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    How to get from Miami Airport to downtown and Miami Beach

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    The main Miami airport is MIA (Miami International Airport), 10 km west from Downtown, characterized by a large horseshoe-shaped structure and impressive air traffic (the third in the country), however, a little further away, to Another airport is located 24km north of the city, Fort-Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL), which is served by many budget airlines.

    FFL also hosts international flights, however, just do a simple internet search for flights to Miami to note how the routes are often more expensive than those of the main airport and also involve a greater number of stopovers. Also, being further from the city than MIA, you will have to spend more for the transfer. Things change however if you are looking for internal flights, in that case Fort Lauderdale airport may be an option low cost interesting (by the way the town is interesting to visit, take a look at our guide on what to see in Fort Lauderdale).


    • How to find flights to Miami
    • From Miami Airport to Miami Beach (and downtown)
      • From MIA
      • Still an FFL
    • Car rental at the airport
    • Sleeping near the airport
    • Map and driving directions for both Miami airports
      • Directions to Mia
      • Directions for FFL

    How to find flights to Miami

    Looking for a flight, possibly at a low price, to Miami is not particularly difficult and we remind you to follow our tips to find low cost US flights, remembering, as we always do, to also consider the flight + hotel option, which often allows a considerable saving, check for yourself on this page.

    From Miami Airport to Miami Beach (and downtown)

    How to reach your hotel once you have arrived? There are a number of ways to get around Miami's main points of interest. Here they are below:

    From MIA

    The options are many, it all depends on your wallet and your desire to be comfortable after a long journey. Here are the possibilities:

    • By car: getting from the airport to the city is very simple. To reach the center or South Beach it will take you about twenty minutes
    • Free hotel shuttles: some hotels offer their customers free shuttles from the airport, check if yours has this service
    • Taxi: there are fixed rates according to the zones (but don't forget the tip!), you can find them here
    • Shared shuttle: a shared shuttle service is also available, cheaper than normal taxis, which you can find on this page
    • subwaybus: the buses leading to Miami (lines 7, 37, 42, 57, J, 150, 238, 297, 338) depart from the opposite side of Concourse E. Inexpensive but inconvenient solution if you are loaded with luggage: you may be forced to take another bus later if the line does not stop near your hotel. Line 150 goes directly to South Beach
    • Metrorail: it is an elevated train that leads to Downtown and then touches the neighborhoods of the southern zone. The line that arrives at the airport is that Orange.
    • Private transfers: you can also opt for a private transfer, choosing from various options, including the most luxurious and personalized ones. Check out our resource on airport hotel transfers.

    If you want to have some more details on how to get to Miami from the airport, also read our article on how to get around Miami.

    Still an FFL

    Also in this case the options are various:

    • By car: it will take twice as long (a good half hour) to reach the nerve centers of Miami
    • Tri-Rail train: there is a free shuttle that connects terminals 1 and 3 to the Tri-Rail station, from which trains leave for Miami (although quite infrequently)
    • Shuttle: shared shuttles that will take you to the desired place. Account for at least thirty dollars
    • Private transfers: also in this case you can opt for a transfer from the private airport.

    Car rental at the airport

    If you rent a car at MIA you will find all the useful information in our article dedicated to Car Rental in Miami. If you are taking the car in Fort Lauderdale, follow these directions:

    • Like MIA, the airport has a Rental Car Center which houses most of the agencies (Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, EZ, Hertz, National, Payless, Royal, Thrifty)
    • The Rental Car Center is located in the building next to Terminal 1, so picking up the car will be a breeze.
    • If you have booked the car with another company, the collection office is located outside the airport. To reach these companies, proceed to the Rental Car Center and go to the bus stop number 7, a courtesy shuttle is provided directly by the car rental company. At the stop you will also find the telephone to call the agency.

    Sleeping near the airport

    If you are looking for a hotel near the airport I recommend that you take a look at these 2 online resources:

    List of hotels available near the MIA

    List of hotels available near the FFL

    Map and driving directions for both Miami airports

    Directions to Mia

    The airport address is 2100 NW 42nd Ave. - Miami, Fl 33142. Alternatively you can enter these coordinates:

    • Latitude: 25.794693981789
    • Longitude: -80.276871577362

    However, if you have to return the car, you will have to go to the Rental Car Center, so the address to be entered in the GPS is 3900 NW 25th Street - Miami, Fl 33142. If you do not have a navigator (but I honestly recommend it) you will find information on the official site page.

    Directions for FFL

    The exit to take to get to the airport is on US 1 (South Federal Highway). Detailed information from the surrounding areas can be found on the official website.

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