materials. If the spirit of adventure is not lacking and you want to live the day this suggestion is for you!

How to become a jewelry maker: there are many courses and workshops to learn, get ideas, suggest new ideas. There is no shortage of books and manuals too. Practice, have fun, experiment, ask for opinions and then go for it. Please, always inquire about the trade rules in force in the countries where you want to sell, protect yourself and do not sell off your creations.

17 - Tour operator controller

What's it about: the Controller is the professional figure responsible for planning the tour operator, researching and selecting hotels and resorts around the world on the basis of information provided by the company. Later he experiences first hand the facilities, transport and excursions that will then make up the holiday package for customers.

How to become a controller for a tour operator: the basic requirements to undertake this career are 2: knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English, Spanish and French are essential) and the possession of a degree in economics or marketing with a specialization in tourism. Then obviously any other experience in the sector or that may be interesting for the company is always welcome. Go to the websites of the most famous tour operators and apply!

18 - Working as an au pair abroad (Au pair)

What's it about: generally it is a female job, but nothing prevents it from being undertaken by a male. It involves working for a period abroad, in a family and lending a hand, generally in the management of the "puppies" of the house or in solving small daily tasks. In addition to board and lodging, a small fee is also provided.

How to become an "au pair": the requirements vary depending on the situation, but the main points are: an age between 18 and 30, knowledge of the language of the host country at least at school level, previous experience in caring for children and / or teenagers, even if they are not professionally, not to be smokers and to have good health conditions. The easiest way to become an Au Pair is to contact an agency that, for a fee, acts as an intermediary between the host family and you.

19 - Dog sitter

What's it about: many people in the world own a dog, but often for work reasons they are unable to take care of it as they would like. And this is where the dog sitter steps in. It is not simply the one who brings the dog to do the "bisognini" in the park, but a true friend of the quadruped who replaces the owner at certain times of the day taking care of the animal from many points of view (play, nutrition, physiological needs and ethological). So why not take your four-legged friends for a walk and pamper them in wonderful locations far from home, perhaps even offering yourself as a traveling professional?

How to become a dog sitter: this activity is generally carried out without any formal preparation. Two basic requirements are, of course, having a huge passion for dogs and loving spending time with them. The main skills required of a dog sitter are: love for dogs, not conditioned by the breed or by aesthetic or physical defects, a sense of responsibility and experience in dealing with them, a characteristic that is acquired over time. So, if you find courses, seminars, conferences on the subject, sign up and participate in order to offer owners greater guarantees. Get as much experience as you can and if you can, take a dog education course. Often they issue the license of "dog handler" which, although it has no legal value, can always be shown to customers as a certificate of a minimum of preparation. Also try to make your CV appealing.

20 - Hostess or Flight Steward

What's it about: to be part of the staff on board the aircraft. The tasks are as follows: welcome passengers and make them sit, show them the safety rules to follow during take-off and landing and those in case of emergency, make sure passengers comply with these rules, distribute newspapers and magazines, serve food and drinks. Hostesses and stewards are responsible for providing guest comfort and making sure they feel comfortable during the flight. You will be constantly traveling and in contact with many people every day.

How to become a flight hostess or steward: it is essential to be kind, cordial, helpful and always have a smile on your face. Also, in emergency situations you will need to have the ability to keep a cool head. Requirements: upper secondary education diploma, excellent knowledge of English and possibly also of another foreign language, good looks, minimum height of 165 cm for women and 170 cm for men, sight equal to 10/10 (lenses contact allowed), good swimming skills, no visible tattoos and piercings, good health conditions (class 2 aeronautical medical certificate must be obtained). If you have all these features, you can participate in the days dedicated to the crew recruitement of the individual airlines.

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